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Skyward Sword Disappointing????

Dec 27, 2011
Bloomington, Indiana
the things that i had a problem with were that every time you restarted the game got a treasure it would always play that cutscene and the description of it and a 3rd of the monsters you fought were just different versions of old ones they could have put new one i thought this was stupid they could have done more and the last thing is that they should have added more to hero mode it didn't have that much changes and i was really disappointed with that
Apr 23, 2012
I truly disagree with you. Though the puzzles were fairly simple, the sheer number of them made up for it. I never found the dungeons to be too short. And is the lack of exploration anything new for 3D Zeldas? Your partner practically always tells you where to go in all of them. And the gameplay was what made the game for me. I'm sorry, but I really can't agree.
Apr 8, 2012
I pretty much agree with all those things to some degree, especially the exploration. I really liked exploring in other Zelda games, not so much in SS.
May 13, 2012

It really gets you focused on where to slash and makes the game more strategy. Also probably why they added the run meter in this game for the desert area.
The only frustrating part was fighting the imprison too many times.


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Jun 17, 2009
I didn't find the game disappointing at all. Here's a link to my review of the game, explaining why it's possibly my favorite Zelda game of all time.
Apr 6, 2011
I agree that SS was disappointing, but not for the reasons stated in the original post. SS was disappointing because it did not tie up the story of Zelda.

The whole thing with the timeline is so scattered and non -concrete, but we Zelda fans still can accept it (well, most of us). With SS being a prequel to OoT I felt that it would finally be the answer to all of Zelda's timeline confusions. Since WW, it seemed like Nintendo wanted a legit timeline for Zelda and that they were going to keep it going. SS was the perfect chance to stabilize the timeline and it didn't/ Not only did it not answer the many questions that we've had about Zelda, it brought out more! Rather than using pre-existing species to increase their importance to Hyrule, it brought out new one which creates more ?'s since these species aren't seen in other games which take place after.

SS tried to make an attempt to explain "the legend" but if you ask me, it was a poor excuse. I can't really give an acceptable reason as to why this is, but all I can say is I expected better.

And then there's the war. Since ALttP, we've known about some war that happened long ago in Hyrule's history. I thought SS would take a chance to expound upon it and finally give us some answers, but really what it did was add information that didn't correspond with previously known information. I'm not even sure the war in SS is the same war that Zelda games have been talking about. It seems to me that that war took place when the Hero of Time was born, which seems way after SS.

All in all, Zelda games have done a decent job covering the timeline until SS which should've been the ultimate salvation for the timeline. Rather than tying everything together, it created more inconsistencies and questions which, as a prequel, it should not do.

Oh where the fun in that? Skyward Sword doesn't need to explain anything at all of the whole timeline, just have a story to stand on its own. New players won't need to know about the war or Ganon to enjoy the game. Some things that appear different at first may have connections that are right in front of you. Isn't the point of theorizing to look at the evidence and piece togther the facts. Why when Hyrule Historia came out and show the timeline in its full glory, everyone complained about it and says it spoiled everything.
Apr 8, 2012
PHSH i thought it was a really good game. the dungeons were a good length and the puzzles were challenging enough. stop complaining about it. i mean, its not the only game. go play another one if you dont like this one.


Nanomachines, son.
Apr 12, 2012
Not disappointed, just easy and some bland exploration. But it is the only game with motion controls I actually like. It's amazing past its flaws.


Lance's Protégé
Apr 3, 2012
Mount Silver, Johto
I never really expected it to be as good, in my eyes, as Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time. Groundbreaking, sure, but not legendary. The motion controls looked glitchy, Silent Realms looked frustrating, and the items and techniques looked too complicated to provide a really fun and challenging, but simple to learn, game.

And look at that! It was just how I expected it would be! Phenominal graphics and interesting concepts, but with very little middle ground between very easy puzzles and infuriatingly difficult courses(Silent Realms) and bosses(Evil Barney's third incarnation, Ghirahim's final battle)

It would be a better game, at least in my eyes, if the gameplay was more balanced and the experimental concepts were less forced.

Lord Death

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Jan 1, 2011
Chicago, IL
Can't believe I never commented on this, but yes I found it extremely disappointing. You can point at my article and say, "Hey, you said you thought SS was the best Zelda game!" Yeah, well, I lied... Just kidding, it's actually just that through retrospect, my opinion has changed.

I found the story good, but not as good as some of the other games. My main gripe about the story, though, is that they introduce the main boss within the last 10 minutes of the game (I know he had a presence throughout the entire thing, but we learn most of what we know about him while he was in his "human form," the last 10 minutes!). On top of that, I was like, "Wait, this guy right here, who you just shoved in my face a few minutes ago, is suppose to explain the reasons behind the actions of the entire Zelda series?! GAH!

Also, yes, dungeons were short and not very challenging. Heck, Spirit Tracks had more elaborately designed dungeons! And the hamper on exploration = sad face. I enjoyed Twilight Princess hyrule field an infinite amount more than the clouds, three regions, and Skyloft. I think I'd even prefer the Great Sea over it...

Credit where credit is due, the controls were great and graphics were amazing. However, I just no longer find this title up to par with the rest of the Zelda series.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
ZD Champion
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
skyward sword was one of the most disappointing games i've ever played.....still liked it better than ocarina,though

the sky overworld is the worst in the series,there's hardly anything there
those 3 zones lacked exploration,ESPECIALLY eldin volcano
and there really wasn't much content

and thank god the puzzles were easy,otherwise them blue lights on my wiimote would've faded a way in an instant,batteries cost money
Apr 6, 2011
No, it was not disappointing to me at all. I know that if I raise the expectation bars too high, it will never satisfy me. I expected a story about Link and Zelda and a fun, great game from Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword reach most of my expectations (like the harp function) while surpass other expectations off (like the romantic story and battles of Demise and Ghirahim). I paid the game at full price complete with a golden wiimote, a CD Symphony, and a nice boxart when it debuted and I am overall happy with my payment.
May 2, 2012
BORING GAMEPLAY? PUZZLES EASY? ARE YOU ********?! Skyward sword is anything but disappointing! I am outraged! Furious! Sick with anger to hear this! i hope you play it again and realize what retards you all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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