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    Sign Ups High Voltage Mafia

    I demand the right to pick Yamper!
  2. Doc

    Living by yourself or with a roommate?

    I prefer living with a roommate, I feel like I'd get extremely lonely living alone. I feel like I tend to isolate myself without people encouraging me to go out, so having people in the apartment is nice company. It makes a good atmosphere, imo. I don't mind not having that much privacy, and...
  3. Doc

    Rude awakening!

    Taking an active approach to fixing a situtation? Nonsense, I'd rather suffer in silence
  4. Doc

    Rude awakening!

    My roommate playing guitar a few feet from my head. He's not good and doesn't realize that.
  5. Doc

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My roommate has no understanding that noise is an obnoxious thing. He watches Youtube with his laptop speakers instead of headphones when I am doing work in our bedroom. And now he came in and just started playing his guitar while sitting on his bed. Which is literally a few feet from my desk.
  6. Doc

    Study Habits

    We've all gone to school, many of us still are in some form or another. What were/are your study habits like? Did you break things up and do a little work every night? Or were you a chronic procrastinator? I normally wait til the last reasonable minute for an assignment and pull an all nighter...
  7. Doc

    The Julius Game - Pokémon

  8. Doc

    Favourite 2D Zelda game

    For sure Minish Cap. I think out of every Zelda game, 2D and 3D alike, Minish Cap had the most living overworld. NPCs were found just about everywhere and it never felt like there were town/safe sections and game sections. It was all cohesively put together. I also really enjoyed how much...
  9. Doc


    Currently, I work as a cashier/server/delivery guy for a pizza place. But I'm also studying to hopefully become a teacher one day. I'm currently starting my senior year of college and have one year of grad school/student teaching in my school's education program. So it is getting close.
  10. Doc

    Which 'bit' of Link's Awakening Switch are you looking forward to the most? *potential for spoilers*

    I'm really excited for the Eagle Tower, it has been one of my favorite Zelda dungeons for a while and I can't wait to experience it in the new art style.
  11. Doc

    Game Thread Anime Mafia 2

    Nope, I wasn't misremembering.
  12. Doc

    Game Thread Anime Mafia 2

    Okay, am I misremembering or am I getting you confused with someone else? Because I'm pretty sure you jumped on board several pressure wagons last game? If I am confused with someone else, ignore me for I am an idiot. But I'm fairly certain I'm right in this?
  13. Doc

    Game Thread Anime Mafia 2

    So I have a lot to catch up on, but currently SMS is rubbing me the wrong way, mostly because he sort of took a stance against people pressure voting me. There's nothing scummy in that of itself, but last game he was very erratic with changing his votes to anybody for pressure. The sudden change...
  14. Doc

    Game Thread Anime Mafia 2

    Funnier, stop trying to kill me! I will share my thoughts when I'm good and ready. It used to happen a lot because I was silent throughout serious conversation and I would say it worked then. But now it seems like funnier doesn't know what to do so he resorts to this and has convinced himself...
  15. Doc

    Game Thread Anime Mafia 2

    I don't think I've read a single Rubik post
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