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Should the Legend of Zelda series ever bring back Navi?

Nov 26, 2008
I wasn't personally annoyed by her saying "hey," "listen," and "watch out!" like others were. The only thing I really found annoying about her was when she decided to tell you where to go next every so often. It irked me the most when I was doing some optional thing, or when I was ALREADY GOING THERE.

Other than that single thing I actually really liked Navi, as I said earlier.


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Jan 6, 2009
I think Navi kind of took some of the challange away. And what did bug me is how she would tell me how to open a door or climb a ladder after I have played the game so many times. They should give you option to turn her help side off and she could just follow you around for looks ^^

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I actually miss having a fairy partner like in OoT and MM in these newer titles. I used to become just as annoyed as anyone else with the constant "Hey!" and other quotes like you said, Axle, and especially with telling me to go somewhere when I was already heading there. But when I play the newer games, that spot seems so very empty now, except in TP, where Midna replaces the fairy.


Uh, if they get rid of the annoying phrases she says like "hey", and actually give her a awesome personality then yes. If she stays the same that is a definite NO.


Since OoT, every "sidekick" character has been better, both in terms of character and they don't tell you how to do every little thing (Press A to open a door!)

So, if they brought Navi back, I imagine they would do a far better job of her.
Oct 20, 2008
Well, now that I think about it more, I really didn't mind Tatl, and I sort of liked Midna. I think if done properly, then I wouldn't mind them bringing Navi back.

In fact, I think that if they gave her a more developed, albeit unique and interesting personality, it may even benefit the game. But one thing I really would want them to leave out is how she would constantly shout out tips, or where to go next. I'd rather figure that out myself.


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Oct 24, 2007
I wouldn't mind Navi coming back. I never had a problem with her. (Assuming it's a female.) I was actually pretty exited when I found out you had a fairy in Phantom Hourglass. I had speculated that it was Navi, but *sigh* it turned out not to be.

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Nov 20, 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
Navi might have been my favorite of the sidekicks. But I am not sure if she needs her place in another Zelda game. Perhaps she could meet up with Link again - but that would throw a huge curveball for any timeline-theorists. I'd like to see Ocarina of Time remade, though, that's really the only exception I can think of.

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Jul 5, 2008
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So many people seem to have an issue with Navi. I don´t understand why. She was a bit much in the beginning of the game but that is actually good for people who haven´t got that much experience of Zelda games (and who had before OoT was released? I am talking 3D-zeldas now).

I don´t mind if they would bring her back.
Sep 10, 2008
Birng back Navi? possibly. My opinion would be dependant on wether they gave her more personality. But the way she was in oot, I tihnk a robotic replacement ofr her would be more lively.


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Jan 18, 2009
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well if nintendo realized that she was soo annoying they might change it but I bet they did it on purpose:rollseye: but I'd like her to be more like midna

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They sort of already brought "Navi" back in Phantom Hourglass. XD It's really a different fairy though, but it does have the same voice. Call me crazy, but Navi's voice doesn't really bother me that much. It's only really sensible for them to bring back the exact same fairy named Navi if it's in the time period in which she is actually still alive. I don't know if she ever gets out of the Temple of Time, though...

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