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    Digital or Physical?

    I usually don't care since Steam makes digital super easy on PC and SD cards are cheap for 3DS (though I stick to physical when I can). Where I DO care is on the PS Vita. I got one of these little annoyance machines a few months ago because I like Final Fantasy games and I through X-2 are on it...
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    A Link Between Worlds So Now That You Got Your Copy...thoughts, Suggestions, Ideas, Secrets...gameplay Time

    I was never huge on ALttP, but this was maybe one of my favorite games in the series. It brought back what was desperately needed: challenge. TP would hands down be my favorite game in the series if not for the main story's lack of difficulty. It was a little tough the first time through, but...
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    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Just got back from seeing Gravity. My friend and I saw it after I was saying it looked terrible but for some reason it got good reviews. Those reviews were very accurate. It's hard to say what this movie is about without giving away too much, but it's really unlike anything you've ever seen...
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Assassin's Creed II on Mac/PC (Steam allows you to play on both if you have both) and Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS. They both have a TON to do. I recently got into the Tomb Raider series. Also, Uncharted *ahem* "borrows" its gameplay from Tomb Raider, which has been around since the 90's...
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    Breath of the Wild What You Could Go Without in ZeldaU

    Anything that was in SS. So do away with the disgusting art style, the annoying characters, the spotty controls, the linear overworld, the item upgrade system, the action-RPG bits, just get rid of all of that.
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    Breath of the Wild What Items/characters Would You Like to See Return in Zelda Wii U?

    Dominion Rod. That did not get used enough. And the whip. Because seriously, it was like the best ST item and in SS you never use it after the dungeon you get it in.
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    Breath of the Wild What Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    I'm not too sure how many people have had the chance to play the new Tomb Raider yet, but it has these spectacular optional tombs which are large rooms you can find hidden in caves around the island that contain huge, multi-step puzzles to complete. These would fit right into Zelda's style and...
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    Breath of the Wild What Type of Art Style Would You Like To See In Zelda U?

    Please, please Nintendo, bring back the TP art style! I hate the SS graphics so much! The colors are pretty, but they seem too out of place and the parts that are supposed to be dark and gloomy don't have the effect other Zelda games were able to pull off. Even WW was gloomier than SS! Needless...
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I got the new Tomb Raider and have been playing that non-stop. Actually, there are some pieces that the Zelda developers should take note of. I particularly like the optional tombs in the game. Throughout the island, large rooms can be found containing a large, multi-step puzzle that requires...
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    Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks

    I created a thread similar to this a while back noticing connections. I actually had a theory that Spirit Tracks came before the NES LoZ and that the adult Link we see in TP is actually Byrne post ST. The idea of the NES connection is that the boss at the end of ST is Malladus in Cole's body. So...
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    Majora's Mask Which Place in Majora's Mask Was Special To You?

    Majora's Mask was an easy way to sum up my first experiences with videogames. While the first game I ever really played was Wave Race 64, my brother used to let me mess around on his MM file. I had connections with every place since I was like three! But my favorite place to go was the Zora's...
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I've got a Phantom Hourglass themed DS Lite set that came with things like styluses and chargers and stuff. But the coolest part is the PH tin lunchbox-style box that it all cam in. Other than that, nothing really. OoT 3DS case I guess would count. And an N64 OoT walkthrough book. One thing I...
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    Earliest Zelda Memory

    I remember my brothers, nine and ten years older than me, playing Majora's Mask when I was like three and I was afraid of the mask transformations as well as the music that played in West Clock Town at night (Kamaro's song). And to be honest, much older now, the Zora mask transformation still...
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    Majora's Mask Anyone else Really Hate Majora's Mask?

    Majora's Mask is tied with Spirit Tracks for my favorite game in the series, actually. Maybe even favorite game ever. But that doesn't make it perfect. This is a game for people who like sidequests more than actual dungeon crawling. Same with Spirit Tracks. So I get where you're coming from...
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    Most Overused Quotes Ever

    Half my friends have no idea where, "Don't forget to bring a towel!" comes from. A bunch of people think that South Park started it... But the best time I ever noticed this quote used was in Monster Hunter Tri when you first go to the swamp area.
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    What Does Everyone See in This Skyward Sword?

