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Sign Ups AMAZING FANTASY: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel (CLOSED)

Jun 15, 2020
Hello friends. It's good to see you all again. Once upon a time I may have regaled you with a grand preamble to build excitement, but after running three of these I believe I don't need to do that anymore. You all know what this is. You've been waiting for it for a long time... Long enough that the return of a crazy complex Spider-Man themed Mafia game designed by yours truly should be promise enough all on its own. Well, wait no more, True Believer™, because...

AMAZING FANTASY: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel



Player Registration (29/29 31)

  1. Ragnarokio
  2. Morbid Minish
  3. Rubik
  4. DaRkStAr
  5. Aaarrrgh
  6. Tevish Szat
  7. Storm
  8. Freddeh
  9. ExLight
  10. Skystone
  11. Silverfish
  12. Doc
  13. Asfinyti (Shadow Amber)
  14. Mongoose
  15. HangryHangryHippo
  16. NeoSilk
  17. Captan_Lunch
  18. Vroendal
  19. Spiritual Mask Salesman
  20. TheCapsFan
  21. dragonteacup
  22. Mint Elv
  23. Hello World
  24. Killjoy
  25. lain
  26. KingofDominaria
  27. Turin
  28. Neon
  29. Stability
Confirmed players' names are in bold & gold!



  1. DuskyBlue
  2. LordMark
  3. DawningWinds
  4. Poyzin


  1. Osieorb18

1. 31 roles?! Are you f-ing serious?
I know that's a lot, but I chose that number for a reason (can you guess why?). As the largest Spider-Man Mafia yet, filling this roster will be a daunting task, for sure. That's seven more than even The Clone Saga had, which itself also had trouble filling up. Good news is, if we don't quite get that many I am prepared to cut a few (or a dozen), but I figured, why not at least try and shoot for the sky?

2. When will the game start?
Assuming we get enough players in a timely manner, the game can start shortly after the current games being run on both NGA and ZD have ended (Zenon Does a Tea Party and CH8OS MAFIA EIAHT respectively). The Sign-Ups will close on July 14th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. After that, the game will slowly roll out over the weekend. I expect it will kick off proper around the 18th, give or take a couple days.

3. How long is the game predicted to go on for, and what are the phase lengths?
It is hard to predict duration on a game as massive as this, but it stands to reason that it has the potential to be one of the longest Mafia games you've ever played. A Spider-Man Mafia 2 lasted two and a half months (75 days), while A Spider-Man Mafia 3 clocked in at just under two (50 days). Approximately two months is probably a safe estimate. As for phase lengths, Days will last for roughly four to five real-life days, while Nights will generally last for two to three—that said, some things can change this expectation.

4. I'm still not really sure what this is. Can you regale us with the long preamble anyway?
No, I'm too busy crafting role PMs, but you are welcome to go and read the sign up thread for the last one, the sign up thread for the one before last, or heck, even the game threads (1 is partially archived here, 2 is found here on NGA, and 3 is found here on Zelda Dungeon). That should give you an idea what you're signing up for.

5. How much of a "standard" mafia experience will this be?
Honestly, I think Tevish answered this question best during the third outing when someone asked if there even was a Mafia team in the game. While my Spider-Man games have always had a lot of exceedingly complex roles and intricate subsistems designed to make them all work as intended, at their core they've always been built around standard mafia assumptions of an uninformed majority versus an informed minority. I've been known to design some weird experimental games before like KoD Must Die! and Everyone is Cult Mafia, but my Spider-Man games aren't that. They are exceedingly complex, high-powered, highly themed bastard games, but at their heart, they are still traditional mafia games.

6. What do people mean by "bastard", and how "bastard" will this game be?
Oh, very bastard, but you can still count on your roles to have no direct lies in them. To the uninitiated, "bastard" in mafia games is a term to describe games that have elements in them that are traditionally considered unfair. In a standard game, you generally only have to worry about other players lying to you; in a bastard game, you have to worry about lies from the game Moderator too. There are things in the game that will intentionally deceive you, but as I stated before, you can at least trust that your roles will have no direct lies in them.

7. Will some players roles be hand-picked again?
You bet. You think I'd let anyone but Rubik run the newspaper at this point? And Freddeh has got to be ol' Stormin' Norman for sure. Plus you know Numbers will claim Scarlet Spider with or without that role even being in the game. Face it, some things are just part of the Spider-Man Mafia tradition. But most of you can expect to receive random roles.

8. If this is a Prequel, when will we get A Spider-Man Mafia 4?
I'm currently planning to run the 4th main game in the saga sometime next year (2024). The plot is written, the central "twist" is defined, but many of the roles still need be crafted. The title of the game will be spoiled somewhere in this game, so keep your eyes peeled for it! Stay tuned!

