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  • No I haven't.

    I was thinking more along the terms that it was very similar to Death Note when you start seeing the mental breakdowns of the characters.
    I'd probably go straight to Twilight and say that I have amnesia and some ponies in town directed me to her.
    Anyway, I probably should go now. Talk to you later!
    Yeah, I guess so. Though more activity would bee nice.
    Question: You suddenly are in Equestria as a pony. What is the first thing you do?
    Yeah I believe so.

    I told you. It's really twisted towards the end. Similar to Death Note in a lot of ways. That's mainly why I love the series so much.
    Okay, you're getting close then. ****'s seriously gonna get real soon. Like it will leave you going "WTF just happened to this story?!"
    Yeah, it could use more activity. I can't seem to be able to post discussions now though for some reason. At least we have quite a few new victims members.
    I found out about it and a few other things the other day (the possibility of My Little Dashie becoming a legit indie film and Double Rainboom, the first cannon fan made episode) and I was really interested. Hopefully it gets released soon cause I really like fighting games. Hopefully DLC will also be interesting.

    Damn right she is! Did you get to the part where you learn her secret? (I wouldn't know cause I read the manga so I don't know which episodes equate to which chapter(s))
    Can't stop hearing about it. It's EVERYWHERE! It really doesn't seem like something I'd want to read, but who knows, maybe I should read a chapter. I prefer reality bending, horror, or sad stories most.
    Although... best written story ever. -->That One Time The Ponies Did That One Thing At That Place - FIMFiction.net XD
    So the group has about 55 members now!?!
    Hmm... cater to the bronies more? One would think there would be multiple way for them to make money off of this.
    Anyway, on another note, have you read this fanfic?
    That was hilarious and amazing at the same time :D

    Have you heard of the new fan made game MLP: Fighting is Magic?
    I'm okay with it being 13 episodes. Not pleased, but it's not like I, or anyone could change it. It's probably hard for them to put in more good quality episodes with the time they have.

    Last season... :lol: A crazily overly sucessful series reaching to have one of the largest fanbases quitting after the third season!?! I seriously think Hasbro is smarter with buisness than that.
    Great. Some of the songs took up a third of the episode, but it was still good. I liked the canterlot wedding episodes and the one with Flim and Flam the most, though. Your thoughts?
    Take your pick.

    Off on a magical quest to save the planet Aether from Tom Nook clones and the goddess Ashera...
    School and extracirricular activities, life, games. As well as the fact that I thought I was gone for so long that it would be awkward to come back.
    Not in a million years, the three day cycle is what made it so great and challenging
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