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What is Your Job?


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
I work for my father, and I really don't like the job very much. The only good thing about it is that I have so little to do that I can sit and post here for half the day, and still get paid. However, he's very frustrating to live with and work for. The problem is that I have to live with him to work there, and I don't particularly care for the area he lives in.

My future plans involve saving up several thousand dollars, moving out to a city further north, and trying to find any job I can get. I really hope the economy turns around, so that I'm not stuck there. I'm honestly scared of losing the job I've got, if his company goes under... so while I don't like the job, I'm still afraid of losing it.


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Well, I have a hand-me-down job, I suppose; I work as a babysitter. I do like it sometimes but one of the boys (b/c they have 2 boys and 2 girls) act soo much like a PMS Girl if he doesn't get what he wants and the littlest girl acts like the boss and will yell, So sometimes its good but other than that no. Since my sister got a real job I have her job. I also Volunteer at the animal hospital Taking care of the cats and dogs (like playing cleaning up after them. Tis Torture!) Then I am a student at High School

In the Future- I want to be a singer. I am getting private lessons and will study music in college. Either that or Game maker or Tester of Games. But I love to singer and act so I am hoping to be a person on Broadway! Like Kristen Cheonweth and Angie Lansbury!
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Jan 31, 2010
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I work for a Hotel. I always seem to end up working at Hotels for years now. It is very hard work but I have improved my german much ever since and many guests are making it fun. Especially know we figured out dutch celebs are coming there as well.


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Mar 9, 2010
49.9°N 8.2°E
At the moment I'm studying chemistry at university. I'm going for a Diplom (that's German, the US equivalent would be something like "master of science"). After I'm done with that, I'll probably go for a Dr. rer. nat. ( I don't know the US equivalent, maybe PhD?) and I'll be around 30 yrs old when I'm done with this, so it's still quite a long way to go. It's a really tough study, when I started in 2007, 1000 people signed in for it. 500 came to the 1st lecture, and after some weeks, around 200 were left (the rest obviously found out it was "nothing for them"). After the first test in that semester, around 100 were left. And by the end of the semester, after around 8 tests, there were exactly 43 people left, me being one of them (but below-average). I'm not even sure if I will make it, but I surely want to, it's just extremely tough... Getting the Diplom usually takes ~15 semesters (10 "official" semesters, but there's a lot of tests you just won't pass the first time (unless your IQ is >140 or so) and therefore have to repeat a semster), and acquiring the doctor degree will take another 2-3 years.
Currently we have semester holidays and I'm doing a very flexible office part-time ("hour-based") job at a big international chemical company (I can practically do as many hours/wk as I want to, ATM I'm working 3 days ~ 25 hrs/wk and when the semester starts I'll cut it down to ~1 day/wk) where I'm basically creating a database of all chemicals used on the site and classify them for their hazards. The pay is quite OK for an unexperienced student part-time worker: ~13$/hr (note that I'm still living at "hotel mama" and life is usually cheaper here than in the US, except for gasoline prices - stupid "global warming disciples" in our gvmt :X).
In the future, of course I wish to have a nice job in the chemistry field - and I want to move to another developed country where taxes aren't as ridiculously high as they're here (if you're earning well you have to pay 42% income tax, which the commies who'll probably get in charge after the next elections even want to raise beyond 50% plus there are numerous mandatory and highly inefficiently working income-percentage based insurances which'll drain your income even more - maybe down to 20%?) and - after all - where it's WARMER than here! I really hate winter and snow, and even though I'm living in one of the driest and warmest regions of Germany where snowless winters are common, it's still too cold for me. Especially the last two winters were terrible, several weeks of temperatures below freezing point and we even had a 2 months lasting snow cover last winter - ugh! It horribly slows down driving, which sucks. And this year's summer was extremely bad too: Only 3 weeks with temperatures around 35°C, the rest was either cold and rainy or rainy and cold :/. I've been thinking about different places to emigrate to if things go right:
- Southern Switzerland: Weather is OK there, taxation is quite low and it's not too far away from home but Swiss immigration laws are very strict plus they have a strong anti-German attitude there.
- Texas: Weather is perfect for me there, but (no offense!) from what I've heard a high percentage of the population runs around with (machine?) guns there (I don't think I could fall asleep there, especially if I should ever have children) and from my European POV it's too religious and conservative there, even if some of my political attitudes can be considered "conservative" from a European POV too.
- Southern Japan (Okinawa): The weather is fine there and the general political attitude is too but from what I've heard prices are extremely high, immigration rules are über-strict and xenophobia is widespread.

