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  • I saw it. I was going to reply to you but I forgot :cooky: lol, and you're TOTALLY fine. Life happens, no worry. I've taken random hiatuses before so it's all good, not worries c:
    No. In fact, ZD brown is a hindrance to my intent there. I had some text in white, to be hidden because it's me being all nazi, and that's my way of saying that it's there because in ZD Brown, it's easily visible. I myself do not use the brown.
    Well I was finishing the hand art for my comic, and now I'm going to scan them in and finish the computer coloring. :nod: Oh, and we have our new Pope! Pope Francis! I don't know if you care or not, but it's very exciting for me. ^^
    Yeah I have several that I can trade you for Celebi. Which Legendary are you looking for? And well, about the trading, just make sure you figure the settings so we can trade, and we can trade whenever you are ready. :)
    Anytime you want, Bluee, I am available now, so if you'll give me your FC perhaps we can trade now. My FC is in my siggy, so you can add me anytime. Use the HG one. And no, I am not really looking for any specific pokemon, but if you allow me to register Celebi in my Pokedex I can give it back to you. Btw, no I don't want the Eevee back, you can keep it.
    Hey Bluee. I saw your post in the trading center. I have what you got, I recently bred some Eevees, so I can give you one. I also have a Scyther I can give away. Let me know if you wanna trade, I can trade anytime.
    That's fine. I started her off already but you can get to her and find her or catch up to her or something.

    I've been good. Finally getting a shot at a girl ;)
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