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Game Thread The Clone Saga: A Spider-Man Mafia 3

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Jun 15, 2020
Welcome to
A Spider-Man Mafia 3

The Clone Saga is an advanced bastard Mafia game for 24 players that is loosely based on the massive Spider-Man crossover event of the same name. The game features a variety of characters and mechanics both new and old, tying together a convoluted plot which should confound even the best of you. The design file is once again impressive to behold and full of moving parts. Expect complex roles. The game is a bastard game, so you know to keep your wits about you (but see "A Note on Bastardry" in the Rules section below). Some things in the game will intentionally deceive you, while others will make it nearly impossible for some of you to win. The game is not meant to be equal parts fair for all players; still, every single one of you has an opportunity to win, no matter how small some of those odds may be. If you'd like to learn more about the original Clone Saga, check out the sign-up thread. And now, without further ado, it's video time:

The Story Thus Far....
While attending a demonstration in radiology, high school student Peter Parker was bitten by a spider which had accidentally been exposed to radioactive rays. Through a miracle of science, Peter soon found that he had gained the spider's powers...and had, in effect, become a human spider! After the tragic death of his Uncle Ben at the hands of a robber he let escape, Peter learned that with great power must also come great responsibility. Today, Peter tries to maintain a semblance of a normal life with his wife Mary Jane, his job as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, and still somehow finding time to save the world as...


"Enough with the jibber jabber," you're saying, "we've heard this all before. Send in the clones already!"
Well, I'm getting to that part, but give those who weren't around the last time a chance to catch up, will ya?

Last time on A Spider-Man Mafia:


As the sun dawns on a new day, the Amazing Spider-Man swings over the rooftops of the City of New York in glamourous Spidey style. The Hobgoblin is nowhere to be found, yet still something doesn't sit well with the famed wall-crawler. Jonas Harrow is behind bars and has signed a full confession to being the Goblin, so what could be bugging him? I mean, Harrow's capture WAS awfully easy, reportedly. Too easy. The real Hobgoblin would never have gotten that sloppy, would he?... Perhaps it's just that Spidey doesn't want to admit the cops could take down his nemesis whereas he could not... Yeah, I'm sure that's it...

He takes a swing by the Hudson river. This place has always reminded him of the Hobgoblin. The number of battles over the Hudson between the two were more numerous than Spidey could count. Wasn't surprising to learn that Hobby once had a secret hideout in one of the piers here. Spidey half expecting to see ol' Red Eyes himself, flying over the river taunting him. No such luck. Everything is quiet and as it should be. Everything except that yellow piece of cloth floating in the river... Could it be? IT IS! THE HOBGOBLIN'S MASK! But what on earth was it doing here?

Suddenly, that unforgettable tormenting laugh...


Spidey turns around quickly and looks to the sky only to see--


The sky is empty, and Spidey's trusted Spider-Sense is giving nary a single tingle. Was he imagining it? Could this be all in his head? But then where did the mask come from?

Too many unanswered questions. But that is always the case when dealing with The Hobgoblin. I suppose we'll never know the answers now.

At least, not until another exciting episode of A Spider-Man Mafia.

Ah yes, I remember now where we left off. The original Hobgoblin is behind bars (or is he?) and everything's finally back to normal (or is it?) for the city that never sleeps and their amazing, friendly neighborhood, wall-crawling hero. Which, true to form, is usually when things take a dive and go from doing just fine to total **** just hit rock bottom in 60 seconds or less. Good ol' Parker luck.

So, this happened...


Spider-Man meets...Peter Parker?! What gives? That's no Chameleon disguise or Mysterio illusion you're looking at; that's Peter Parker standing face-to-mask with Spider-Man. But how is this possible? Simple, really—it's his clone. Well, okay I lied, it's not so simple. You see, way, way back in the 1980's secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies...

No, wait, that's Clone High.

Let me start again. There is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand solar systems have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. This separatist movement, under the leadership of the mysterious Count Dooku, has made it difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights to...

No, no, no! That's Attack of the Clones.

