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  • Yo, I am indeed still around. What's up? How are things going?
    A Link In Time
    A Link In Time
    Giving you one more reply before I head off for the night. I'd like to add you on Discord if you've got one. I think it's just easier to talk on Discord compared to here. Just give me some time to type my response to you here. You just said a lot.
    Feel free to add me and take your time to respond. I will be heading to bed soon as well, as i've got work in the morning. I'm glad we've been able to catch up and I look forward to catching up more
    A Link In Time
    A Link In Time
    I'll admit straight up that I hail from a more conservative background, so it usually takes me a little longer than most people to come around to accepting the likes of transgenderism. I guess for me the hard part was understanding the difference between gender and biological sex. Maybe I'm dense. But someone close to me gave me a good explanation recently and transgender people also feeling psychological trauma in addition to being uncomfortable with their bodies. So it seems like a combination of that for you. And I was mostly speaking about the change people I knew went through because I don't hear much about the reverse. Didn't mean to offend. I guess I'm just used to hearing more about men being uncomfortable with their penises and body hair and wanting to transition to female, so I was curious about the opposite.

    History is something that it's hard to find a job outside of teaching, yeah. I would not recommend it. I have a friend who did a degree in social work and is finding it hard to get a job. But it might be different in your area. That would certainly appeal to your wanting to understand the way the human mind works. Psychology is another potential avenue but would not recommend it with how oversaturated the market is.

    Oh, you need to do the Divine Beasts. They are all rather short but very different from your standard Zelda dungeon. No spoilers but you would love how they work.

    Yeah, I rarely hear people talking about that remake nowadays but hopefully it shifts back into the public consciousness at E3. It looks cute. Has a bit of a clay mation feel to it. I only played through that game once so it will also feel pretty fresh to me.
    Happy Birthday! I miss seeing you around!
    Hey dude, dunno if you are still hanging out here or will see this. I got on a Zelda nostalgia kick and decided to check out what's been going on with ZD since I have been gone. I think I may hangout here again since it seems a lot of the people I used to talk to are still here, shockingly. But hey man thanks for wishing my 18 year old self a happy birthday lol.
    Pretty good. Almost got sunburned, walked down a street full of cool stuff, bought some cool stuff. Goin' out to dinner in a little while.
    "Okay! Ummm... that way iiisss..." Meli gestured randomly for a minute, then started off. "North!"

    Kirinen almost put a hand on her head. Almost.

    Keriki followed Meli, skilling randomly. (('cuz Keriki))

    ((Aw, thanks. I guess I can tryyy to explain... or we can start bouncing our wacko ideas off each other like a giant ball of crazy. I like that better. You start, I'm uploading this.
    ...well then. Speaking of which... naw, not spoiling Era more.
    so... trippy... I'm falling... wutself
    True. I'm working on revising Keriki's past, but she's like Max. I love her, I just disregard her a lot... a LOT.
    Kirinen's backstory even explains why she looks like she does. She used to ahve blonde hair! Platinum blonde, I'm not joking. Woot for original character looks merging with canon!
    I still hate his face... mleh))
    "Yes it was! It's not like you can read minds." It actually was her second guess, but oh well.

    Kirinen nodded quietly. There was really nothing that could be done, but she'd survive it for now. "If you two are quite done with directional error," she called to Shannon and Meli.

    ((Mother of Gohma, I love your series. It's so awesome... and I'm not fangirling at all... ;D
    And do so. I'm trying to get a friend of mien to join ZD so you can meet her.
    ...so trippy.
    Wait, Kirinen is doing what Lance does... pretending to be okay on her own. So wrong but so right. ))
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