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    What Does Everyone See in This Skyward Sword?

    Obvious spoilers in here, not going through the hassle of hiding every single one separately, so be warned. Gameplay and controls: I think they did a good job with the motion controls overall. Never had any of the problems other people complained, only when I hectically flailed the Wiimote...
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    What's Your Earliest Memory?

    For me it was in late 1988 or early 89 (1 1/2 years old). I can remember standing under the huge door frame to my room and my mom praised me for staying clean that day :D
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    Spoiler Evidence of a Skyward Sword Prequel??

    I really hope there won't be yet another prequel because it's already ridiculous now, no need to make it even more ridiculous. I mean, with SS we have a prequel of a prequel (TMC) of a prequel (OoT) of a prequel (aLttP) of the original game (LoZ), and I'm only talking about games that were...
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    Your Opinion on Youtube's New Channel Design

    Oh, are they changing it again? Honestly I found the design that they had around 2008 the best. I generally don't like the web trend in the last couple years that everything has to look more streamlined, simplified, Java-scripted and so on (I like to call it "Apple-isation"). Things weren't...
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    Your Lightning Round First Battle

    Honestly I didn't even care much about the boss rush until I was in hero Mode. There, I usually pick Demise first because it's always a really fun battle!
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    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    I didn't have any sky-high expectations to start with. TBH as soon as I saw the E3 2010 demo I thought "Great, another Zelda game aimed at 10-year-olds" but yet the game turned out pretty well and didn't disappoint! Sure, there were some things that could've been handled a bit better (Fi's...
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    How Long?

    ~35 hours on my first run, getting around 75% of the sidequests/heart pieces/gratitude crystals done. That first run was started on a Monday and finished Saturday in the same week. On Hero Mode I beat it in around 30 hours, missing just 2 heart pieces (one from that cart game IIRC).
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    6 Heart Run

    So far I've played through regular mode and Hero mode of the game, but without limitations. Now I've just started my third run (on regular mode) as a minimalist run. This means no heart containers, no shields, no potions, only one bottle because you need it and no upgrades. I'm at the start of...
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    What Was Your First Video Game?

    I have some vague memories of playing Pong when I was 3-4 or so, it was on a sort of console that got hooked up to the TV but I don't remember which one it was or even how it looked like. But this was my parent's, the first one I really owned was Tetris for the original Gameboy, got it for...
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    Favorite Mario Platformer

    Yoshi's Island. Got it shortly after release in 1995 and it was sooo addicting! Brilliant graphics and level design and quite challenging to 100% which gave it a lot of replay value. And an amazing soundtrack as well, definitely one of Kondo's best scores.
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    Who else Agrees That Shooters Suck?

    I don't say that they suck either, they're rather "meh" for me. The only shooter I sometimes play is good old Counter Strike with some friends over LAN (in one room), which is a lot of fun, especially when there are many people on a small map! Lots of laughing, screaming, raging and swearing...
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    Next Console Gen.

    I'll only get myself the WiiU if any, because Nintendo has the only exclusives I care for, plus the WiiU will most likely have better third party support than the Wii had. Another thing is pricing: How I know all these companies, the WiiU will propably go for ~€300, which is still affordable...
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    Opinions on Voice Acting

    Oh, the never-ending argument ;) I don't remember having stated my opinion in a dedicated thread like this one, but here it goes: I'm 100% for voice acting for other characters and I'm fine either way if Link stays mute or has a voice. Most of the arguments against voice acting for other...
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    Hardest Mario Kart

    I'll have to go with SMK too, but then again I've only played that, SMK64 and some of DD. Still I thought that the Donut Plains(?) level from the Special Cup in 150 was a nightmare! But then again I probably suck at the game. I never got under 1 minute in the very first course (150) but a friend...
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    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    10. Why is a banana yellow? (30clm)
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