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  • Actually, you needed the scanner to find hidden ammo, otherwise, you wouldn't know it was there. It seems like a waste of time, just to add to the exploration. Personally, I would have preferred a more puzzling level design. I don't even have Revengeance yet... Maybe in the near future, although I do have a plentiful of games to catch up on. This hand has really slowed me down. And NEVER! :mad: I'll never feel anything other than hate for Quint and Keith, same goes for you Jake! Seriously, the series could of done without RE6. What relevance did RE6 have to anything? What happened to the whole RE0-5 was act 1 and RE6+ is act 2? RE6 didn't really set anything up, aside from lizard face... Well, I've only played Twin Snakes so far, and although I did enjoy it overall, the gameplay feels whack. It looks about the same in other ones I've seen, hopefully I'm wrong. The whole first-person thing feels really outdated. Man, more than RE 1.5, I want RE 3.5. Capcom really screwed up with that one.

    LOL! It's not that I hate him, it's just a real bummer considering Snake isn't the main character. After playing the first one, who the hell wants to play as Raiden? You really need to finish games before moving onto another one! I don't understand how one can do that. Especially when it's within the same series. I really want to! It looks like so much fun, although I heard it was real short. Actually, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are the same!

    EDIT: Dammit! They're different.

    That trailer is amazing! Garbage rocks!

    I'm starting to think this game sets up Big Boss as a villain, and shows us the origin of the Twin Snakes. Maybe Liquid and Solid are the phantoms they're referring to. Also, I don't know how you feel about Batman, but I'd highly recommend you try the Arkham games. I think you might enjoy them.

    Well, I sort of right. Rachel is playable, but only in Raid mode...
    That hair is extremely annoying!

    Well, I punched a wall during a family conflict. I was so angry, I didn't even feel anything break. I just noticed my hand looked wrong. I walked around and went to school for a week with a broken hand before going to the hospital. They tried to reset the bone, which hurt like hell btw, although I found myself laughing during the process. They tried to avoid surgery, but I needed it anyway. As of now, I have pins inside my hand. It hurts sometimes, like scissors expanding inside your hand. I feel useless... One hand makes a major difference.

    Are you finished with your finals yet? This weekend might work out for some Halo action. Do you have a mic?

    Nice outfit, but about that cleave... how far are you willing to go?... :D
    I am so sorry, but I won't be able to reply to you until my hand heals in about 4-6 weeks. I went to the hospital on Tuesday and it turns out that I broke a bone completely in half. It's real difficult to type in this new condition, I'll be happy to further explain when I get better, thanks.
    Eh, I think Revelations lacked in some areas, but it was a giant step in the right direction. The puzzles were easy and repetitive, the scanner thingamajig felt too gimmicky and unnecessary, the action segments were very dull and forced, and Quint and Keith.:lol: Overall, still a pretty damn well game. Resident Evil 6 on the other hand... Disappointment is the perfect word to describe it. Even then, disappointing doesn't necessarily mean bad, although it is not without flaws, that's for sure. Shinji left the series in a really horrible position... Yeah, I have actually. Rely on Horror said it was really buggy and unfinished. Then again, what would you expect?

    Damn, I hope I can get it over with quickly. Not too excited to play as Raiden in a game that is possibly outdated. Hopefully it's more tolerable than The Twin Snakes. LOL, when I first saw Solidus, he looked really lame. I don't really expect much from him. Control your urges woman! The story is just going to get more complex. Actually, the Phantom Pain IS MGS 5. Although it is speculated that Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are one the same. I think I'd be just as obsessed as you, Jennifer, if I didn't have so many unfinished games... sadly, I don't know when I can play a game again, with this busted hand.

    Actually, yeah, I think he did. It was Rob Paulsen who did Gray Fox in TS, who also voiced a Ninja Turtle in the original series. LOL! There goes that "mhmmmm" again. XD Looks like Piers is so last year. Yeah, he was so mysterious. Pretty cool to find out that he was in the original NES game. I find it so weird how the original two games are still part of the series canon.

