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  • AoL with 0 deaths impossible it way to difficult. If you had Action Reply you could do it I know becuase I wondered what the Have Hero's Sword code would do if you already had the MS and if you save it change the MS back to the HS.
    It's my 1st 3 Heart Run on WW I don't use those Limitations until I know I can even handle a 3-heart on a game. How do you keep the Hero's Sword in WW.

    But I've done 3 Heart Run on OoT and MM with those Limitations.

    I started a Thread with the name Limitations you should check it out.
    I've started a few days ago doing a 3 Heart run on WW like you mentioned in your post and I'm currently at the Forbidden Woods.
    Oh, cool. I wasn't up there, sadly. I'm hoping to get back to Germany/Europe in a few years, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to see more of the country. But just think, you could be in a village with only ~300 people. :P
    Yeah. It will be my summer holidays. I don't mind havine a long break, but I think this is too much, really. 6 weeks seems much better. And we don't have anything to do over our breaks.

    For University here, we have 3 semesters a year, (Fall: September-December; Winter: January-April; Summer: May-August), but most people don't do the summer one, so that will just be a holiday for them, though there are about 2 weeks in between each semester, so even if you were doing all three in a year, you would get some sort of a holiday.

    Which State is it you live in? When I was over there, I was in Baden-Württemberg.
    I'll be on my summer break in about a week now. I'm excited, although I don't know what I'm going to do for them. haha
    I think I'd prefer the way breaks are layed out in Germany. :P
    Recently finished TP, to see a full list, just wait for my first posts here, my sig will contain a complete overview ;)
    Hai, welcome to zelda dungeon. Have fun and enjoy your stay. So, which game you are playing recently?
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