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  • Just a random question, but do you happen to have a youtube channel/account Basement?
    Because I belive I may have found you if you do. :P
    Yay! xD Good :) I just made it sound like I meant it, not because their idiots, but are inexperienced gamers. Although I think I was pretty experienced by the time I was 4, just didn't understand anything outside of Pokemon.
    Hey Basement, thanks for the constructive critiscm of my article. :) I have changed it around to try and get rid of the points you made.

    However, since you were the only one to comment on the fact that I may have targetted a younger audience to much, I'd like to ask if you wouldn't mind reading through the article again to see if you can find any parts that you think should be changed. :) Thanks, Durion.
    theres a bazooka glitch in LA. its good 4 killin the bunny things
    Yes! Exactly how I felt about it! Especially when it came to King Bulblin and what he said after you defeated him.

    Yeah. I was pretty disappointed in it for a final dungeon. I can get it being small... that didn't bug me... it was how it wasn't all that challenging, or as you put it, a final gauntlet...

    It's another of the qualities of Twilight Princess that make me not like it quite so much. Seems like the game was rushed and they threw things in without having enough time to properly polish them. Especially towards the end with Hyrule Castle and Ganondorf (whom I'm pretty convinced was not originally supposed to be in the game and was thrown in at the end).
    Yeah. It looked like a really nice and challenging group too. :(

    Yes, that was one aspect of the game that felt like it needed more. Seemed like they intended to put more in but didn't, don't you think?
    (Posting in your profile about the bazooka in Twilight Princess so I don't bring the Submarine thread off topic. ;) )

    Ahh, right, I forgot about that. It was an interesting, and pretty cool moment.

    But I must confess, it disappointed me in a way because I was really pumped about fighting that enemy group. It looked tough! :xd:
    congrats basement !!! IMTOLAZYALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No problem. And your very active ;) So again, it seemed fitting. Also good weekend (Finally the weekend....)
    I understood right from the beginning that you were bound for greatness my friend :) I´m glad it´s been obvious to others as well. you´re bright and diplomatic, friendly and knowledgeable etc.

    I´m honored to be one of your friends here at the dungeon and I wish you a great weekend!
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