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  • Hey I just added you on my 3DS and was hoping you would add me! My friend code is 4210 4473 0544. Thank you
    Oh, nice. :xd:

    Ah, I see. Another friend who's tried to get me to play DnD before told me a lot about Lycanthropes when I asked her the same question about non-human characters. Of all the non-human options, I'd probably say lycanthropes are the most appealing to me. I was reading that page... two questions about it. It says I can pick any animal (that eats meat anyway) that is within one size category of the primary race. Assuming I'm a humanoid race, what animals would that include? I don't know the size categories. @_@ Also, due to the fact that it talks about the chosen animal's stats, am I correct in assuming that I'm only allowed to pick from animals directly included within DnD's monster lists? But if that's true, does that also include the fantasy creatures too, and not just the normal real-world animals?
    Yeah, thank you. I'm hoping to win 1st place and get monies! 8D

    Character creation and getting in character sounds like one of the funnest parts, to be honest. Just creating a persona and going with it and mocking it up. Would be entertaining to play in a game. I'll definitely try to. :) Would your DM let me play as something that's totally not human? :P
    Lol, well since then, I've managed to get by without getting sick at all. Kick-***. :xd: Writing original stories and whatnot. I finished what I was writing at that time, I think, and I posted it on dA. Now I'm trying to hurry and write a contest entry for a writer contest, although the deadline is in 5 days. @_@

    Oh, you play DnD? I've never played it (and not sure I'd have the time to), but it's always sounded kinda interesting to me. I assume it's fun? :P If I find the time, I'll definitely take you up on that offer.
    Yeah, man, long time no see. I've been pretty good. As for what's up... well, most of my family has gotten sick so I'm trying to avoid catching whatever they have. :xd: Aside from that, doing article stuff on ZD again and doing writing. How about you?
    I have been good. i have also been working on my article, which i hope to get done by this Tuesday. With 4 months of editing and revising, i'm hoping this will turn out great. I have also been working on the Wind Waker with DARK MASTER and i kind of branched off and started a figurine guide for ZD.

    About your group invite, i haven't played D&D in my life, i have only heard about it. Also i cannot find the time to play or even learn to play...yet. I know DM accepts all group invites so i doubt he will be playing. I suggest finding more members for your group.

    Anyway, how have you been? Still working on the story and Let's Play?
    Oh hey MK. Same to you. I'm not feeling too good right now. A bit down in the dumps. How about you? Anything going on? Also, i've never played D+D, so I don't think I can join your group, for now at least :)
    Yeah, same here. School starts again on the 22nd of August for me. But it's been nice, very nice. I did actually beat MM for the first time this summer, so that feels good! It really was a great game! :)
    It's great! On the 20th of August I'm participating in a Swedish attempt to break a world record. We are going to be around 900 ukuleleplayers, and play the exact same song at the same time. It'll be fun! What about you?
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