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  • Oh, damn, that sucks! D: I hope you get something figured out! :(

    Wait... you know Ark in real life? Wait, I think I remember that, yeah. >.< What was the deal with that again?
    Oh, haha, yeah. Well it's something that MrMosley has wanted to implement for a while. It's all still work in progress actually. Hopefully we'll have it working soon. :)

    Pretty much, yeah. It wasn't too different from my life in general, but it was cool. How about you? How's it going in general, actually? ^^
    i have a shirt of your avatar and i also have one that say get a life with a life mushroom
    Hey Tak! It has been a while! Glad to have you back!

    How's it been going? Sorry I took so long to respond, I was getting too many messages to actively respond to, and am just now getting to them. :sweat:
    You don't have enough posts yet. Once you get the required amount of posts, you can be moved into the shoutbox group. You have to have at least 75 posts.
    That would depend on how long you've been gone. However, viewing of the SB isn't my area of expertise; you'd want to ask MrMosley this question.
    Thank you, and I will try.....:nod:
    Hey, yeah they have. Glad you haven't been too confused, since a lot of people seem to have been. :sweat:

    I've been pretty good. Busy as hell with work the last week (haven't been able to get on for a few days), but now my schedule has cleared up, so I've been enjoying some relaxation... mostly. I've also been trying to deal with not having any internet access. :P

    How about you? It's good to see you again, by the way. ^^
    Heh, thanks! ^^

    Yeah, that does suck. It was basically a rollback, so the entire board (posts, memberships, visitor messages, etc.) were all reverted back about a month. But yeah, seems like we've mostly recovered. Thankfully it was a lot less severe than the last forum wipe we had when a mod's account got hacked.
    Damn... well I'm sorry to hear that... :(

    Augh, I know. It might not be snowing, but it's still cold enough to freeze out my skin! >.<

    I hate it! Worst part of winter!
    I've lost me some fish as well. :xd:

    Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear that. That sounds really weird though. He just came and took the dog?

    It might not be the same, but I wouldn't necessarily consider it less significant. To the owner at least.

    No problem. Snow is fun. Wish I had snow over here. :(
    Thanks, I appreciate that. It is very sad for me but I try to keep happy overall. It's been over a month now, I think, so I'm beginning to "get over it".

    Yeah? What happened, if I may ask?
    No worries. I made the same mistake. ;) Been doing that a lot lately, actually. Even some people I've been talking to for months haven't been on my friends list until about a week ago... :sweat:

    Well, we were having problems with his training. He was becoming aggressive towards other dogs, and then he started becoming food aggressive. Somehow it got to an extreme point in which if he had food or something in his mouth he considered food, and he thought we might take it from him, he would attack us. Seriously, too. He'd jump for our face. And he was a large, 90-100 pound dog, so there was no way we could keep him. We had to put him down. At least no one got seriously hurt, I guess...
    Oh, and I forgot to say...MUH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

    But really, I've been playing AC wii again. Now I'm addicted! :P
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