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Skyward Sword Disappointing????

Jun 11, 2012
What I'm about to say is going to piss many people off. I don't really like LoZ Oot. I could never get into the story and I found that it's relatively boring in the beginning unlike Skyward Sword. For me Skyward Sword had me immediately hooked on the game because of how immersive it was. I felt compelled to finish the story and watch the characters developed unlike OoT which I never got that feel from. To say that LoZ SS is the worst LoZ is kinda far out I feel that its the best because of the way it captures your heart. Just because a game isn't exactly like OoT doesn't make it a bad game. Not that there is nothing about LoZ SS that couldn't have been fix for example the Harp was the worst instrument ever it didn't even do anything real helpful. So yes while there are no perfect games LoZ SS is no where near the bottom its at the top. :) LoZ SS FTW!

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