    Really? I don't ever recall that, although I'm definitely certain that Revelations didn't do as well as it could of, being on 3DS and all. But a recent interview about the console port said that they were satisfied with how it did. I guess the game picked up some steam after a while. Nah, I don't think there will be any DLC for Revelations. I wouldn't put it past Capcom though. Lol those pictures are of Rachel? You can barely see anything, it might as well be first-person. :lol: Actually, they're adding new enemies, upping the graphics and audio, putting more characters in Raid mode as well as a new mode like a master quest.

    Sounds good, although I'm unsure if I can play since the bone in my hand is currently pushed back. Haven't even gone to the hospital yet. Anyway, what's her gamertag?

    Why? What happened? You know you can talk to me about anything. You're welcome, and thank you for the card. Really? If you don't mind, could you show me some pics of the costume?
    Seriously, Hideo Kojima has never sold out. Even when Splinter Cell arrived on the scene and took stealth to a whole new level, Kojima didn't feel the need to compete. He recognized Ubisoft's great work, but still continued to evolve his own. Capcom on the other hand... it's like they want Resident Evil to be a powerhouse, so they try to appeal to a wide audience, which ends up hurting the franchise as a series.

    How long is that game? I beat Twin Snakes over a weekend, after adjusting and adapting, which took me quite some time. LOL! That's how I felt with the first one. There was so much going on, and the twists and turns just made it even more complicated. Just imagine trying to comprehend Guns of the Patriots... BTW, can't you get Metal Gear Solid for the PSX on PSN? That's all Twin Snakes really is, the first MGS game with graphics that match SOL and updated voice work.

    :lol: I knew it! I think Cam Clarke did a really great job with his voice, in The Twin Snakes. Every time he speaks, it just reminds me of Leonardo from the 80s TMNT cartoon. The end battle between Liquid and Solid is really cool, I think you'll like it *cough* Liquid is shirtless *cough*.

    I think just recently I read an interview about the HD version of Revelations. They seemed pretty pleased with the game's success. Capcom just wants to expand the game to a wider audience, because of its console like quality, which is still even being improved upon. I don't know, I wouldn't trust GameFAQs with info like that. I mean, I haven't even heard of such talk. Although Capcom seems really interested in the Wii U, so I'm expecting some exclusive Resident Evil action on there. The pictures sound familiar, but I do distinctly recall seeing gameplay footage on Youtube. It didn't quite look like Raid mode, which is not even a possibility, considering she's not part of the roster. So WTF? My initial reaction was that it was going to be DLC, or it was just an early build of the game that didn't make the cut. Speaking of things that didn't make the cut, in that same interview, the guy spoke of some land in the distance that was supposed to be the real finale of the game, which was related to Jill's past. It was said that you can see this land by looking outside of a window during episode 1, which reminds me of the concept art for the HD release.

    Could that be a hint? Also, what if the whole Rachel thing was supposed to be DLC that was later pushed for the console release? It would be a good way to beef up the game, I mean, it would make a pretty cool prologue. I always did find it odd how there was an entire trailer dedicated to her, is a trailer now official video game canon? :silent:

    The man with the golden butt? Homer Simpson? Hey, at least Helena shot the guy. Teach him to abuse women. What fun is it if no one is touching each other? :lol:

    If she doesn't have the marketplace, I don't even think she's a silver member. She needs a subscription to XBOXLIVE.
    I'll have to look through the huge pile of cards I have, but I believe I have him. And yes, Blue-Eyes is my favorite.
    The Blue-Eyes White Dragon. One more and I have all of the ones I need to summon Ultimate.
    Yeah, it doesn't have the same feel to it. I still play the card game, still looking for that last Blue-Eyes.
    Damn... did you actually sit through that? That's the thing about Hideo Kojima, he's a big movie buff, but also interested in video games. So he combined the two for an awesome experience. If I'm not mistaken, I think the cover for the first Metal Gear on NES, is John Connor from Terminator.

