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Your First Pokemon



ironically my first pokemon merch was the same as the guy who started this thread, the original machop tcg card... I think I was about 3, then i got into the anime and later got pokemon crystal for my first game


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
My cousin had a Pokedex complete with the first 150 Pokemon. I really liked Gyarados and Vaporeon when I flipped through it. I always was intrigued by Pokemon, but I never got a game until the fourth Generation.
Apr 15, 2012
Mine was Pokemon Yellow and the original Pokedex still have the Pokedex. Got them both for my birthday.
Apr 12, 2012
I saw the first movie VHS and fell in love with it when I was 5. The Mewtwo promo card that came with the movie was my first trading card too.
Apr 4, 2012
Pokemon yellow was my first pokemon merch I got and of course pikachu was my first pokemon lol but I traded it with my cousin for his bulbasaur at the start of our games ( he had blue version) and every 3 days we'd battle and see how strong we got, ahhh the good ole days


Wind Waker!
Apr 6, 2012
When I was younger, all my friends got Sapphire, so I got Ruby (my first game). They all ended up getting Ruby and I ended up getting Sapphire. I got all 5 GBA games over the years and all the Sinnoh games but I haven't played a new pokemon game since Platinum. I will try out the Ruby remake when it comes out.

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