9. Is it true A Spider-Man Mafia 3 gave Storm from Zelda Dungeon PTSD?
Yes. :D

10. What else can we expect?
More convoluted plot twists and turns than you can shake a web at! But come on now, you don't really expect me to give you all the spoilers before you actually play, do you? This is a prequel, and it will have a heavy focus on origin stories. Origin stories for everyone. A radioactive spider-bite here, an alien symbiote there, a nuclear experiment gone wrong, an uncle gunned down in his home... And more! But don't think that just because you know how these characters stories were told in the comics that the game inspired by them will necessarily follow suit. Uatu, the Watcher, has a few surprises in store for you, and even he can't be sure how things will unfold. I guess you'll just have to wait and see...

...Or we could play a game of 20 questions like the last time. Sure, why not. I'll answer one yes or no question about the game from each person who signs up, until 20 questions are answered. The last 11 slots don't get a question, to incentivize you to sign up early!! So what are you waiting for? Let's gooooooo! *Thwip thwip*

A Spider-Man Mafia is a longstanding series of incredibly complex themed mafia games designed and run by Zinger2099. The games are intended to bring you a fun mafia experience unlike any you can find anywhere else while also doing a much deeper dive into the rich comic lore of everyone's favourite web-slinging superhero than even the Marvel Cinematic Universe can claim to do.

The Games

Maximum Carnage: A Spider-Man Mafia (2013 on the O.G. WotC Paranoia Paradise mafia subforum)
Hobgoblin Lives: A Spider-Man Mafia 2 (2016 on No Goblins Allowed)
The Clone Saga: A Spider-Man Mafia 3 (2020 on Zelda Dungeon)
Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel (2023 on ZD)
A Spider-Man Mafia 4 (Coming 2024, probably on ZD)
A Spider-Man Mafia 5 (Coming 2026)
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Jun 15, 2020
Reserved for posting answers to the game of 20 questions...

Warning: spoilers. If you'd rather go in blind, don't look.
  1. Is Dr. Connors gonna kill anyone who gets all caught up in what they were doing that they forget to sign up for the game? No
  2. Will the game feature at least three of the original members of the Sinister Six? Yes
  3. Will the current events of the MCU play any part in this game? No
  4. Will there be more than one player who has access to the same sock account? No
  5. Will there be any unlynchable mafia? Unknown
  6. Will there be one or more cults in this game? Yes
  7. Will Spider-Gwen feature as a playable character? No
  8. Because this is a Prequel, will powers be less insane than in the last one? No
  9. Will Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham be in the game? No
  10. Will HW get the same role he had in ASMM1? No
  11. Do characters who are dead from previous games have a possibility of not being dead anymore? Yes
  12. Are there any protective/shield type roles? Yes
  13. Is not being familiar with the other versions of this game going to set TheCapsFan back in a negative way? No
  14. Are there more than 5 alignments? Yes
  15. Similar to previous Spider-Man Mafia games, will there be an overall baddie in this one? No

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Jun 26, 2020
I'll cash in my question: Will there be one or more cults (defined as an alignment that recruits arbitrary outside individuals against their will , changing the target to be aligned falsely or truly with the cult-- so not a recruit-able "traitor" or "some assembly required" or "neighbor" faction mechanic) in this game?
Jun 15, 2020
I'll cash in my question: Will there be one or more cults (defined as an alignment that recruits arbitrary outside individuals against their will , changing the target to be aligned falsely or truly with the cult-- so not a recruit-able "traitor" or "some assembly required" or "neighbor" faction mechanic) in this game?
Yes, although I'll add there has always been some pretty strong limitations on cults in my spider-man games in the past, so maybe it is more "some assembly required" than true cult... Everyone knows I love cults, but the game has a story to follow, and the cults need to bend to its whims... (unless they ARE its whims :suspicious:)
May 29, 2023
Oh we get to ask questions?

Uhm. Okay....

Is Spider-Gwen going to be a playable character in this?
Jun 15, 2020
Oh we get to ask questions?

Uhm. Okay....

Is Spider-Gwen going to be a playable character in this?
Unfortunately, I've got to go with probably Not on the one. But word on the street is that she just might make a cameo appearance somewhere in it. Keep your eyes peeled for her!

Spider-Gwen isn't scheduled to make a full appearance as a playable character until A Spider-Man Mafia 5. :eyes::oops:

Princess Abigail

Aka Hapi
Jun 26, 2020
I haven't read so if this was asked soz but since this is a prequel does that mean powers aren't gonna be as insane as in the last SMM?
Jun 15, 2020
I haven't read so if this was asked soz but since this is a prequel does that mean powers aren't gonna be as insane as in the last SMM?
No it most certainly does not mean that. This might be a Prequel, but that doesn't mean it has to be less complex, especially when you consider that the most crazy role I have ever devised for one of these games was probably in the very first one (here's looking at you, Carnage). Besides, this year is the 10th anniversary of A Spider-Man Mafia, so you better believe I'm pulling out all the stops.

Also, all the Qs and As are posted in the 2nd post of this thread for ease of reference.

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