    From what I remember, Solid Snake was trying to save some government guys, that would later become part of some big conspiracy involving Foxdie. I think Liquid Snake was responsible for it, and would later be revealed to be responsible for other things. Liquid was also jealous of Solid for being the superior clone of Naked Snake/Big Boss, which leads into an epic fight. After the credits roll, it is revealed that Solid was in fact the inferior clone, and that a third clone existed, Solidus. Liquid only lost because he believed he was the weaker one, and something something Solid Snake has Foxdie in his blood. There were too many twists and turns to keep up with.. And lol, I don't know why, but you totally seem like you'll get liquid for Liquid.

    Yeah, definitely. I have to play the games in order of release. This whole Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain got me really psyched for Metal Gear. Did you know they're making a movie? Oh yeah, I know, just haven't gotten around to it. As for the trailer, it was the one from E3.


    I was at the very least expecting a Wii U port. I don't think Resident Evil 6 had much to do with it. Maybe it was there plan from the very beginning, or the game was just that popular. What? Mercs 3D? I never heard anything about that game being ported. I wonder if they're going to include a playable section with Rachel, maybe a prologue of some sort. I swear, I remember seeing Rachel being playable in a video. I can never find it now! Just like that one Resident Evil 4 trailer that had actual zombies.>:(

    I like kicking with Helena while Deborah is riding piggy back. It's like double the booty. Tim Wilson will be proud. LOL! Deborah's name... the way it's spelled... if this was a Legend of Zelda game, she'd be Deh-bore-uh. :lol: Hahaha! Nah, you mean Jill in just a Football jersey. Nah, I don't really like watching sports. I can enjoy Basketball, but still not my thing. I'd rather play it.

    LOL You're PMSing harder than Chris.:P Anyway... I'm still using my Gamepad at this very moment. :D Bayonetta 2 is gonna be good. "Wanna touch me?"

    Aww, how sweet of you. Does she have LIVE? We should play Halo!
    You mean the gunplay is in first-person? And LOL! You think the long cutscenes are bad? Just wait until you get to GOTP... I've heard that cutscenes are like 45 minutes to 2 hours long. Metal Gear Solid is sort of notorious for its long cutscenes. In all honesty, I'd say there were more cutscenes in the Twin Snakes, then there was actual gameplay.

    Raiden seems really cool, from what I've seen of Revengeance, but the main complaint with SOL was Raiden. So who knows? Maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't. Guess I'll have to play to find out. Although, I've been having my eyes on Metal Gear Rising for some time now, that game looks awesome. I really like that one trailer with the Depeche Mode song, soooo fitting. WRONG!

    Yeah, but still, the moment passed, he had no reason to bring it up. He was just trying to be a dick because he didn't like him. Although I hate how much of a ***** they made Chris. Hell yeah I am! I just wish it was a retail release. I really hope the future of the series is more like Revelations, but of course, heavily expanded. I already signed up! Looks like you're going to finally play Revelations afterall.

    Nice butt? You want to talk about nice butt? Play as Helena in Leon's campaign. Those Harper sisters... Oh, something I found hilarious was Football player Chris. Looks like you were right this whole time.:lol:

    LOL, I'm actually using my Gamepad right now to respond to you.:D And hell yeah! It looks beautiful!
    I've only played the Twin Snakes, and although I do enjoy the fiction, the gameplay was too outdated. I've been spoiled by Splinter Cell. I have Guns of the Patriots and the HD Collection on PS3, haven't played them yet though. Do you think Sons of Liberty is any better? It's like I want to start it, but I'm not too thrilled that Raidan is the main character. You only play as Snake in the beginning... The one I really want to try is Snake Eater, hear great things about that one. Metal Gear Rising looks pretty cool, haven't played the demo though.

    LOL! Piers acted like a little ***** though... It was awesome what he said to Jake, but it's like the moment was dead, why push it? It was also funny, bucause when Jake said that they should duke it out after it was over, I can actually see Piers being the kind of person to go through with it. Almost like Guile, from Street Fighter. It was messed up though, considering Piers didn't make it out. Oh yeah, I saw that you posted that on GameFAQs. Piers... in booty shorts... Still feel all tingly? :lol:

    Also, did you hear about Wind Waker HD?
    Whoa, you enjoyed Metal Gear that much? What happened to Final Fantasy? Resident Evil?
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