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Chilfo Freeze
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  • I like it. Nice sound to the songs. A bit more emotional and slow, so not quite what I've been into recently, but still good.

    I've been digging a lot of synth/dubstep mixed with metal recently. Found some good bands thought those 3 I showed you cause their primary style is Metalcore mixed with Trance.
    You should have seen a close friend of mine's comment about it: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Scars's Revenge"

    Never lol'd so hard. XD But still, I do really like that piece. I hope that I can make a piece like that for all my characters :3
    She hasn't finished them yet, but as you can tell.... I'm excited :3

    I was shocked at how well that one came out, honest. XD

    Oh! I found my Scars sketch!
    Blurry pic is blurry, but it still looks good!
    That works for me!!! :D

    I should make another... hmmm. I guess I poke you and Monolith for ideas.

    Sorta off topic, but Mono is gonna draw 4 photos of Vince. That's right. FOUR. Since... I have never had a SUCCESSFUL Vince attempt... all... 6 of my attempts are just... *cries*
    On a lighter note, here are some of my more recent drawings. Canon Series by SilverFire101 on deviantART
    I still need to upload more... whoops. I posted a pic of my Scars drawing... somewhere.
    Lol, Mono figured it out. But he is
    You think I should make another Last Survivors? I think it could be cool... maybe.
    I wish I had nap time. Then again, that's what Physics is for :P I get A's in it anyway.

    I'm hoping to get to University of Denver if I can. It's expensive as hell but has exactly what I want.

    Also, I think I found something you'll like, though I'm not completely sure.
    God my life has been in and out of the **** hole lately. Between robotics coming into full swing, school work amping up, getting rejected, making music, personal time, and bouts of depression, I've been both good and bad.

    Oh and now I'm hunting for colleges that don't have pocket draining tuition as well as scholarships that will help me out.
    In Dreamer's thus far: All the characters met up in drop point (city) and headed to the drop point itself after some random events happened. When they got there at exactly 7 P.M the drop happened. And who came out was my character LANCE with a SERIOUSLY butchered personality! Anyways, considered the fact he looks like the spitting image of the dreamer the people of drop point attempted to kill him, but Shannon stopped them and ran away with Lance, the rest of the RPers characters followed. Once they were safely away from the baddies of drop point, the realized Lance had no idea about Ecnal or the Dreamer. So, Shannon gave them a way to find his memories. Through glowing orbs found in each of the temples of the realms of Ecnal. So, they venture on and find the drop point temple. Lance then gets possessed by a force that acts like the dreamer. After some other random events happen, Lance touches the orb. They then make their way out of the drop point temple and decide to head to weapons point. Then they reached weapons point and found some weapons. They are currently training with their new weapons.

    That is the gist of what happened, don't worry. This RP isn't even 1/4 over yet. This RP is my best one yet >:D. It'll be even better with you here! :D

    Anyways, long message is long... but you are reusing Sean from the original BB right? In my new back story of Scars I made it so he claims Sean is dead... I also made it so long before she died Scars and Sean fell in love and Scars told her his real identity... I was going to keep to this back story because I didn't think you were coming back... oops. So... do we keep that back story and tweek it a little or do we make a different story? And btw, I'm co-admin of the BB2.0 RP, so by my rule. Jump on in! All that happened was the characters met up and they had a conflict with Will (gov guy). yeaaaah.

    YES. YES. I WOULD FOREVER LOVE YOU IF YOU JOINED DREAMERS. Jump in! There isn't much happening right now anyhow!

    Btw, there is a BB part 2. :D
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