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What do you do to calm yourself?


Blood Wolf

That's easy for me; poetry. It soothes my soul, my mind and my body all in one. =']


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world

1, anger...well... i usualy do suallow it and pretend that nothing has happened, but when im on a top of a bomb i grab something to crush it with my hands so hardly that could set my felling free

2,. madness, madness is what makes from a dissapoint or a failing, what i do is sing a song about what do i feel (no, i don,t use offensive lyrics, i like to make loud and crunchy sounds than that)

3,. rage- this is quite difficult to control to me, cuz to make it go away i need something that scares me to death, or something more stronger that could make the feeling go away

4,stress, what i do to deal wtih this one is: sleep, do something to make me forget what i was worried about, go and invite my friends at the treehouse (it rocks, a nice place to :cool: and/or play a videogame that i did not play for a long time

5,hateness, i don,t usually hate anybody, but injusties is what i don,t like, cruelty nor evilness makes me hate what they DO, not them, well... i take a clear view of what is going on, and if its a hard situation i do all i can to fix the problem, theres allways a chance that you could end making good things, so far i know that i have allready go throught those facts,"...if there,s a problem there is a solution"

and the most difficult to calm is: being nervious and extremely worried... i cannot unstick from those 2 ones, its quite difficult to me to calm myself when i am very worried of something "for example...if i have get an F on a test" or when i have lost something very important (i usualy go shopping to calm myself and take a walk)
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May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
When I'm :

Angry- I listen to some Blues. I also listen to Jazz to calm myself down.

Nervous- I Drink Lemon Grass Tea, then Listen to the next best thing, Ballad of the Wind Fish Remixes

Depressed like a sad puppy who had lost his first Bone- I listen to, it may seem...Odd and completely Ridiculous, Zelda's Lullaby, Ballad of the Wind Fish, Song of Healing and Rutela's Theme.

Stress- Play some games or read a good book while receiving some Shiatsu.

Well there you have it.


I will sing, write stories, watch movies, I sometimes even play video games


I make my self calm by killing mindlessly in GTA Chinatown wars :D


Jul 15, 2009
Me? I usually find somewhere to be alone, and:

- Go for a looooong walk. Like, to another town. Somewhere I can see the hills. You feel like you're the last person in the world- so peaceful. And the exercise from walking gets anger out too.
- Oddly enough, if there's a lot on my mind and I just can't get calm/away from it, I go play an intense stealth game. Why? Because if I'm concentrating on not being detected in the game, there's no room for my mind to think about anything else, so it actually calms me down :D
- Lose myself in a book- often some kind of epic fantasy- again, if I'm focusing on someone else's intense emotions/troubles, I can't be thinking about my own worries~
- Listen to music. It depends on the situation, but usually I flick around until I find a song I can really relate to at the moment... then I listen to something cheery/hopeful/funny to lighten my mood~
- Play an instrument. Just improvising the song, I always feel you can pour all your emotion into the notes... and you can bring peace to yourself in the process... it's like a way to transform your emotions into something tangible, convert them to sound, and let them fade with the notes. Atm, I love doing this with my ocarina, the whole instrument seems to resonate beneath your fingers when you play, which is calming in its self :3

And if all else fails, I just focus on my breathing, matching the ins and outs with the noise of surf, of waves rushing foward and drawing back. Calms you down in no time, and works well in public situations too :3
It also helps you stop laughing as well xDDD

Dungeon killer

Dungeon's Shall Fall!
Jul 9, 2009
Destroying Dungeons.
What I would do:

~Go shoot some hoops etc.
~Play video games
~Watch funny videos on Youtube
~Come on the forums
~Watch some tv
~Play a board game with my little brother

These are the only things I remeber doing when I need to clam my self down and chill.:tired:


Love Truth
Oct 12, 2009
Depends. Sometimes I calm myself by going jogging for 10 miles or so. It's amazingly relaxing how long an hour and a half or so away from home can be.

Other times when I'm more busy I just listen to the myriads of zelda remixes and original soundtracks I've collected over the years.

My most favorite and most effective way to calm myself these days is to go and play some of my favorite zelda pieces on my baby grand. Zelda's Lullaby, Sheik's Theme, Hyrule Field Theme, Ocean Theme (WW), Grandma (WW), Song of Healing, Legendary Hero, and Farewell Hyrule King, etc., I've found some relatively advanced sheet music for and love just getting lost in the music. On the easier ones such as Zelda's Lullaby, Song of Healing, or Sheik's Theme, I sometimes find myself nearly falling asleep. (guess it really is a lullaby then? :) )

Amazing how beautiful some of those pieces are.
Aug 3, 2009
Central Arkansas
If I'm feeling off at all, such as angry or anxious, or panicked, I tend to listen to only one song: "Last Regrets" by Key & Ayumi. Or just more calming music in general.

Otherwise, I try to stay silent until I do calm down. Just think on it, ect. Or even something else entirely.
Oct 28, 2008
West Virginia
Normally I just sit there and take deep breaths like you do when you hyperventilate... Other times I shut my eyes and imagine I'm somewhere else...

Normally it helps, other times... nope.
Nov 13, 2009
The UK
If i'm stressed from work or something, usually i just light a candle, (yes, how masculine of me lol) and lie down/watch a movie. I find candles very anti-stressing, Especially the scented ones.


Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
To calm myself, I will normally do one, or several, of these things;

1- I will normally meditate for a short while, to clear my head of things, and to empty out everything that is troubling me.

2- I will go on a long walk to absolutely no-where. Walking for long distances (Especially around Sunset) normally calms me. Just watching the world fade into Twilight is amazing. The change in everything just completely clears everything from my mind.

3- I'll listen to one of several Zelda themes or any other game tune.
Some of these include;

The Song of Storms
The Nocturne of Shadow
The Minuet of Forest
and Zelda's Lullaby.

Other than those, I'll watch a video on Youtube, look at things related to games, go on ZD or mess around with different things on my Laptop.


When I'm upset about something, I usually do the popular - listen to music, take a walk. Basically, time alone, but sometimes, I like to go back through messages on my email from old friends. It calms me to down to read all of the wise remarks and funny things I used to talk about with friends.

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