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Chilfo Freeze
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  • Hey Chilfro :) XD

    Not much... stressed out a bit, I got into a new school last week and well... I kind of went from into the frying pan into the fire... But the school was good and most of the people are pretty nice... I guess. Typical from any school, right? Maannn...
    They're called BrokeNCYDE. I posted a song on your page a little while ago

    Yeah, it's kinda annoying, but a new guy entered and I found a way to get things mixed up :P Just wait
    Love that one too! Quite good!

    I understand. RP's are slow now though, but it's okay.

    Anyway, figured you like the fact that I'm getting more into rap!
    Psh! OLD! :P

    :lol: Nah, I like AAR. I remember when they'd play that song on the radio all the time. :P

    How's college been? You've been on less and less (completely understandable of course) so I was wondering.
    I'm fine, thanks. It's been a while due to not having internet access on my computer (I'm not going to elaborate), but I'm back now. It's weird having been gone for such a relatively short time, and yet it feels like forever.
    Oh thanks! I tried to detail so it wouldn't be so freaking confusing DX

    ....You should leave me a comment on mah boards...
    It's kind of long with lots a dialog... the dialog :ppp

    Anyways, I'm just sitting around, waiting for people to RP with... because I'm bored :p

    Oh, it's under 'Share my Writing Work' it is the newest thread 'the Antis'
    Not much... I wrote a story about Vince...


    And I'm just sitting on that forum... alone...

    Oh, you may want to log into your account, it won't let me link it to you without it :p
    It's interesting cause I go to large cities and then wonder why it isn't as big as where I'm from. Then I realize that it's because the Tampa/St.Pete area is an extended city :lol:

    It's actually starting to cool a bit. We're down to the very low 90's for highs now. We were previously in the upper 90's.
    I though you'd like it... It took two hours and a sore back for it so... XD

    You're welcome. I just gif spammed XD
    :lol: I dunno, I guess it's just cause I live in Tampa. The Tampa/St.Pete area is way larger than most people think. It stretches about 2.5 counties, believe it or not, and is quite diverse. So that's probably why I find these things.

    I love Dig Dug. I was amazing at it when I was younger, but I haven't played in a while.
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