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Master Kokiri 9
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  • Thank you for quoting the blatant truthfulness of my post in your signature, hidden as it may be. I'm glad that I'm not the only person to feel that way.
    Hey you! I've seen you around before, but I don't suppose we've ever been formally introduced. Or casually introduced, for that matter. :P

    So.... Yo! :rolleyes:
    Haha, cool. Yeah, I want Pokemon black or white, but I can't afford it atm :( Nuuuuu. I have a kitteh on my lap. Makes it hard to type. :xd:
    No, we haven't! Oh and I don't actually play FF, Justin was trying to annoy me, but I remember my cousin had difficulties with the same thing and I wrote it down then. I've not been up to much, week off school so mainly relaxing on OoT and OoA. You?
    The answer to your question.
    Suggested Rages for Gau to learn at the Veldt.

    Anguiform (uses Aqua Rake and absorbs Water)
    Aspik (has Auto-Float and uses Giga Volt, which is a very powerful lightning-Elemental attack. It's stronger than any Level 2 spell)
    Primordite (uses Numblade , which causes Stop, similar to the Areneid , but has different elemental and status properties)
    Gabbldegak (casts Vanish)
    Harvester (has Auto-Float, auto-Haste, and casts Haste)
    HadesGigas (uses Magnitude8 )
    SlamDancer (casts Ice 2, similar to the Dark Side, but has different elemental and status properties)
    Oh-Hoy there Master Kokiri 9!

    I've heard about these so called "Mafia games" for a quite while now, and when I saw your signature I had to ask. What is a Mafia game?! Is it something worth trying?!
    That's cool! As for mysefl, I've re-started college two weeks ago. It's going pretty well so far, even though we haven't done much at this time. I also have a book to read, I'm planning on starting reading it soon.

    Also, I've been playing Super Paper Mario recently. I beat it yesterday, but now there are still some things I want to finish like the Treasure Maps, the chapter 6 and other things.

    Other than that, there isn't anything really interesting. I'm looking forward to watch the Superbowl next Sunday, since the Black Eyed Peas are doing the halftime-show.
    Hello masterkorkiri friend, are you waiting for paper mario 3DS?. I just hope the game will be packed with a whole new twist to the story :cool: nintendo 3DS+ Zelda (ocarina of time :yes:) and/Paper mario game=EPIC!!!
    The fact is that everyone there thinks that I have enough time to juggle school, what's meant to be around 3 or 4 hours of revision a night and on certain days, 3 hours for shooting alongside the fact that the rules are very different there so I don't know what is going on most of the time, isn't a reason that I can't scum hunt. So really, unless people like Ghiaccio learn that education is quite important, then I do not wish to play a game where I get lynched for not being very active due to my actual life, because I'd be lynched every time. Maybe if this was a second of third time of playing with him, I wouldn't have left, but it's a first impression that I probably won't change because I'm like that. Sorry that I'm not really giving the site a chance.
    It's not your fault, but that guys too much of an *** for me to handle. The other guys seem pretty cool but he certainly knows how to get under my skin. Fair enough, I don't want to make your game have a disadvantage for the townies. I might re-visit some time in the future, but I'm not sure. Thanks anyway.
    Dude, sorry to say, I'm not really enjoying vanillatownies. The style of play isn't really relaxed and too fast, which doesn't really suit me. Apparently some guy thinks that writing and coaching is on par with being out of my house for 7 and a half hours in the morning and several hours of revision at night amongst various activities such as shooting which takes up the majority of time. Made me laugh when I saw they were 29, thought they would be slightly more grown up about it. I'd like to be modkilled please, because I really can't be ****ed with talking to that guy.

    Thanks for inviting me, it was a nice gesture, and it's really nothing to do with anything how you're running things, mainly things that can't be helped.
    Awesome! The second half is just as good...and I love one of the later dungeons and bosses, so I look forward to when you get to that part. Anyway, since I just finished it I'm in a chatty mood about the game - my ears are always available if you'd like to talk. :D

    I, too, am enjoying the holidays. It's been awhile since I've had a decent vacation and now that I'm off I half don't know what to do with myself. But it's been nice to get other things besides work done and still feel like I can relax.
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