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    First Game Console

    Mine first console was the Nintendo 64, although my brothers had a Sega Genesis either before I was born or when I was really young (As in like 1 or 2). I have no idea when me and my older brothers received it, but the first game I remember playing was Ocarina of Time. The first console I owned...
  2. Link8150

    Your Personal Most Anticipated Game

    Super Smash Bros Brawl, Arkham City, Skyward Sword, and Mass Effect 3. The day before SS and ME3 came out was literally painful. Right now I am really excited for Assassin's Creed 3, Sticker Star, Dark Moon, Pikmin 3, and even though it's already out Dream Drop Distance.
  3. Link8150

    Do You Talk About and Make Fun of People Behind Their Backs?

    I do quite a bit, although I also end up being the person who just listens to people talking behind other people's backs quite a bit as well. And I'm pretty sure everyone talks about people when they aren't around at some point or another, whether it be about horrible referees from sports...
  4. Link8150

    Who Do You Play As in Mario Spin-offs?

    I play as Luigi, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, or Dry Bones in pretty much all Mario spin-offs. If you count Super Smash Bros as a Mario spin-off then I play as Wolf, Ice Climbers, and Link
  5. Link8150

    Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

    I tend to enjoy the more plot driven movies, the same goes for shows, video games, and books. I'm not sure if The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are comparable, as The Avengers is a lighter movie focused on comedy and action with some plot, as opposed to The Dark Knight Rises, which is...
  6. Link8150

    Most Epic and Quotable Games

    For quotable you have games like Zero Wing where the awful mistranslations have made for infamous quotes like, "All your base are belong to us" or, "Somebody set us up the bomb." Then you have games like The Legend of Zelda which have many famous quotes, in Zelda's case, "It's dangerous to go...
  7. Link8150

    Have You Heard of a Little Game Called SLENDER?

    I haven't played it, but I have seen a few youtubers play it, and it confuses me. He's just a guy in black with a white head and no face, and when he catches you all that happens the screen fuzzes up and there's static, then you see Slenderman's faceless head. I could see why it would be scary...
  8. Link8150

    Gamecube Games on the Wii U Virtual Console

    Super Mario Sunshine The Wind Waker Double Dash Metroid Prime Luigi's Mansion Super Smash Bros Melee
  9. Link8150

    DC or Marvel?

    Marvel wins over all, although Batman is my favorite super hero.
  10. Link8150

    What is the Saddest Movie Moment You Can Think Of?

    I am going to have to explain the movie for this to make sense, although Ip Man is a great movie so if you want to see it DO NOT read further. So Ip Man takes place before and during the Japanese occupation of China. Before the occupation a young man named Yuan loses his kite. When Yuan tells...
  11. Link8150

    Supa Random Quick Quiz #42

    Well I am pretty short, so I would hide, drink all the soda, break the can in half, flatten both halves out but keep the sharp edges, then repeatedly stab the zombies from where I am hiding. I would say about 42.
  12. Link8150

    If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

    Fighting or fire or both. I love fire, and I have just always loved the fighting type Pokemon. If I was a gym leader with 6 Pokemon my lineup would be Primeape - Hitmonchan - Arcanine - Blaziken - Charizard - Infernape.
  13. Link8150

    Best Spin-off Series?

    I might like Mystery Dungeon just as much as the main series. The story in Red/Blue Rescue Team was pretty good and the gameplay was interesting, and the story in Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky was awesome and the gameplay was just as good, although I wish they kept the Friend Areas.
  14. Link8150

    Favorite Game of All Time?

    Majora's Mask is my favorite video game of all time. Other games that are very close are Mass Effect 2, Morrowind, Oblivion, Time Splitters: Future Perfect, Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 and Metroid Zero Mission.
  15. Link8150

    Would You Like to See Another Donkey Kong Country Game for Wii U?

    They better make a DKC on the Wii U, and they also better bring back Funky, Candy, and Dixie Kong, and King K Rool better come back with the Kremlings.
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