The year is 2019, and Lincoln Six Echo is just like everyone else—he's waiting to go to the Island, the only place left in the world to actually live a life. However, when his best friend Jordan Two Delta wins the lottery, Lincoln decides to dig a little deeper and accidentally finds the scary truth behind the Utopian award: they are clones, generated to provide replacement organs and parts to the owners of insurance policies.


I give up. Roll credits. It's time for another exciting episode of...


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Jun 15, 2020
At some point during the last game, I realized that I had taken the level of bastardry slightly too far. Certain players ignored the obvious answer right in front of their faces more than once because they believed it to be a trick, or too simple to be true. I realized that in a game of deception if you have absolutely nothing to trust you can't stand your ground on anything. For that reason, in this game, I am vowing that there will be no direct lies in any of your role PMs (except maybe in the backstory section, which is what your character believes to be true). That doesn't mean there won't be things in your role PMs which could trick you, but you can at least count on them not being outright false. Everything else is totally fair game though—it's still a bastard difficulty level, after all.

I reserve the right to discipline a player for violation of these rules HOWEVER I SEE FIT, ranging from the most insignificant slap on the wrist all the way to the dreaded Modkill, and everything in between. Usually, though, I will punish violations of the rules by placing MODVOTES on the player in question, or by making it more difficult to achieve your win condition or motivation if for some reason modvotes don't do that. Don't break the rules.

1.1 Please read, understand, and obey all the rules. Where contradictions exist, specific rules (such as those found in your Role PM) beat general rules.​
1.2 Be respectful of the Mod (me) and your fellow players. Mafia can get heated at times; try to remember that it is just a game.​
1.3 Please bold anything that you hope me to see.​
1.4 Discussions about the game's balance are strictly forbidden while the game is still running. Discuss that stuff after the game is over.​
1.5 Communication with anyone outside the game thread regarding this game is strictly prohibited unless you have an ability which allows you to do so.​
1.6 Except for Self Aligned players, alignments are tied to win conditions. Players of the same alignment will have the same win condition, and vice versa.​
1.7 The Town win condition is to remove all threats to the Town. "You win at the beginning of the Day if no threats to the Town exist in the Active Player pool."
1.8 Your alignment and win condition can change mid-game, depending on your role and the game state. Be careful how you play, lest you find yourself playing for a different team.​
1.9 Have fun! (This rule is very important.)

2.1 Do not edit or delete your posts.​
2.2 Do not post at Night unless you have an ability that allows you to do so (however, see Burning the Midnight Oil in Communal Abilities, below).​
2.3 Please make an effort to post in the game thread at least once every 72 hours. More often is encouraged, but not required. If you are going to be absent for longer than 72 hours, please give me prior notice.​
2.4 Once you have been declared dead do not post in the game thread any longer, not even just a "bah" post. Violation of this rule bans you from any chance that might exist to be resurrected.​
2.5 You may not directly quote anything from a PM or discord server anywhere else. You may paraphrase/claim whatever you like (claims can be false so no reason to disallow it), but be cautious who you share info with—they might not have your best interests at heart.​

3.1 An in-game Day will last until the time limit expires or a vote Threshold has been reached, whichever happens first. An in-game Night will last until the time limit expires or all players have submitted a Night action, whichever happens first. There could also be abilities that modify the duration of a Day/Night or end them early.​
3.2 The standard time limit for a Day is 4 hours per player in the Active Player pool, while the time limit for a Night is 2 hours per player in the Active Player pool (clocked at the beginning of said Day or Night). With 24 players in the Active Player pool, a Day will clock in at 96 hours, and a Night at 48 hours.​
3.3 As soon as a Day ends, whether because the time limit expired or a Threshold was reached, no further votes or actions will be counted even if the Mod is not present to immediately end the Day. Ditto for when a Night ends.​
3.4 You may not use more than one activated ability per Day and one activated ability per Night unless you have an ability which specifically says otherwise. If you are able to use more than one activated ability per Day or Night, you still can't use the same activated ability more than once per Day or Night.​
3.5 Generally, activated abilities used during the Day occur instantaneously (or, with a minor delay to account for Mod reaction time), while activated abilities used during the Night occur at the end of the Night all at once; however, there may be exceptions.​
3.6 Abilities that prematurely end the Day are not useable within the first 12 hours of the Day start.​

