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The One That Pulled You In


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Jul 1, 2009
Long Island
What was the Zelda game that got you Interested in the series? Not your first but the one that made you a big fan. While I played Phantom Hourglass and the original Legend of Zelda first, Ocarina of Time got me hooked. I had enough experience by then that I didn't get as frustrated as I used to, and had much more fun because of that. Before three months went by, I had collected almost every game in the series.


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Twilight Princess.

I'd grown up playing the original Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link. I even played A Link to the Past a few times when my guy got it second hand for his old SNES...

But it was a birthday gift of a GameCube and TP that got me really hooked. I borrowed other games from a friend after that. TP is what got me online disscussing Zelda and what got me creating fan fiction and fan art. It's definitely the one that pulled me in and got me full-tilt obessed.


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Jun 2, 2009
Hmm...Well the one that one that pulled me into the Zelda obsession probably would have been MM. I had played a bit of LoZ and ALttP before, but it wasn't until after I played MM that I became I full-fledged fan. :D

Although it was different from the typical Zelda game with the environment and the bad guy being totally different, MM gave me a taste of what the other Zelda games were like. It made me want to find other Zelda games to play, although I didn't get to really do that until TP came out years later.

But yes, MM was the one that pulled me into the Zelda fandom. :)
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Aug 20, 2009
I'm gonna have to say OoT or WW, but probably OoT. I was old enough when I started playing that game to understand what my interests were and why those tihngs were interesting to me.

Before that I was playing Zelda games just because my friends were. But since OoT I've been playing Zelda games because I enjoy doing this. OoT is the game that pulled me in.


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
The one that got me hooked was actually the first one I played, and was coincidently also the first game. I played the original LoZ first hand when there was no other games to be had. So, even though I was hooked, I had to wait patiently for each subsequent release.

Ahh, to become a fan now and have so many choices of what to begin with... :)


Sep 15, 2008
A Link to the past, and thsi thread is very similar to an older thread we have/had that was wich was the first Zelda you played or something...

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Aug 19, 2009
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Well while my first zelda was ww (it's great in my opinion by the way) I wasn't a truly big fan until I played oot in 2007 on my wii's virtual console.

Long story short the zelda that hooked(shot) me inm was oot. The best Zelda game as of yet also hooked me into Zelda.


Dec 3, 2008
For me, it's really hard to say which Zelda got me hooked. Was it WW or TP. WW was my first Zelda game. But TP was the first Zelda I owned personally. I suppose it was TP that REALLY got me hooked on the series. After playing and beating WW at my friends house, I was pretty interested in Zelda, but a while later in 2006 he got a Wii, and of course TP. At this point I really thought that TP was amazing. And I remember the first time I ever saw TP was when my friend had just pulled into Kakariko Village on Epona. And I looked across the canyonish village and was in awe.

Half a year later in 2007 I got a Wii. And of course TP. Of course later on after beating TP a couple of times, I wanted to expand my Zelda Library. I purchased OoT, LoZ, AoL, and ALttp... And then later MM on the VC. I bought PH when I first got my DSlite, and I had purchased LA, WW, and FSA from the local classic game place. And I got OoT and MM later again for my N64.

Even now that TP if long forgotten as my favourite game, I suppose it will always hold the place of the game that got me hooked..
Oct 26, 2008
I'm part of the generation that was hooked by Ocarina of Time, I started playing when I was 4 years old and still up to this very day play on it from time to time, I also still find it a challenge to complete sometimes. It was also OoT that got me active on forums.

But I didn't really bother after a while with any other zeldas, Infact I'd stopped playing them all together for a long time until I played TP and it reignited my need to play this awesome series of games.
Jan 3, 2009
Phantom Hourglass. My first one was Wind Waker but it was kind of hard for me (especially when you're a 6 year old who knows not too much about Zelda). Anyway, a friend recommended it to me and bought it for my birthday (kudos to her). I thought it was good, but now I forgot how to use the stylus and found it to be the worst Zelda game that departed from the traditional Hyrule setting. But alas, hither I belong, in the FoZ (Fanbase of Zelda) thanks to the annoying little Toon Link.


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May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
I started with TP, actually. When I first got it, I really only bought it because I was expecting 1:1 sword control and I knew that Link guy had a sword. And it was the Wii. So I fired it up, got lost for a couple days trying to figure out how to get a sword, and after learning that you couldn't 1:1 I traded it to my friend for Super Mario Sunshine.
So then I learned that SMS's stupid water gimmick was next to impossible to use reliably and the hub area was less than straightforward, so I traded back. Incidentally, he had done me the favor of advancing the plot (which I ineptly couldn't do at the time), so I started from right after the first Twilight portion, on my way to the Forest Temple. And then I learned that Zelda wasn't about swords, and got totally hooked on the world and lore of Hyrule and the compelling dungeon structure.
It's still hard for me to like LttP because of its odd timeline issues and the general emptiness and uniformity of the world in comparison. I also played a little of WW, MM, and OoT before ever playing TP, but back then I was a kid who didn't have the Zelda sensibilities to even get past the initial tutorial sections- got stuck in the Forsaken Fortress in WW, didn't know about the "jump from really high to break the web" part of the Deku Tree, and played MM on some wacked-out bootleg arcade machine when I was like 8 and didn't even know where the tunnel was to exit the first area of the game.

So yeah, TP and its combat, world-building, and dungeon design got me hooked, and taught a stupid casual that gimmicks don't make the game.


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Aug 3, 2009
Well, I grew up with ALttP (I have never owned a current gen console, so I played a SNES while everyone else had a N64 :P) Then a few years ago I finally 'upgraded' to a N64. Let's just say I was thrilled and leave it at that...

Anyway, my N64 came with a few games, among those were OoT and MM. I did a little research and found out that it was best to play OoT and then MM. While OoT was a good game, it didn't get me into the series. I didn't really become a fan untill I finished MM. This was the game that made me a fan, it was a slightly weird game, had a great plot and NPC involvement, and it was the first game that madde me actually stop and listen to the music.

It was really a combination of ALttP, OoT and MM. Majora's Mask really sealed the deal though. After I played MM I decided I had to have all the zelda games, and I also became a fan of Zelda games and in consequence video games in general...


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Mar 1, 2009
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My friend brought over Wind Waker once (at this time I had never herd of the Zelda games). I thought it was a cool game so I bought it. A few months later, just after I bought my Wii, I saw another Zelda game in the Wii virtual console, OOT. I bought it and I was instantly hooked. And now I am the gigantic Zelda nerd you know as Peanutjoepap, who has nothing better to do in his spare time than play Zelda and make posts like this on ZD. :)


Feb 2, 2009
Probably OoT. The first Zelda game I got was Collectors Edition. I was probably about seven years old at the time. The gamecube was a Christmas gift, and Collectors Edition came with it. At the time, LoZ and AoL weren't the kind of games that I had an interest in or desire to play. Instead, I jumped in to OoT. And that's how it all started. I beat the game in about a year or two, getting in to MM midway the playthrough. Eventually I had all the Zelda games released at my disposal. But OoT was the one that really got me hooked.


Aug 25, 2008
Well, I had been a general gaming fan, really I still am. While I grew up on the old 2D games, it was Ocarina of Time that got me hooked on the series, but what got me even more into it was theorizing which started with OoT. So, it was far from my first game, but it is definitely what started it for me.

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