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Down the rabbit hole: Lucid dream mafia - Game Thread

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Just like you. But cooler
Jul 30, 2010
Wherever history is in the making
You chose to give in to the fatigue, as you slowly closed your eyes...

As struck by lightning, the world started to flash around you. With the speed of light you travelled, leaving your body behind. Images appeared of other realities, other could've-beens. People you've never met, that girl or boy that is always closeby but yet never come across....
You were in some kind of tunnel, and with an incredible speed the end was nearing. A soft green light was emitting from the end of this tunnel, it became larger and larger, until... ... ...


It stopped. The moving stopped. The flickering lights stopped, for a moment there was only silence.
You slowly opened you eyes...

You were laying in a grassy field, a field that went on as far as the eyes could reach. With a headache and a bit of desorientation from the journey to this place you quickly looked around you. You realised that you were not the only person lying somewhere in this field. There were 18 more of you to be precise

* * * * * *

Day 1: The Sleeping Meadows

Living Players
1. Spiritual Mask Salesman
2. Foo
3. Repentance
4. Dekunut
5. Sadia
6. Johnny Sooshi
7. [email protected]
8. Mido
9. LittleGumball
10. A Link in Time
11. Musicfan
12. Ari
13. Mellow Ezlo
14. Zelda13
15. Pendio
16. Doc
17. Viral Maze
18. Shroom
19. Frozen Chozen

General Game Rules
Do not communicate with other players outside of this game thread, unless otherwise specified.
- Do not directly quote (or by other means such as screenshots) any information you received from your role pm's.
- Do not edit any of your past posts.
- Posting during the night or after you have died is prohibited. A single small goodbye post is allowed, and a few night posts will not result in a modkill, but please refrain from doing so.
- Each day will take 5 days, each night will take 2 days. I will consider extensions if asked for.
- Only bolded votes are counted.
- You are allowed to vote for a "no lynch".
- A minimum amount of posts made by every player will not be installed at the start of the game, but the moderator holds the right to do so at any moment if deemed necessary.
- Claiming is allowed, including name-claiming. BUT, only 2 people will be allowed to claim in 1 day
- Every area may have an additional set of rules, pay attention to these change in rules. It is your own responsibility if you do not notice them.
- In addition, general mafia courtesy rules that have not been mentioned above are in force. If you wonder if something is allowed or not, please ask me by private message before taking action.

Aside from your alignment and powers, there is also a thing called "class" or "race":

Everyone is subdivided into 2 main categories:
- Dreamers
- Spirits

Dreamers are human. Dreamers have been sucked into the dream (regardless of their alignment). They differ from spirits in the way that they can become "lucid". A lucid dream is a dream in which you realise you are dreaming. Having this knowledge, you can control this dream and do whatever you want. Becoming lucid in this game will allow you to develop certain powers. You can also later lose this lucidity again.

Dreamers have 2 subgroups:
+ Lucid dreamers. Dreamers that have realised they are in a dream and have the potential to alter it at will. Any dreamer can become lucid (or lose lucidity), a lucid dreamer is able to acquire a large variety of powers.
+ Drifters. Dreamers that have an exceptional lucid talent and are (and will remain) lucid from the start of the game.

Spirits are not human, they are created for a single purpose and will therefore have a more static role. They cannot become lucid or lose lucidity and are therefore not able to acquire any powers throughout the game, but any potential power that they might possess at the start of the game is permanent.

For most players, it is specified next to their role what their class/race is. For other players, you can find out what your race/class is by looking at key words such as "wild spirit", "nightmare", etc. When in doubt, send me a pm and I will further clarify.

If you have any more questions about these races/classes and/or lucidity, please ask.

This is a list of powers any dreamer/drifter can acquire when in state of lucidity:

1. Fire: Can burn and kill an opponent.
2. Poisonous kiss: Can kill an opponent with a delay of one day. The opponent will feel sick and will know he/she is poisoned.
3. Healing hand: Can save a player from an attack and cure poison.
4. Detoxification: Can cure a poisoned player.
5. Realisation [PASSIVE]: Every day ánd every night you have a 50% chance of developing a random new power.
6. Lucidification: Can make another player lucid.
7. Delucidification: Can take away a player’s lucidity.
8. Inner feeling: Can make you find out whether another player is lucid or not (similar to a cop power).
9. Third eye: Can make you find out someone else’s role and alignment.
10. Energy shield [PASSIVE]: Can deflect any attack, always one-shot.
11. Lightning rod: Allows you to take a hit for another player. If this player is targeted (whether by a positive or negative action) it will be redirected to you
12. Cupido’s arrow: Can make another player fall in love with you. This is one-sided, they are affected by your death, but you won’t be affected when they die. Always one-shot. The love permanently disappears when you lose your lucidity.
13. Freeze: Can roleblock a player if used during the night. Can silence a player if used in the day. Can only be used once every day/night cycle.
14. Steal: Can target a player and if they are human, can steal a random lucid power of theirs, whether they are currently lucid or not.
15. Swap: Can exchange a lucid power you are not fond of for a random other lucid power. This power can be used during the day so that the newly acquired power can already be used during the following night.
16. Wings: Similar to being a voyeur, you can follow a player at night and learn what happens to them (but not who targeted them). This is also a passive power, anyone following/watching you fails

It is a secret how you can receive these powers

In this game, the area might change. This can have effects on the game. A new area may include a new (additional) set of rules or certain features. When entering a new area, you will receive all necessary information about this region.

If you break any Area rule, you will not be automatically modkilled. Especially at the beginning of the game, you will be excused. However, if I feel like you are purposely breaking the rules, I will give a warning, and if this does not enforce the rules, I will be allowed to modkill the offender.
Only the moderator is allowed to decide if someone has to be modkilled because of continious rule-breaking.

It is a secret how the order of area is decided

Sleeping meadows is a large area filled with acres of grassy fields. On the edges of this area, there is a small and mysterious forest.
Sleeping Meadows is a standard, and neutral area.

Additional Rules:
- You have a massive headache, you are so confused! In every post you make, you have to make at least 3 spelling or grammar mistakes. Oh oh.

Additional Game Features:
- None

More information will be given slowly throughout the game, this is all the information you need for the moment.

Have fun! Day 1 begins. A person is lynched by majority vote, which is 10 people for now.

Day 1 ends next Saturday, 12:00 CET
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Just like you. But cooler
Jul 30, 2010
Wherever history is in the making

"Oh! You're already here. That was not really the plan... :senpaipls:. But that is okay, I will just have to improvise.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Monokuma, Kokirion created me as the regulator of this dream. I will make sure everything goes as it supposed to go, heheh. Every post of mine will start with a picture of me. Information I give can be very important, so make sure you read it carefully!

I'll be your tour guide for this enlighting journey.

It is so early and I hate to be rude... but I already have to bring you guys bad news :rolleyes:. You see, hosting a dream for 19 persons is a bit tough. To be more precise, this dream has some kind of timer, I don't know when it will happen, but at some point the dream will collaps and god knows what will happen! So if you want to get out of this place, just get the people out of this dream that are keeping you here, it's that simple.

I suggest that we don't resort to any barbaric behaviour, let's talk about our problems like normal adults and let's burn someone on a stake after! I'll keep record of the votes, at the end of the day, or when a majority is reached, we'll remove someone from the dream.

Don't worry about what will happen to them. It's just a dream, right? They'll probably just wake up :crisis:

If everyone can please follow me, I know a far better place to go than this muddy field. I'll show you around all the local sightseeings."


Aug 14, 2015
Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings.
The six o'clock alarm would never ring.
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