4.1 Voting is not—I repeat, NOT—something everyone can do. To be able to vote you must have an ability which grants voting privileges. Normally such abilities will be passive, but not always.​
4.2 Please make your votes stand out. Making them bold and in colour is a good way to do that. Do not hide them in spoiler tags or using invisible text.​
4.3 Your Threshold is the number of votes required to see you Lynched, or sometimes Exiled. Typically a player's Threshold will be Majority. A Majority is defined as being half the number of available votes (rounded down) plus one, so if there are 10 available votes it would take 6 votes to see you Lynched.​
4.4 A Threshold must be reached in order for there to be a Lynch. If the time limit on the Day expires before a Threshold is reached, the Day ends without a Lynch.​
4.5 You may Unvote to remove your vote from a player. Unvoting is not required to place a new vote.​
4.6 You can vote for No Lynch if you wish to see the Day end without a Lynch. The "Threshold" for No Lynch is always by majority vote, and that cannot be changed.​
4.7 Some characters have Bonus or Secret voting abilities. A Bonus vote is an extra vote you can cast, usually under a different name, while a Secret vote is cast in private, and cannot be linked back to you. These votes function in different ways than traditional votes and aren't necessarily subject to these rules.​

5.1 An Ability is a special thing your character can do, sometimes something that nobody else can. There are three kinds of abilities—activated, passive, and item—and every character in the game has at least one of each type.​
5.2 An activated ability is by default always off and must be turned on to gain the benefit. Sometimes they have a limited number of uses, other times not. Unless otherwise specified, an activated ability only lasts until the end of the Day or Night in which it is used.​
5.3 A passive ability is always on and generally cannot be turned off. Sometimes a specific trigger must be achieved before the passive ability takes effect.​
5.4 An item ability functions like a passive ability except the benefit is tied to a specific item and is lost if ever you no longer possess it.​
5.5 Some abilities require you to Target a specific player. Unless otherwise specified, you may never target yourself with a targeting ability. Targeting abilities are referenced by many things; do not confuse them with an ability that requires you to choose a player without having to target them (generally, a superior power). If the word target is not used, it's not a targeting ability.​
5.6 A Condition is an ongoing effect (generally negative) that is afflicting a specific player. The condition might have a predetermined duration or an indefinite one. Conditions are usually (but not always) applied as the result of an ability being used. For a list of Conditions, see below.​
5.7 All of your Abilities—regardless of type—and any Conditions afflicting you only function when you are in the Active player pool. Unless an Ability or Condition specifically says otherwise, none of them apply to exiled or dead characters.​
5.8 If at any point I need to add more rules, this is where they'll go. :)
This is a comprehensive list of known Conditions in the game. Hidden Conditions may also exist—they will be explained only to players afflicted by, or capable of afflicting them.

Strengthened (Condition)
Votes you make are doubled in value and kills you make pierce one layer of protection.
Distracted (Condition)
Targeting abilities have a 30% chance of failure.
Protected (Condition)
The first attempt to kill you in a Day or Night will fail. Multiple instances of this condition stack.
Roleblocked (Condition)
You may not use activated abilities. Passive and Item abilities are unaffected.
Silenced (Condition)
You may not post in the game thread except to use abilities that require it (such as voting).
Target Locked (Condition)
You may only vote for and target whichever player you voted for or targeted last.
Tracked (Condition)
The player who is tracking you will be told if you use a targeting ability, and who your targets were.
Voteblocked (Condition)
You may not cast traditional votes. Bonus and/or Secret votes are unaffected.
Weakened (Condition)
Votes you make are halved in value and kills made against you pierce one layer of protection.


There are several unique game mechanics designed for this game. Please make sure you understand how they work before you begin playing.

