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    Happy Birthday, friend! Come around soon and send me a message. :)
    It can get pretty warm here, yeah, but I am kind of tired and want to take a nap...we'll chat more next time, I'll see you around.
    Meh, image away then...it's a soemwhat sad poem btw, the theme Samidare and my current avatar inspired it's creation.

    I agree with you there, rain and storms are pretty great, and snow isn't too bad either. I got quite a bit of snow here in Ontario myself though, so it finally looking like spring outside makes me happy, I had gotten tired of the stuff.
    Could you access the image that link went to? If not, try now, I think because it was in my private album it wasn't viewable by others :/

    Overall we get rain often enough here in my part of Ontario, it's my kind of weather, both calm and soothing.
    I might get a really awesome Umbreon hoody for my birthday. I hope I didn't miss your Umbreon phase!
    It used to be a favorite of mine as well, but I got bored with it after like 3 years or something, can honestly say I'm looking forwards to the next Smash Bros. title which is gonna be for the 3DS and Wii U though...I may get a copy for both consoles. Thinking now, there’s a Brawl Group my one digital sister made here on the forums, maybe you could join it—but to answer your question I often use Toon Link, Mario, Sonic, or Ike myself.
    Brawl? Oh yeah, I've had that game since it released years ago, I remember the waiting being torture because it kept getting delayed -,-

    I don't play it as much as I used to because I've had it for like 5 years, but play online with my various friends from ZD and such every now and then, yeah.
    Oh, neat, I guess I could add you then--for the most part I stick to one-on-one IM chats with people on Skype, but it's convenient when ZD may be down or something, stuff like that :3
    Realistically speaking I just don't like baked potatoes myself...or just, if it's no friend, mashed, or something like tater tots I won't be interested o,o

    By the way, out of curiosity do you haz Skype? If you do I could likely add you on there, I mostly just IM, but it's convenient.
    I only ever got Ice Cream from Dairy Queen myself, don't have a Ruby Tuesday or Sonic here though, never been to either of the two period really. Hahah, tater tots though, that beings me back--I'd eat them all the time when I was little, this one place in my area sometimes serves them with breakfast and I have them whenever I go there, they're fun.
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