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  • I'm decent.

    Robotics is starting back up and I'm a team captain this year so it'll be interesting.

    My music has been coming along too!
    I know. That just really kinda ruined today for a second, but then I saw that the delay wasnt because of incompletion, but because of special circumstances.

    At least its not getting put off like a month :P
    You took the words out of my mouth. There is so much potential for amounts of artwork now. And btw, Trailer 3 today :D
    Exactly. If it came to be that I could make a living off of mixing stuff, I might jump at such a chance, but I doubt I would. I have so many other things that I want to do for a living.

    That's why I'm really thankful for the chance to work with him!
    I understand. Still, I liked his remix of MicTheMicrphone's song Been Dreamin' and he wrote some lyrics for a song that ibeabronyrapper did so he's got the talent.

    Anyway, hopefully with this I can get out there a bit. Add that to my music making and I'll have my own people soon. I really don't even care about money or anything. If I have fans that I can please, then I'm happy.
    I'm gonna experiment with a few things but I'm hoping to try some trance, dubstep, beats, and Drum&Bass. Maybe some ambient stuff too.

    Also I haven't had the chance but I got in contact with IAmRhymeFlow on YouTube and we're gonna be working on some collaborative stuff. Basically he raps and writes music. Me, I'm gonna make some beats and stuff for him, which is great for me. If our stuff works out I might get him to feature some of my vocals in his music (the new software can vocal record and and even has some voice modiers in it so I can make my voice sound like WoodenToaster :lol:).

    Anyway, he's pretty new himself so we're basically gonna be trying to help boost each other up.
    Thanks! I really haven't had the time to see much of it.

    I've been working some things out in my new software. I got Reason 6 today so all I need is a MIDI cord to hook my laptop up to my keyboard and then I can make some music.
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