As the name of the game suggests, this game will feature a number of Spider-Man Clones created by the mad scientist Doctor Miles Warren, also known as The Jackal! Figuring out which one is the real Spider-Man is going to be part of what makes this game so unique and exciting. Being a clone is a subtype of your role which interacts with abilities and conditions in various different ways (detailed within the ability or condition in question). If you have one of these roles, you'll also be required to provide your current belief as to your clone "status" at the start of the game and update it throughout. An integral mechanic in the game triggers off of whether or not you believe yourself to be a clone, so give it some thought!

New York City is a big place, but sometimes it's not big enough for two people—especially when one is a clone of the other! In the comics, Spider-Man's "clone", Ben Reilly, leaves the city to not interfere with Parker's life. That plot element is represented here with the Exile mechanic. Any player may use the "Go into Exile" ability (see Communal Abilities below) during the Night to remove themselves from the game. While in Exile you cannot use or benefit from abilities, all conditions are removed, you can't be targeted or affected by most game effects, and you can't communicate with anyone under normal means (however, see "Letters to the Editor" below). There's a number of reasons why you might want to do this. Maybe you've already achieved your win condition and don't want to risk screwing it up somehow? Or maybe you just need a safe place to hide out from supervillains (or heroes) who want you dead? Whatever your reasons for doing it, be warned, coming back from exile is not nearly so easy as going into it.

In addition to your win condition, all players also have a personal Motivation. Your Motivation is not a requirement for you to win, it's just an extra bonus quest. Some motivations require you to acquire or do something, while others rely on you preventing something from happening. No matter what your motivation is, achieving it rewards you with some kind of tangible bonus that will absolutely help make winning the game easier for you.

Once per Day, any living Active or Exiled player may write a letter to the Editor of the Daily Bugle. What you include in this letter is entirely up to you. When you send the letter (to the Mod by PM), identify if you would like the letter to be signed (by your Character name) or if you'd rather remain anonymous. The Editor may decide to include your letter in the following edition of the paper, or they may not.

Communal abilities are shared abilities that everyone has access to. You may elect to use them instead of using your own abilities if you wish. They are not inherently considered yours (they're everyone's), so if you somehow lose all your abilities you haven't lost communal abilities and may still use them. Using a communal ability counts against your limit of one activated ability per Day or Night.
Big LeBowski (Activated; Night): Target player becomes Tracked by you until the end of the Night.

Burning the Midnight Oil (Activated; Night): You may continue to post in the game thread until the end of the Night.

Escape Handcuffs (Activated; Day): The 2 most recent votes against you are removed. This ability cannot be used in the last 3 hours before a deadline.

Go into Exile (Activated; Night): Become exiled (see Mechanics). This cannot be undone.

Jump the Gun (Activated; Day): Target player becomes Roleblocked until the end of the Day.

Rumor Mill (Activated; Day): Learn something interesting.

Take Aim (Activated; Day): The next time you vote toDay, your vote is worth 50% more than its traditional value.

Wisecrack (Activated; Day or Night): Target player becomes Distracted until the end of the Day/Night.
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Jun 15, 2020

