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Skyward Sword Disappointing????

Jan 20, 2012
1. The puzzles were okay, not too challenging, not too easy.
2. The dungeons did seem a little short and to the point.
3. I do agree there could have been a little more area to explore.
4. I don't think the gameplay was boring at all. I loved it..

SS is my favorite game, and i do consider it a great game in the series.
To each their own opinion i suppose.


i think its you skyward sword is great won prices its even the best game of the wii in my opinion


I've never really thought of Skyward Sword being disipointing. I mean all games have downfalls but it doesnt mean that it is bad.
Apr 4, 2012
i think it was a bad game in many ways i felt like half of the game was cut scenes and back tracking and the shield controls were really bad but that's what i think
Apr 5, 2012
I agree that most of the gameplay was easy, and somewhat repeative.. but I didn't think Skyward Sword was disappointing at all. I actually really enjoyed playing the game.


The Forever Gamer
Nov 26, 2011
Koholint Island
I would agree that the puzzles were not as challenging as other games in the series but they were still creative. Like you said, the controls were fabulous and just amazing. I personally think it was a great addition to the Zelda series. :D
Apr 4, 2012
Well, it wasn't exactly what I expected, but in no way would I consider it dissapointing. We're all entitled to our own opinions though.


Canadian Girl
Jan 29, 2012
Somewhere in Time
1. I have to agree. Before I played Skyward Sword I had been playing Twilight Princess, so as soon as I switched over to Skyward Sword, I basically just ran through everything. There was no huge challenge for me and it was horrible. It made me a little sad that such a hyped game had no challenge to it at all.

2. I didn't notice how short the dungeons were, but they were fun(Ancient Cistern+rope and bad guys= OMG RUN LINK!). I especially like the Indiana Jones moment in the Fire temple, or whatever it was called, when you run away from the boulder.

3. I felt the same, there was no need for exploring in Skyward Sword, it was disappointing. Though I wish I had known about the Hylian Shield before I passed over to Hero Mode(I think I need a punch in the face for that one). There was no challenge getting to new places and the world was a lot smaller compared to Twilight Princess and Wind Waker.

4. I kinda agree with Ign, the game may have fallen short in many places, but it made up for it with a wonderful adventure(Though the whole "Prove Your Worth" thing got old fast). There was plenty to do after you made it to Demise and there are plenty of side quests to keep you occupied in the mean time when you get bored, but eventually you have to move on and complete quests and story sections to move everything forward.
Dec 21, 2011
Vernon Hills, Illinois
I completely disagree with you but I mostly understand your opinion. Here's what I think.
I only needed to go to the all knowing shiekah stone next to the sparring hall once for a puzzle but even when I didn't need it, I still enjoyed the puzzles. I got stumped a few times but not so much that I gave up in frustration, just the way I like it.
I don't get why you think the dungeons are too short. They felt as long as in previous zeldas.
Sure, the overworld seems smaller but it's more fun to explore because it's not barren like in TP. It's full of monsters and other obstacles, especially Faron Woods. If you want a large overworld, you already have one. It's called the sky.
I can't really change your opinion on the gameplay because it's just that. Your opinion. Personally, I didn't think the side quests were so bad, I actually like guarding missions like the protecting the tub of water, and it was pretty cool swimming around a flooded Faron Woods. The tad tones give you a reason to explore, so I liked that part.

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