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  • Awesome =D, If you'd like I could battle you some time :D....you could even join our new Pokemon league if you felt like it :)

    Thats random though...it just let it on for no reason? :hmm:
    Um...you didn't reply to one of my PMs...

    You haven't been kicked out yet, so, maybe you are not going to be kicked out, wich I hope.
    SoJ is a dumbass
    And you will have my backup, cause we have very similar theories, and I am sure we both know a loooooooooooooot about the subject xD
    You know what that means?
    That our arguments are really solid and good.
    I like "working" with you on that subject:)
    I must admit, when you first appeared here, I didn't like you, but now you are my favorite theorist
    the game u said u created in ur sleep... sounds awesome and sounds liek some1 wuld make it!!! if it gets made... congrats ^__^
    Happy Birthday Zemmy! ^^

    I know we don't talk terribly often, but we've still spoken, so I get to wish you happy birthday, right? :P
    Well, I guess I'm gonna have to pull myself away from our blood-spilling timeline debates long enough to say, Happy Birthday.. Have a good one, what's left of it anyway (I was kinda late gettin here).
    Happy Birthday! Have a good 20th birthday! *bellum quickly sings happy birthday to get rid of the nasty 50 character limit*
    Happy birthday, awesome-signatured one. May your day be full of the epicness that is August 13th. ;)
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