The Jackal's Secret Lair: https://discord.gg/Rv3MYWm
Doctor Seward Trainer's Lab: https://discord.gg/SDfwSST
Spider-Man's Friendly Neighborhood: https://discord.gg/5XTwE6s
The Goblin's Lair: https://discord.gg/CcAVMjt
Peter Parker's Apartment: https://discord.gg/F3h4rFd
Judas Traveller and His Host: https://discord.gg/7s73EzK
The "Better Late than Never" Dead Chat: https://discord.gg/qxJ62HQ
Player | Role | Secrets | Alignment
1. 15377Ben Reilly, Scarlet SpiderCan become Jackal if Jackal is TownScarlet
2. Morbid MinishGwen Stacy ClonePro-MafiaTown
3. ExLightCurt ConnorsIf Lynched, becomes Mafia LizardTown
4. RubikThe Daily Bugle6 LivesTown
5. AsfinytiAll New Spider-ManCloneSpider
6. funnier6RubikBecomes Mythic Judas Traveller, then Ordinary Judas Traveller, if successive puzzles are solvedSpecial*
7. StormSpider-ManCloneSpider
8. SilverfishAmazing Spider-Man"Real" SpideySpider
9. AaarrrghWeb of Spider-ManCloneSpider
10. Mellow EzloMary-JaneTown
11. DocSeward TrainerPosting Restriction, can't reveal Freddeh as NormanTown
12. FreddehNorman OsbornGoblin
13. PoyzinSpider-CarnageMafia
14. Captan_LunchSpidercideMafia
15. RagnarokioOctopusDoc Ock can become Mafia Lady Ock after death if game has fewer than 26 playersTown
16. Spiritual Mask SalesmanJackalMotivation: If Lynched while Gwen is alive but not voting for him, stops being MafiaTown/Mafia
17. The Sun FanSensational Spider-ManCloneSpider
18. HapiFriendly Neighborhood Spider-ManCloneSpider
19. Tevish SzatDaredevilTown
20. Paranoid KingScrierGoblin
21. KingofDominariaKaineBecomes Scarlet Aligned and 2nd Scarlet Spider if Motivation is achievedSelf
22. SkystoneSpectacular Spider-ManClone, great kisserSpider
23. DuskybluePeter ParkerCloneSpider
24. KilljoyPeter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-HamCloneSpider
Role PMs:

  1. Aaarrrgh was killed Day 6 by The Other as Spider Aligned WEB OF SPIDER-MAN; he was revived Night 6
  2. Freddeh was Norman Osborn, who dodged a Lynch Day 9 by going into Exile, returning a Day later
  3. Paranoid King was Lynched Day 2 as The [Goblin Aligned] Brotherhood of Scrier, but he came back to life on Day 3. Night 9 he died again but was back before you know it on Day 10
  4. Killjoy
  5. Ragnarokio

  1. Skystone
  2. KingofDominaria was Scarlet Aligned Kaine, a.k.a. the Scarlet Spider; he was Exiled on Day 6 after becoming The Other, never to return

  1. Doc was Town Aligned Doctor Seward Trainer; he was killed Day 1 by Gaunt
  2. Poyzin was Killed Night 1 as Mafia Aligned Spider-Carnage; but he was resurrected by Traveller Day 4, only to be Lynched hours later!
  3. Duskyblue was Spider Aligned Peter Parker; he was killed Night 4 by Gaunt
  4. Asfinyti died unceremoniously Night 4, leaving nary even a body behind; he was a Self Aligned clone of Spider-Man
  5. Ragnarokio was Lynched Day 5 as Town Aligned Doctor Octopus; the player has returned to the Active pool, but the role stays dead!
  6. Morbid Minish was Town Aligned Gwen Stacy; she was killed Night 5 by The Other!
  7. The Sun Fan died unceremoniously Night 5, leaving nary even a body behind; he was a Self Aligned clone of Spider-Man
  8. funnier6 was Traveller Aligned Judas Traveller; he was killed Day 6 by The Other!
  9. Ragnarokio was again Killed on Day 6 as Mafia Aligned Lady Octopus by The Other! Again she returns to the Active pool, for the final time, with one of the two roles she has had before.
  10. ExLight was Town Aligned Curt Connors; he was killed Day 6 by The Other!
  11. Mellow Ezlo was Town Aligned Mary-Jane Watson-Parker; they were ModKilled for inactivity at the end of Night 6
  12. Storm was Killed by The Green Goblin on Day 8; they were a Self Aligned clone of Spider-Man
  13. Hapi was Killed by The Green Goblin on Day 8; she was a Self Aligned clone of Spider-Man
  14. Tevish Szat was Lynched Day 10 as Town Aligned Daredevil
  15. Captan Lunch was originally Lynched Day 1 as Mafia Aligned Spidercide, but he came back to life Day 2, only to be Exiled shortly thereafter. Then, on Day 4, Traveller brought him back from exile, whereby he survived till Day 8 only to be Killed by The Green Goblin! He then revived again on Day 9, only to be finally killed Night 12 for good
  16. Spiritual Mask Salesman was Lynched Day 7, 11, and 13 as The [Mafia Aligned] Jackal; he Regenerated the first two times but not the third
  17. 15377 was Scarlet Aligned Scarlet Spider; he was killed Day 13 by Gaunt
  18. Silverfish was Lynched Day 10 as THE [Town Aligned] AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
  19. Rubik was Lynched Day 15 as The [Town Aligned] Daily Bugle

