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  1. Neil Almack

    How large are you expecting BotW's cast to be?

    I think that there will be a few villages around since the map is so large. There will be a few smaller villages, but I expect there to be 4 or 5 more prominent villages with at least one important NPC in each. Plus, there are all the sheikah in the shrines. So probably Link, Zelda, Ganon...
  2. Neil Almack

    What is you favourite glitch you've performed in a Zelda game?

    Permanently switching out unneeded items for extra bottles in OoT (N64). You get a bottle out and swipe it to grab water or a bug or something, but immediately after you pause the game and switch to a nonessential item, like deku seeds or magic beans, and it transforms into a bottle permanently...
  3. Neil Almack

    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    This is basically how people react to the Harry Potter series until they read it. People are dumb and just make fun of things they don't understand all the time.
  4. Neil Almack

    The thing in Zelda you love but everyone hates

    This may be due to the fact that you also had to buy a graphic enhancer to attach to the N64 that people didn't want to spend extra money on just to play one game.
  5. Neil Almack

    Does right vs. Left handed Link matter?

    I think the reason some people take into consideration handedness in the timeline is because it seems like this may be a specific Link that was in the Shrine of Resurrection, not just another incarnation. In general though, it doesn't really matter. Only the specific situation surrounding Links...
  6. Neil Almack

    Spoiler Cows on the ranch in MM

    Because it was that or the schnauzers... and f*** schnauzers.
  7. Neil Almack

    Will we see Link's iconic tunic in BotW?

    I think it kinda depends on timeline placement. I say this because if this is in the adult link timeline, it's possible that he doesn't wear it so he is not known as the hero, which would be why it is stated that a hero didn't come and Hyrule had to be flooded. Just a thought.
  8. Neil Almack

    Favorite Zelda Song

    Ya it was pretty sweet. The song is either Ancient Hero or Legendary Hero remix. Kind of mellow and midevil sounding to start with.
  9. Neil Almack

    Favorite Zelda Song

    Also, the song that plays during the intro of WW as it is showing the story of what happened to Hyrule. I played a rendition of that song during my wedding that everyone walked down the isle to (except my wife of course, she had her own song)
  10. Neil Almack

    Favorite Zelda Song

    I always liked the Minuet of the Forest. I would play it over and over just to listen to it.
  11. Neil Almack

    Who is Your Favorite(nonessential) NPC ?

    Magic carpet guy in OoT. Him or ingo's character in MM and OoT. He always gets so upset when you beat him in a horse race. Not sure if this is the right name, haven't played OoT or MM in a while.
  12. Neil Almack

    What were the Gossip Stones really used for?

    What if the BotW is after OoT and the sheikah aren't really gone, they are just in hiding, making and working on tech for the Guardians. And what if the Gossip Stones are markers for where the Sheikah buried these Guardians whose purpose is to rise up if ever the Hero is defeated to stop Ganon...
  13. Neil Almack

    Nintendo Switch Release Bundle Rumors - What would you want to see?

    I havent owned a console since the original Wii, but this is affordable. A nice bundle with extra storage and the zelda game would be nice.
  14. Neil Almack

    Why is the Master Sword looking broken? Theories?

    I tend to agree with this, esp from a mathematical standpoint. Things don't just decay to nothing. It has an asymptotic relationship as time goes on assuming that decay works in the Zelda universe the same way it does in ours.
  15. Neil Almack

    BotW's new mechanics are not exactly new...

    True. I just can't read apparently lol
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