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  • Hello, nice to meet you. I see that you have been here since quite a while ago, but I believe that we have not had any moment of icebreaking. ^^
    Michaiah doesn't completely ruin FE10, I just feel like FE9 had the better plot, personally. I dunno, maybe that's just me being a sucker for simple plots that are secretly more complex than they seem. ;)

    I do love FE10's gameplay, but I've already stated that XD
    As I've stated, I like FE9 the best, probably because like the GBA Fire Emblem games, the plots were complex... but simple at the same time. I believe FE10 just has some part where you're like 'wait... what'. Honestly, I really think it's because of Michiah... gaaahh... she is only useful for healing and thai, I swear, lol. That... and I tend to like more Lords better when they can DOUBLE.

    Rant over Michiah aside, FE10 is still a good game. I really love the gameplay. If they had FE10's gameplay in FE9... I'd never stop playing FE9, lol.
    Oh, that's cool to know. I don't remember which was my first FE, it may have been FE8 or maybe FE7...

    No, I wouldn't say you fail as a fan. I mean, I still have yet to do a five star Hector Hard Mode run ;P
    I'm interested in where your love for Fire Emblem stems from, as well as how serious you play the series. Do you do restricted runs, 5 star runs, what? Play on Hard Mode, maybe?
    yeah, I get you. My uncle works as an electrician for Disney so we get discounts. Only reason we've gone so many times.
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