  1. No longer accepting replacements at this time.


  1. Day 1 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count | Gaunt kills Doc | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  2. Day 2 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | She Taught Us Love | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  3. Trial of Peter Parker | Day 3 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Second Vote Count | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  4. Day 4 Start | End of Day + Final Vote Count | Daily Bugle (better late than never)
  5. Day 5 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Second Vote Count | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  6. Day 6 Start | First Vote Count | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Fourth Vote Count | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  7. Day 7 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  8. Day 8 Start | Pumpkin Bomb Barrage | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  9. Day 9 Start | End of Day + Final Vote Count | Daily Bugle (Day or Night, we're here for you, delivering your daily dose of realism)
  10. Day 10 Start | First Vote Count | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  11. Day 11 Start | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  12. Day 12 Start | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  13. Day 13 Start | Gaunt kills 15377 | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  14. Day 14 Start | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  15. Day 15 Start | End of Day + Final Vote Count
  16. Day 16 Start + Game End
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Jun 15, 2020
Curious what a standard Role PM in this game might look like? Here's an example!

Zinger2099 said:
Welcome to The Clone Saga: A Spider-Man Mafia 3. You are...

Stan Lee, King of Cameos!

Stan Lee is a real man about town. He's an everyman, and every man is him! He seems to pop up just about anywhere you look, and always seems surrounded by those amazing superheroes. Who knows where he'll pop up next?
Once upon a time, long ago at the house of ideas, you were told "Stan, if you don't come up with a good idea for a character or story by next week, you're fired!" Well, true believer, you took that advice to heart, but without an idea in your head, you didn't know what to do? Until it hit you like a bolt of lightning! Across the street at some other comic book company, you knew they all took their lunch breaks at the same time as you. It was a synch to sneak into their office while they were gone and write down all their notes for their upcoming stories. Next thing you know, you're being celebrated as the biggest genius at Marvel, and that company across the street has gone out of business. WOWEE! What a story!
Stan Lee is Town-Aligned.

Your Win-Condition is to remove all the Threats to the Town. You win at the beginning of the Day if no Threats to the Town exist in the Active Player pool.

Your Motivation is to make a gratuitous cameo! You do this by always being around but never really doing much. If you go the first four Days and Nights without activating abilities or casting any votes, on the fifth Day you gain the "King of Cameos" ability (see below), now isn't that pretty sweet?
Your Threshold is 3. What do you expect? You're a frail old man. Try not to get pushed around.
100% Ham (Passive): Votes against you are worth 50% less than their traditional value.

Iconic Glasses [Item]: These glasses are iconic to your image, but the real reason you wear them all the time is because they give you X-Ray vision! As long as you have these on, whenever you target a player with an ability you also learn what items they possess, if any. And you learn what colour of underwear they're wearing, if any.

King of Cameos (Activated; Day): You cannot be Lynched toDay. You may only use this ability if you've achieved your motivation.

SMASH (Activated; Day or Night): Destroy a random item in the game.

The Man (Passive): You may vote as normal for a Mafia game.

Thwip (Activated; Night): Target player is Roleblocked with WEBS!
You may, or may not be, a clone of the original Stan Lee. At the start of the game, send the Mod a PM stating if you believe yourself to be a clone, or the tried and true original. Certain game mechanics will trigger based on if you are correct in your assertion or not. You may update this belief status whenever you like.
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Jun 15, 2020
Reserved #4 — The "Just in Case" Post!

For now, and until the game starts, I'll keep you in the loop as to the current setup progress here.

Presently, 24 out of 24 Role PMs have been sent. 0 Left...

