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  • I have seen your timeline, and apart from the fact that I placed FS after MC and not before FSA, it is the same. I really like it, and seems really coherent to me, but some people fail to see so...
    That SoJ is obnoxious
    Your point? There's more than one Link.
    Swiftblade the First could very well be the Hero.
    How is "he's a king" not a backstory?
    What do we have on swiftblade? He carries a sword...that's about it.
    And only one swiftblade knows the secret sword attack that only a true Hero can learn...so...
    Well I'd be glad to listen to others. That's just the only one you presented, and it had no merit, as there are other ghosts who help you and are not mentioned in any other game. Like Swiftblade and the friendly ghost in the graveyard.
    We, you hate me :)
    I knew you'd get around to it <3

    Still waiting for anything other than "he's ghost" btw.
    Nice signature, the Zelda game picture kind of looks like an awesome game. (although it never got released because it was a demo, I think..)
    I also have that feeling... I almost fell of my chair when I saw the thread called "My footnotes" or something like that, in wich the guy just said barbarities and completely ignored the creator's quotes and stuff like that
    The guy's obnoxious, if he was in front of me, he would have been slapped so many times!bah
    It is, I'm a bit sleepy, cause I was awake until 5 am playing Metal Gear Solid 2, but, apart from that everything's fine:P
    and there?

    EDIT: Help me out in the New Trident Theory Thread before I start cursing at that damn Tingle guy
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