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    Do You Think Nintendo Intentionally Does This?

    You have talking to every intelligent being in the universe? On top of that they ALL agree that nobody likes the companions? I'm kidding, but I had make fun of that statement's over exaggeration.:):):):)
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    Nintendo Does Something New for Once.

    Its just a spin off like rumble blast. I call this Final Zeldemon I
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    Making Contests Better

    I was playing my pokemon ruby game one day and realized that they should make the contests like they are in the show. It would go like this: first round: Audience thing(don't know what it is called when the hearts appear above their heads). Second: Show off(you could make combinations of your...
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    If You Could Create a Pokemon?

    I would make an evo of Miltank and call it Daitank. It would have higher defense than miltank and hp. it would be slower and be fatter. It would have a special move that would heal itself and hurt the opponent. It would be called SPOILED MILK. Ability would be Milk Maker- it would heal 1/16...
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    Shiny Pokemon

    I once had 2 true shinies in one pokemon crystal file before the second half of the game. One from the free egg it was a shiny Jynx that I used. The other was a shiny Graveler that I found and caught in victory road trying to train up my persian to level 50. Oh and on my pokemon emerald that...
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    Majora's Mask 3D Ideas

    Oh, I didn't know it failed. Then I will try and delete this if I can.
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    Majora's Mask 3D Ideas

    NEVER MIND I DIDN'T REALIZE THIS HAS FAILED SO UNTIL I CAN GET THIS CLOSED PLEASE DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Here are some of mine: >The transformation masks should have their own buttons.(except the fierce deity) >Saving should be...
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    General Art Xinn's Digital Gallery

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    Majora's Mask The Octo Shooting Gallery

    Okay, I was going to try and write down where each was on a notebook or something and then have it numbered. The problem is my aiming as well. I have the gamecube controller but the aiming is still emulated as if it was an N64 game it seems. I wish they would make a 3ds re-make or even just a...
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    Majora's Mask The Octo Shooting Gallery

    I can not get the heart piece no matter how many times I try. I do not know how to beat it! Please help...
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    Fi and Ghirahim Theory

    That is completely baseless though. There is no evidence for your theory. Theories are based off of solid evidence.
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    Another Atempt at a Zelda Game Idea

    I agree with heriod77777 that is just plain sick.... Gerudo Hylian mix breed.. ew.
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    Make Your Own Dungeon

    Name: Belfry of Shadow Enemies: Keese, Fire/Ice Keese, Shalocks( a new enemy that are basically shadow keese). Description: It would be a big tower that would be spiraled up, until you reach the top. Mini-Boss: Gomess. Item: After beating the mini boss you get the bow and arrows. Now you can go...
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    Who is the Goddess of Time In Majora's Mask

    First of all, I would like to apologize if there was already a thread on here addressing this issue I apologize for re-posting it. I personally believe that Nayru(the goddess of wisdom) is the goddess of time. I believe this for these reasons: 1) Nayru is associated with the color blue and...
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    Zelda Restaurant

    Put it on this post when you are done with it! You should make it all cool looking too with pictures of the food!
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