I'm working through down the player list slowly in the order of sign-ups. The further down the list you are, the longer you'll have to wait. There's a lot of cross-checking to make sure I am setting this up right so I don't make any mistakes. It's a big game. Patience, your roles are coming.

Good god this is taking forever. Almost.... There....

All 24 players should have their Role PMs now.

Normally, I would follow up the sending with a confirmation period, where each player is expected to confirm they have read and understood both the game rules and their Role PMs, but since you've all been waiting for so long to get this thing started (in some cases, years), I'm going to have faith that you all have done so and just skip right over the confirm phase and jump straight into the game!

I'll be making an official game start post following this one very shortly. There are a few things I would like y'all to please keep in mind:
  1. This is a very high-powered game. Some of you possess abilities strong enough to take other players completely out of the game very quickly. Since I am skipping the confirmation phase, please refrain from firing off any "big guns" in the first 24 hours of the game. Thanks. (By "big guns", I mean anything that might limit a player's ability to interact with the game before they have even had a chance to read their Role PM, including but not limited to, things that Kill, things that Exile, things that Roleblock, Silence, or Target Lock, etc.)
  2. The central question of this game—"Who is the real Spider-Man?"—is, by design, impossible to solve using meta-knowledge. That is to say, after designing the game I took all of the many Spider-Man roles within it and I determined absolutely at random which one was the real one (and by association, which ones were clones). There is exactly one real Spider-Man among a large number of clones, and which one is the real one could be literally any one of them. There is a way in the game to discover the truth, but it won't be solved by guessing based on comparing how each Spider-Man role was designed. (ie. Statements like "Well, this one has Web-Shooters and this one does not" or "This one is wearing the right costume and this one is not" won't help you at all, and may actually lead you astray.)
  3. I know it's a lot of text, but please do read until you comprehend the rules and your roles. I can't emphasize this enough, this game has a lot of moving parts and it rewards critical thinkers. There are interactions that will not be evidently spelled out, some which will benefit you, others which will hurt you. Understanding these interactions might be key to your victory. (For example: maybe you have a passive ability which just says "any % is instead 100% for you", but you didn't realize there's a communal ability which has a 30% chance to block a player's action, well, you wouldn't get the most out of your passive ability then, you see?)
  4. If you have any questions, ask! This game is not equal parts fair for all players, some of you have really hard win conditions while others have comparatively easy ones. Don't make a hard game harder by making assumptions you don't have to. The game is supposed to be challenging to play and solve the correct path to victory, not challenging to understand. (Along the same lines as asking questions: if you think I've made a mistake, I probably have. Tell me sooner, rather than later. There are too many moving parts to keep track of and small mistakes on my part are almost inevitable, but the sooner you point them out the faster I can fix—or confirm that no mistake was made, which is also possible...)
  5. That's all. Have fun. Excelsior!
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Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
Jun 15, 2020
Have you ever had a really bad day?...

Day 1.jpg
Yeah... I'm having the worst one right about now.

Okay, so this is a bit of a long story. And like all of the really bad days in my life, this story starts with Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin.

A long time ago, before Hobgoblin Lives, before even Maximum Carnage, there was The Green Goblin's Revenge. What, never heard of that one? That's cuz it's not widely publicized in the media. It wasn't some big event that got crowds of people invested like the aforementioned two—why would it? It didn't have machiavellian plots and superhero team-ups and epic, world-shattering stakes. It didn't have people on internet message boards talking about it for hours on end trying to solve the mysteries behind them. Most importantly, it didn't have some crazed serial-killing sociopath on the lose racking up body-counts like they're going on sale. In fact, the entire body count for The Green Goblin's Revenge was just...one...person...

My person.

Gwen Stacy. My first love.

The Goblin killed her just to get to me. It wasn't about some mad scheme to conquer the criminal underworld or even a psychopathic random act of violence. It was personal. He did it because of me, and in a way, it's like I killed her myself.

The worst part is, I may have...

