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Your Favorite Characters from the Game?


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world
ones have their own favorytes to name here (even enemies and bosses)

mine are:

link (toon rocks)
the killer bees (the mischiefious kids at windfall island)
avril (aww, she looks very cute)
valoo (he rocks, he did really toast up ganon)
my red talkin" boat (red and talking boats R my favorite ones, just because... it TALKS!)
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Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
I liked Link of course, Tetra, Arryl, Ganondorf, the King of Lions, and many others that I don't remember as of yet. I might update this, though.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
Tetra/Zelda was definitely a cool character. I liked her spunkiness and determination.

Medli was very interesting, especially since the Rito was a new race introduced to the series. I thought she was adorable, and the whole Medli/Komali thing was pretty sad.

Makar.. gotta love him. He's freakin' cute, he waddles, and makes cute little noises. How could you not love this little guy?

But really, I liked Ganon the most. For the first time, I saw him as a real person and not just some power-hungry villain. I saw that he had coveted, he had experienced loss, and he even expressed sorrow. He didn't just want the Triforce for selfish reasons, not at first. Sure, he was eventually consumed by his own greed, but he initially had good reasons for wanting power. I mean, if my people were suffering and the neighboring land was flourishing, I'd be jealous, too. His portrayal in TWW was very enlightening.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I have to say: Tingle. He is really interesting and cool charcter, even if many people don't like him.

The Hyrule King is cool too. He has power over everything and he looks wise.

Tetra/Zelda is an awesome character that has many expressions, wich makes her cool. :zelda:

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning

Dragon Tamer

Cold hearted...thing
Oct 23, 2008
Cookie Kingdom
Well, mine is Link. But my favorite monster in this game was those jelly things you made potions from. Went went left and right and then POP! They jump at you.
Oct 28, 2008
West Virginia
Mine are...

Tetra (The pirate from Wind Waker, AKA Zelda)
The Kind of Red Lions (The boat..? O-o)
The Fairies in Majora's Mask (They're so squishy looking!)


Dec 3, 2008
Well. I'd have to say that my favourite characters in Wind Waker are:

Link's Grandmother (She's just plain epic)
Carlov (He's the carver at the Nintendo Gallery. He has a nice collection)
Zunari (Enough said)
Salvatore (Again. Enough said)

And. That would be it. There are plenty of other excellent characters which I really like, but these are the four who stand out the most.

Notorious NATE

I like the cel-shaded Link the best, and I also like the Gorons, they're tight.


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
The Earth Temple was my favorite dungeon, so the characters associated with it are some of my favorites. (Medli, Laruto, and of course Link. :P)

I also thought that Tetra/Zelda was a well done character, and she is one of my favorite Zeldas to date because of her personality.

Aryll and Link were also characters that I enjoyed. It was a nice moment when Aryll sends Link a letter from the pirate ship, that was one of my favorite parts. And Link was also a favorite of mine in WW, after all he is the main character. :nod:
Nov 13, 2009
The UK
My favorite characters from Wind Waker would have to be... (Aside from Link, cause that's a given)

The King Of Red Lions, he sort of has some sort of Charisma that no other character in the game has apart from the 3 Guardians (Valoo, Jabun and The Deku Tree)

I also liked Tetra, because it was a different side of Zelda we haven't seen, like one of the times where Zelda wasn't defenceless (aside from Sheik and TP) but you know what i mean, she was a cheeky, stubborn character. :)
Nov 26, 2008
Favorites? Hm... sadly I've never greatly cared for Link as a character... mainly because he's generally not much of one. A little generic, IMO. :P But of course, that's generally how he's designed to be, a link between the game and player and all that. Although I'll admit that in WW and TP he had more of a character.

Anyway, back on track...

I'd say some of my favorites are... Orca, Tetra, the potion shop guy (Chu Jelly nut ;) ), Quill, Medli, Salvatore and Ganondorf.

Orca was awesome. He was a tough guy but he seemed to me to have a big heart, and I thought he was very likable. Quill was awesome, defending Link and helping him out. Actually, the Rito were awesome in general, so noble and willing to help those in need. Medli was also very cool and I liked her character a lot. Then of course there's Tetra and Ganondorf. Tetra was the best incarnation of Zelda thus far, I think. She wasn't exactly a damsel in distress like usual, and was actually a fairly strong character. She also had a lot of attitude offset with great kindness, and was an overall cool character. Ganondorf was coolest in Wind Waker, I've always thought. He had a much cooler, more dramatic aspect to him, and there was the never before shown "human" aspect to his character. I really liked that. In other games, especially Twilight Princess, Ganon becomes little more than a cruel, inhuman monster. I liked the change of pace and it added a lot more solidity to his character, IMO.

And finally, a couple of the silly guys. The potion shop guy who was always raving about Chu Chus and Chu Jelly was awesome. All the sounds he made and his dialogue was great. :xd: And then there was Salvatore. He was the minigame guy on Windfall and Spectacle Islands, where he used paintings to represent characters, and would make odd sound effects with his French-sounding accent to go along with the games. I especially loved his "SPLISH" and "KA-BOOM" sounds. :xd:

As for picking enemies, my absolute favorite is the Chu Chus. These little buggers were awesomer than any other incarnation of the Chu Chus, and I love them better than any other enemy in the entire series. They're weird, cute, and a little creepy. And the sounds they make are the best! :xd: I'm also a big fan of the ReDeads in this game. Probably my favorite variation of them, because of their creepy, disturbing and inhuman appearance, and somewhat tribal design.

I didn't really care for any of the bosses too much, except for perhaps the Helmaroc King. He had a cool appearance (except for when you broke his mask and he looked like a chicken -.- ) and his role in the plot was very cool. Probably the most story-involved, non-final boss in the series.


Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
Well, some of my favourite characters include;

Tetra/Zelda- I just loved her tomboyish personality. The signiture wink, the backtalk. I just loved everything about her!

Ganondorf- The King of Evil is just brilliant. everything about him. His motive, his clothes, his powers. Just brilliant.

Link- Who couldn't like the main character of a game? He's strong, brave, and polite (well...in so many words).

Makar- I loved him! His little waddles, the wind chime noises, and his little violin (But it is a cello to him). He's just cute and cuddly! even though I might get a splinter if I hug him...
Nov 13, 2009
The UK
And then there was Salvatore. He was the minigame guy on Windfall and Spectacle Islands, where he used paintings to represent characters, and would make odd sound effects with his French-sounding accent to go along with the games. I especially loved his "SPLISH" and "KA-BOOM" sounds. :xd:


Was playing the mini-games and realised how much i liked him. Like he's just sitting there bored, then goes all active with his face masks and sound effects xD

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