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  • i have no money either, that's why im the teacher! :xd: i know im very poor but i got a job at this little kid store. i luv little kids. they r so cute
    linkownsyou forget about the mods. they r just doing their job. besides i havent talked to you.

    {stupid 100 characters? 100? holy cow.... something i wanna talk about now... 100 man. next 1000}
    Ok that's it!!!! I won't come to this site anmore!!! There's a bunch of stupid modrators that just send you random an stupid pm!!!!!!!
    My avatar is Dwight Schrute from The Office.
    He cut off a CPR dummy's face and put it on. That's why he is so creepy.
    Hiya, always enough room for a new friend! =D Thanks for the friend request and see you around the forums~
    In the sense that Good and Evil are relative to a central point of either being right or wrong, "good or bad"; Agathokakological is the point of neutrality. Consisting of good, and likewise, evil.
    I dont want to either! I think I cleaned up already ^^ it might have only been 2 posts I made. I was never sure. But I think I have been doing much better since the warning =D

    The night I posted 40 posts in 1 day was when I stayed up all night >< heehee ^^
    Actually be careful =D

    I made at least 3 or 4 spam posts yesterday and a mod PMed me. It wasnt a warning.. but I need to be more careful.. heehee
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