A part of me died that day. And even though Norman paid the ultimate price for what he did (at least, for a few years, before he later came back from the dead—another long story, no time to get into it), nothing could take that hurt away. It still lingers with me, even now, years later. Sure, I have fallen in love again (I'm married to the most beautiful girl on earth—about the only good luck I've had since), but Gwen's death will always weigh on me, just like Uncle Ben's before her, and just like Aunt May's will after her (Hold on, I'll get to that part in a bit).

But what Norman didn't understand the night he ruined my life is that Gwen was loved by more than just me. In killing her to get to me, Norman got to a lot of people, one of whom was my university biology professor, Miles Warren. Now, I've always been the smartest guy in every class I'm in, but Gwen? She was smarter. Gwen was professor Warren's star pupil, his favourite student, the one person in all his years as a teacher that he thought would amount to more than he could ever achieve himself. In his own way, he loved her, and when she died a part of him died too. Professor Warren had a psychotic break and became obsessed with using his research into genetic cloning to bring her back to life, but when his lab assistant found out what he was doing the assistant tried to shut his experiments down. The two ended up fighting, and, in Warren's final attempt to protect his work, Warren accidentally killed his assistant. Already teetering on the brink of mental collapse, this final act threw Warren off the deep end. His mind snapped, creating a split personality that could be blamed for all of his wrongdoings, and keep his hands clean. That day the Jackal was born.

The Jackal was a twisted version of the professor I knew in a goblin-esque green jumpsuit. Just as brilliant but completely insane, morally and ethically bankrupt in every possible way. The Jackal needed to do more than just bring Gwen back to life, he needed someone to blame for her death in the first place. With the Green Goblin apparently deceased, he latched on to the only other party present who could share in the blame—me. The Jackal decided he would destroy me the way I had destroyed Gwen, in his eyes, and he decided he would use the only weapon he had at his disposal to do it—cloning. And he succeeded.

A fight to the death with myself—Even if I live, I die!

That was 5 years ago. Long story short, I thought the Jackal and my clone were killed that day, but I was wrong. Somehow they both survived the explosion at Shae Stadium. Somehow they survived and have escaped my attention for five long years. But now they've returned, presumably to finish what they started. Which brings us back to today...

page 1.jpg
My clone—looking pretty spry for a dead man.

And of course, they pick today, of all days, to pull the rug out from under me. You see, today isn't just bad because an old enemy I thought was dead has resurrected himself along with a genetic duplicate of me bent on stealing my life. Nope. Today was a really bad day all on it's own, and these Jackals and Clones are **** icing on top of my **** cake.

Aunt May is dying.

Aunt May, the woman who practically raised me after my parents died and left me on her doorstep. The real first woman I ever loved, if you think about it. The person who filled me with the courage to face my demons and stand up straight all these years despite everything trying very hard to destroy me is dying. And I don't know how to handle it. Plus, there's a chance she might have been poisoned. Oh yeah, the doctors are baffled and can't say what's wrong with her except that it might be an unknown type of poison they can't detect. The test was inconclusive, but I've just got a feeling. Given all the rogues in my gallery of villains who would love to hurt her to get to me, it wouldn't be that surprising. But I'll tell you, after losing Uncle Ben and Gwen both to people I could have should have stopped before they had the chance to hurt them, if I have to watch one more person go because of me I just... Well... Let's just say professor Warren isn't the only one with a license to snap.

Right. Professor Warren. The Jackal. Clones. Gaaaaaah!

Okay, you clone piece of ****. You want to go for round two? Your funeral. And this time, I'll make sure you're dust because nobody threatens Spider-Man on the day his Aunt lies dying in a hospital and walks away to talk about it.

If I'm going to have a really bad day, so will you!

The Clone Saga:

A Spider-Man Mafia 3
has begun!


The Day 1 Deadline is set for 96 hours from now.
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Jun 26, 2020
Hello my friendly neighborhood spidermen let's get this show started cause I got better things to be doing...like saving yhe multiverse but first this!
Aug 22, 2019
Alrighty, let's do this. We've already got a spiderman running about in here, so that's just wonderful.
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