    1. I was referring to the characters as gay (Ghirahim) and annoying (Fi). 2. I like when games step out of their comfort zone. Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games of all time! But Nintendo made it clear that this was THE 25th anniversary game by having the CD and the 25th logo on the...
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    What Does Everyone See in This Skyward Sword?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the GOD AWFUL SAVE SYSTEM!!! It worked in MM, but that was a time travel game, this isn't!
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    What Does Everyone See in This Skyward Sword?

    When Nintendo first released that concept art right when ST was released, I was hooked on the idea of the gritty TP Link returning. I wanted to see another dark game that involves things like the fact that Link doesn't "seal away evil", he rolls up his sleeves and stabs it through the heart...
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    Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Fi or Ghirahim?

    Who cares? Fi is annoying, Ghirahim is too flamboyant for his own good, and SS SUCKED compared to other Zelda classics! Not to say it's bad, but it was too far from the formula. I liked MM and ST for straying, but this was supposed to be the big 25th anniversary game...
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    Twilight Princess Why Was Almost Everybody Dissapointed in Twilight Princess?

    Are you kidding me? I LOVED Twilight Princess! I thought it was a perfect example of how to take an old concept and put it in a modern game. Not to mention I can spend hours riding around on Epona while using a sword! That's just awesome. Not to mention I liked the art style. It was a dark game...
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    Future 3DS Zelda Titles

    Sorry for the confusion, but that wasn't directed at you. I just copied and pasted the original comment I made where everyone thought I had no idea what I was talking about.
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    Future 3DS Zelda Titles

    I wrote this in the comments of an article earlier this year: Seeing whereas everybody is teaming up on me, I'm going to explain why I'm against Moonfall: 1. The three-day system which I love makes the game so you can't play it for a couple minutes at a time, which doesn't work for a portable...
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    The Return of Magic in Zelda

    Twilight Princess did have a magic bar originally, but it was cut. Want proof? On the back of the case (I only know of it on the Wii version, but check Gamecube anyway) look at the picture of Link fighting the darknut in the Temple of Time. Now look beneath his hearts. There is a distinct green...
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    The Legend of Zelda What Zelda Game Was Your First?

    I always played around with my brothers' files on the N64 games, but the first I actually played was ALttP. Yet, somehow I'm on the OoT side of the heavily disputed ALttP V. OoT. And no, SS does not deserve to be part of the battle because while it is good, it's too far from the formula to be a...
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    Majora's Mask Hero's Shield?

    This is something that I've wondered about since I could hold a three-pronged controller, what happened to the Hylian shield when it crossed into Termina? It still has many of the same features, but what's up with the bird's wings? And why is the Triforce below the bird? Anybody have an idea?
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    Which Timeline Would You Like to See Continued?

    N64 Link saved Termina on his second quest, but what did he do then? No princess to save and no moon to destroy, did he find a THIRD alternate dimension or stay up in his tree?
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    Future 3DS Zelda Titles

    Just because the 3DS can handle overworld games like OoT, this doesn't mean it should. I think Nintendo should make a game like the other DS ones but a bit more fleshed out. Maybe even using lock-on targeting with the touch screen for SS-esque sword controls... However I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT...
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    Most Frustrating Moment?

    THAT EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME!!! This was alao the reason I got OoT3D. Then I realized I made the right decision getting the game when the N64 cartridge was lost alongside Starfox! I blame my brother. It probably wasn't him but he blames me for deleting his Majora's Mask file which I know I...
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    I Need Help Understanding the "Hero Defeated" Timeline.

    I don't think Link dies, he just went back in time to being a kid to create a time split. The "defeated hero" timeline is just what happened after all of Ganon's destruction without a Link.
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    Spoiler Relations Between ST and TP

    At the end of Spirit Tracks, Anjean says that Bryne will be reborn as a great hero. Might he be the Link in Twilight Princess? He reminded me of Link even before I beat the game and we have also seen a darker side of Link in TP as he actually kills Ganondorf and uses Midna's dark magic to...
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