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  • See blog :P
    I don't know if it happens every summer since it was my first :lol:

    But it took up about 3 or 5 hours from 10 to 2 or 3 in the SB and it was Laz against JJ. I saw the whole thing and it was kinda funny. I took part a bit. Overall it ended cause of the mods though.

    And Drum was a user. Uber troll, but not as good as the great Monti Thunder. Pretty funny. He wanted to save humanity, but considered killing off people he deemed ignorant the way to do this. Kinda Hitler-esq.
    Lots of fun things.....lots and lots. Drum happened. Drum was fun. And then there was a gigantic midsummer SB war about religion. And laz got banned once and so did Dan.
    Yeah, it's been way too long. We all miss you.

    Anyways, I'm doing good too. How did the move go? Do you like your new home?
    Hey, MoP. I'm still on quite a bit. I guess we're just on at different times or something.
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