But hey, those are just some very vague ideas for my future and it's still a long time to that and I might still fail at university, just letting out some thoughts :) (Was that tl;dr?^^)


Feb 6, 2010
Bournemouth, UK
I work full time as an Estate/Lettings Agent in my home town of Bournemouth.

In other words, I unfortunately exploit people of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds when they're trying to buy or rent a property, but then without me the job would be so much harder. I only enjoy it so far as making people happy when they find a flat or house that they truely love, sometimes it is simply the greatest feeling to be able to hand someone the keys to their new life.

However, I have so much paper and computer work to do it's unreal.


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Jul 16, 2010
It's a secret to everybody
Currently I work at a non-profit after school art program for elementary, middle, and high school kids.
It's a program that offers free art classes to those who have an interest in the subject. We teach Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpting, traditional art, ect), Theater Arts (acting, prop making, stage design, puppetry, ect), and Media Arts (music production, movie filming/directing/editing, computer arts, ect).
I work in the Visual Arts department with the middle school kids.
Every month we give the kids different projects with different mediums, teach them the skills needed to complete their projects, and once they're done we hang their projects in our gallery on the first Friday of every month for the monthly downtown art event. We get lots of visitors to the gallery, and if the kids choose they can put their works up for sale. If sold, the kids get 90% of the money they earn.
And once the kids reach high school we start preparing them to get into an art college by helping to build their portfolio and pick out their best works of the past, as well as make fresh new works with the monthly projects.
I rather enjoy my job. Even though some of the kids can be a bit of a.....hassle, it's still a rewarding job, and the kids always want to show me all their drawings and come to me when they need help or ideas.
I have fun at my job. :)
Jun 14, 2010
New York
I'm a movie theater manager and I do quite enjoy it. I plan to be a teacher someday, though.
I used to be manager at a movie theatre myself. I have to say, it was probably the most fun I ever had working. (Of course, the free popcorn & movies helped, too.)

I work in book publishing, and I do some copyediting on the side. I rather enjoy it; I'll do pretty much anything revolving around books.
Sep 1, 2010
I am a camp counselor-in-training at a boy scout camp in Illinois. I love it, but it really takes away my summer, because I've got that, vacations, AND marching band, so my summers are usually booked 24/7.


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Jul 12, 2010
San Antonio
I volunteer/work at a local hospital when I can, usually on the weekends. I'm either helping out with administrative work or working in transportation moving patients, drugs, equipment, and whatever. I don't hate it or love it really, although I think I'm enjoying it more than any other job someone my age could get. As for my future plans, I don't have the slightest idea. I haven't even started applying to colleges yet, so I've got a while before I have to chose.

Are you interested in medicine?

Anyway, I'm impressed that some many forum regulars have jobs and don't just sit around and play Zelda.
I didn't really say what I wanted to do in the future:
I'm interested in design, not necessarily Architecture though. A lot of product designers have bachelor's or even master's degrees in architecture, but end up designing products or furniture or shoes. Some days I say "Designing tables would be so cool!" but the next day I'll want to be lead architect on a hotel, so it varies. I do have to make a decision before I take my ARE's (9 tests designed to screw you over) which I will take after a few years in the field.


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Mar 7, 2009
Gran Pulse
:(Unfortunately I'm not employed anywhere. But, keeping up with my schoolwork while I'm in college is my job right now. The more good grades I get; the more money I can give to my parents.

Anyway, my future plans are to finish my degree in psychology, so I can be a counselor for kids. Not sure if I want to be a guidance counselor though. :/
I'm also thinking about double majoring in theater, so I can be a voice actor too, but I don't have that many supporters behind me. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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Jul 24, 2010
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I work part-time with my dad at Quality Fruitland, it's a great job, especially getting to spend time with my dad. I don't officially work there so I'm getting payed under the table. As for the plans for the future: I haven't even started high school yet (two more days) so it's a bit too soon to be thinking about college and a real job.


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
Over the summer I had two temporary jobs (I wasn't able to get a full-time one, unfortunately :( ). They were both with the same company (Staples, to those in Canada). The first one I was helping out with renovations during the night shift (which actually wasn't as bad as I would have thought). The second was to help set up a new store in town; so we helped put up the shelves, the pegs, the product and all that fun stuff! I could have stayed on as an employee but I didn't really want to have a job while going to school, so I'll just have my lovely 5-hour a week on-campus job. :)


Hylian Coward
Oct 25, 2009
Philippines, Manila
I just only a student now i have no work so i will answer my future plans... i want to become an IT professional in states, and also i'm planning to go in London or Canada so that i can ear a lot of money to my family.


Dec 13, 2009
I just only a student...
When i finishing my study, i'll become Medical Laboratory Technologist... Only 1 year to go...:)

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