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Alder Dragon
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  • Holy Hyrule, Alder Dragon makes a post after over a year! Congrats on coming back aboard, dude. :)
    How are you, my old school friend?we haven't talked in a long while, is everything okay with ya?
    I wish you didn't have to study for those science exams like a mad man, or else I'd make you a new signature. But I suppose that doesn't matter, since you are on a PokeMon run. :)
    I do believe that a lot of exciting challenges can be done with LoZ too (like those you mentioned) :) And I actually think that LoZ is a lot harder (I guess I haven´t played through the game enough times). The problem is that I don´t know if I love the game enough (don´t hate me for that). I always enjoy a challenge but the frustration can be far too inmense if I don´t love the game enough. I really like LoZ but how much do I like it? Thinking about the latter levels in the game gives me nightmares, thinking about going through them with a wooden sword or only three hearts. I can´t even imagine how I could manage a room with a lot of blue darknuts, scary D:
    That´s another aspect of the game that perhaps makes it impossible! If you have the 8 containers but experience only at 1 (talking about the magic). How much can you do with it? I never tried yet, so I don´t have a clue. There are so many things you can do with this game, you can skip a lot of spells and containers, even the candle, but not everything makes it a fun experience. I would never play through the game without the candle, it´s simply not fun enough imo! Happy Easter by the way :)
    I did read somewhere that the 1-1-1 should be possible playing the japanese version (in theory that is). But on the PAL version it´s impossible. You can cancel upgrades 2 times but after that you must do an upgrade, and since you need to beat the bosses... But lower then 1-8-1 is possible!

    And thanks for the good luck wishes :)
    Forever is the word! I guess Barba needed almost 100 hits! But the hard bosses were Gooma and Thunderbird, they made my thumbs hurt and were rather challenging, and I do not exaggerate if I say that patience is needed to beat them :lol:.

    Next challenge for me is the 1-8-1, no life level upgrades either ;)
    I just wanted to thank you for proposing a Zelda 2 challenge. You talked about the 1-8-8 challenge in a thread once. I did this challenge, no attack level upgrades, and I did beat it!! I did it :) (It took a lot of time and practice though and there were moments when I thought that I would never be able to defeat Thunderbird). I would never have tried it if you hadn´t mentioned it, so again: Thank you very much my friend :)
    A week long trip to Utah, that would explain it XD. Well, I'm back now, so I'll be on more often
    Aw, I failed.. but luckily I have a Spanish savvy boyfriend willing to help me. :D
    Indeed I have heard of Michio Kaku; in fact, I'm reading one of his books currently, Physics of The Impossible. I've also seen several shows featuring him on the Science channel.
    Let me attempt some Spanish.. you can grade me, mkay? :)

    Hola chico, el sol bien.

    I have no idea how to say, "I", "in", "is", or anything of that sort. You'll have to teach me. D:
    How do i post things to everyone? I cant figure out how. please can you tell me? I need
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