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  • 'Hoy MK9! I received the PM, let's just see so I got it right. You want me to make a new post in your thread and simply make a few minor changes, to make my character a little less Japanese. Is that correct? :?
    yeah i can't wait, i love LPs. Also im looking forward to reading your story since you're putting alot of work into it. When you get finished with it, tell me and i read it and tell you what i think.:)
    That sounds fun, i cannot wait to see your LPs which games are you doing? Im not much into fan fics i find them rather boring and stretched to the point where they no longer make any sense, Im not saying all fan fics are that way im just saying the ones i have read.

    I'm doing good i guess, im trying to make more friends on ZD to make up for the fact that i barely have a life. Im helping DARK MASTER with Minish Cap for his retrospective and ive been talking to good buddies of mine. Also I'm Replaying Wind Waker for the millionth time but this time im 100%ing it(the first time i ever attempted to do it). Also ive been wanting some people help Dark Master with the oracle games for his retrospective, but i havent been looking. The main problem i have on the Oracle games is those damn rings, man they're a pain. Anyway enjoy your summer while you can and have fun.
    Toilet, how have you been, it seem i don't see you around the forums as much anymore. Is ZD getting boring for you or do you have a life now?
    I can't wait to watch a LP done by you! What's your youtube username called?
    Wahts Up! I added you as a 3ds friend so could you add me? Anyways, Wahts up?
    hey I tried registering your 3DS FC, but it says friend code invalid. did you enter it right???
    There are three slots but it still only lets you pick one Pokemon if you're offering 3. Kind of stupid, really.
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