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  • When's part 5 going up? Hope you enjoy the video. The first Smash video I'm working on should be up tomorrow...in theory!
    I think you mentioned in your first video that you're a Smash Bros fan so thought I'd mention the Smash Bros Month we're doing on the other channel I'm part of. There will be a video for each game and possibly some extra videos after. The video for the first game is here: Smash Month: "Super Smash Bros" - YouTube
    I wasn't part of this one as I haven't played it but I am involved in the videos for Melee and Brawl. Also got some Smash Bros videos for my channel in the works :)
    Watched all the parts, great videos. The recorder you're using is much better. There is the small water mark in the bottom left corner but I actually stopped noticing it pretty quickly. Looking froward to part 5, when will it be up?
    Sorry I haven't been able to check out the videos yet, been trying to work on 4 videos at the same time! 1 is now finished and the script for another one is coming along nicely whereas the others aren't quite as urgent so I'll be checking them out tomorrow afternoon :D
    Howdy, sorry it's taken me so long to reply, not been on here for ages so only just seen the message. I saw on Youtube the next parts are up but not been able to watch them yet. Should be able to get round to it soon :)
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