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  • Thank you I´m fine :) and i´m glad you seem to feel ok.

    Unfortunately I´m still not lucky enough to live by the mediterranean sea, but that day will surely come!
    !Que buena cosa es vivir en Portugal! !Viva José Mourinho!

    Hello my friend. What´s up? been a long time, hope you´re fine!
    Hey, buddy. I haven't been on much so we haven't gotten to get into too many fun debates. Over the summer I was too busy with work to be on here anymore and eventually they took my Hylian Knight and Moderator status' off because I wasn't active enough so now I'm back to being one of the regular fish, I guess. I haven't really seen many threads worth my time to read or comment on since it all seems to be the same ol', same ol'. Hopefully things get kickin' around here when SS comes out.
    Hiya, Skull_Kid! Happy birthday. I hope you get everything you want today!
    Hey Skull_Kid happy birthday! Hope it's a good one and remember to give an Octorok a cookie :eek:ctorok:
    Hi Skull_Kid!!
    How did you fill your "My Stuff" section?!
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