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Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011
I feel sick, exhausted, and like I'm about to just breakdown...happy Easter...
Aww. =< I'm sick, too, but we can still have a happy Easter because Easter is better than our sicknesses, we can be joyful in the face of weariness! =D I hope you get better, I'll pray for you. ^^

It's Easter and my parents are working.
Aww, that's sad. =< Nobody should work on Easter Sunday! I hope you and your family will be able to do something nice today together, even if its just a little thing, because family time is important on cool days like this. :3 Or perhaps if your parents can't make it, hang out with other relatives and friends, just go out and party yo, today is a party day!

While my mom & her boyfriend are out of town along with my brother spending his day with his friend. Stuff like this is why I hate holidays nowadays along with them making me depressed.
Aww. :< In spite of depressions, let's show the world that we can be happy no matter what, kay? :) Take this day and seize it, don't let things get you down because you deserve to have a wonderful life! Go find your friends or other family members or something, or find a party somewhere! I'd invite you to my house if I had a plane ticket for you, but I can't really do that. =O Go out and have fun, or find the funest thing you can do in your house; awesome people deserve awesome days! =D

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