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  1. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Tunic Expansion

    Hey, Chaos here, with a question that allows you to reach into your gears of imagination you have collecting dust in your head. My question for the time is: if you could create some sort of NEW tunic with a NEW ability to bring to the table, what would it be? So, for examples, the Goron...
  2. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Not Sure if I'd Be Allowed to Play DarkSiders

    The game itself only concentrates on one type of maturity level: blood and gore. and while it's not really gory, its more of a bloody thing, with buckets of blood everywhere. There isn't a single sexual aspect of the game, nothing exploitative, and only one or two words of swearing used in the...
  3. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Should I Buy Darksiders?

    I think you should buy it. You definitely want to replay a game like this, with lots of things to collect and areas to explore you would want to play this game several times.
  4. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Replay Apocalypse Too Easy?

    After beating the game and unlocking Apocalypse mode, did any of you find that it was really easy? I am not sure if it was a bug or glitch, but I have the trophy to confirm it. I beat the game entirely on Apocalypse and I found it to be easy, if not easier, than the main quest. Have any of you...
  5. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Stuck on Tiamat

    I will be honest, that boss is a little difficult at first, but mainly because of the controls. Try practicing picking up and aiming bombs before this boss fight. My biggest problem with it was grabbing and aiming. Once Tiamat is on the ground level, feel free to just go crazy with your sword...
  6. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Spoiler What Did War Do?

    This cutscene is to basically show the HD way of how war gets the 'Chaos Form' In reality he just punched the watcher in the head to demonstrate his power, even though it's assumed since the watch is bound by him, he isn't easily killed.
  7. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 pretty awesome! links are cool and the pic is very soothing.
  8. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    Wish granted, but the dolphin is a freeloader and takes money out of your wallet for drugs and to pay child support. I wish for world peace.
  9. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Should I Rent This Game First?

    Definitely buy this game. you will spend hours playing it and replaying it. and since it's so cheap it's not going to hurt your wallet at all! besides, its a good game to pick up every now and again!
  10. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Rare Selda's Soundtracks

    this is totally cool. just love meh some game music!
  11. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Graphic Requests

    Some Image Requests Hey zelda dungeon, its been a while since you last heard from me, eh? Listen I have a HUGE request for someone with ample time on their hands: I need someone to make me a dead space 2 themed background for my youtube acount, and I need someone to also make and outro/intro...
  12. Scythe-of-Chaos

    If You Could Cosplay...

    my lack of monehz causes my BURNING PASSION OF COSPLAYING to be supressed. SOOOOOO IF I could cosplay as anything I would love to be byrne or metapwn from the fan-fic I half made/making. that'd be totally sweet
  13. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Skyward Sword Instrument!

    they should give link a pipe organ he just summons into existence any time he feels like. or a theramin, that would rule. The teramin of lightning! the pipe organ of.... pipeorganyness
  14. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but it melts your brain because it is soooooo intense I wish for sleep
  15. Scythe-of-Chaos

    Corrupt a wish!

    You get true happiness through corruption, robbery and murder. So you go strait to jail! yay! I wish for flying trains
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