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Things That Are on Your Mind


Pilaf Gang
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Jul 5, 2017
Desert tumblrweeds
AMAZON robot
Was making schnitzel and flipped it too fast and a ton of oil splashed out of the pan
At an interview the manager let me try their schnitzel and it was pretty damn good.

Trying to download some new songs to my phone but alas, I have Spotify. Spotify doesn't have video game OST's though.


Zofian General
Jun 28, 2017
Ram Village, Zofia
The power went out half way through 8th hour. Then to get to the buses from the band room, you have to go across the entire gym, which was pitch black. That was a interesting time.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I've started getting my affairs in order and packing away stuff for my upcoming move. My parents are going to rent out my bedroom while I am gone so I've got to empty it all out before I go. Didn't realise how much crap I own before having to move it. Flights are booked. The Certificates of Acceptance and Eligibility have also arrived from Japan so now I can go to the Consulate and get a visa issued. I'll attend the pre-departure briefing at my Uni on Friday, I'm starting to wind down shifts at my jobs as I'll leave them at the end of the month, organising goodbye catchups with different groups of friends, organising phone bill arrangements, spending time with friends and family etc. Lots of stuff happening.

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