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  • heya buddy.
    That tingle guy is stubborn as hell... heck... LCT and TBF as canon?he makes me laugh and pity him for being such a fool
    Hey could you give me a bit of help on MM, if not then thanks for accepting my friend request. I know there is walkthroughs and stuff but you've gave some really interesting comments on the forums so I thought you could help. Thanks!
    Not bad, not bad.
    I know it can be hard to stay active at a bunch of places. I'm staff at both ZU and ZI, and now I'm trying to post here, and it's kinda difficult to balance it all out :P
    You did pass me in the top posters list (again)! Congratz :) You will stay "above" me permanently from now and on I guess (I don´t post that much anymore myself). But I don´t mind, you have some interesting thoughts and reflections that you "put" in your posts. Have a nice day :wave:
    people tend to ignore what's in front of their noses, that's what,.

    I can't believe someone made a thread about the postman of TP... stupid new members and their spammy, post whoring threads
    why do people keep dismissing the fact that the SPLIT IS REAL?
    Have you enjoyed our arguings in those two awesome sections?
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