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Link's True Age and Hair Color


Sage of Tales
Isn't there some official artwork for LoZ and Zelda II that have him as a blond? I mean, JAPANESE official artwork (American/European official art is not to be entirely trusted here). A friend told me that he was supposed to be blond...

Though, I think, like many, it fluctuates. In ALTTP, the programmers may have been trying to go for a "strawberry blond" look and made his hair come out pink! (Poor Link)!

In TP, I think they were trying for a dirty/dishwater blond look and accidently put it more in the brown range. I haven't played SSMB Brawl yet, but all the images I've seen of TP-model Link there has him as blond, so I guess they corrected the brown-range problem? (Or maybe, for a silly "Link is real" argument - he just got more sun. I know, as a blonde, myself, that the hair gets darker if not exposed constantly to the sun. I used to be lighter when I lived in Arizona and have gotten darker since moving to the less sunny East Coast).

As far as ages go...

I seem to remember clearly stating in Wind Waker that Link is 12 when he gets his Hero's Clothes birthday present. That *could* imply that Ocarina of Time Link is also 12 when he begins his mission, but I would take that with a grain of salt because on Outset Island at the time, his story is a *legend.* Nintendo could have even intetionally mis-calcuated the age just to tie into the idea that the Hero of Time's story is a legend and, as such, the people who revere it are not going to get all the details correct.

I always took Link in Ocarina of Time to be 10/17, myself, but I accept that 12/19 might be correct. There's not a lot of difference between those two age-sets, anyway (depending upon how early you have your puberty. I'm guess that Link slept through his - lucky stiff. I wish I could have slept through mine).

I think in the original LoZ, Link was supposed to be "a young boy" (indeterminate age, probably 10-14). In Zelda II, I believe the manual has him at 16 - he is the same Link from original LoZ, by the way.

I think in other games, his age is indeterminate. In ALTTP and the Oracles games, I *personally* think he looks to be around 14.

In TP, he's more grown up. I always personally took him to be 17, but I think 17-19 range is a good estimate.
Oct 18, 2007
The cover art for the disc of The Legend of Zelda II had Link with brown hair. And you might be thinking of some manga.


IDK his age but I think he's in his teens and I think his hair is dirty blond
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c o u r a g e ;
Jul 20, 2009
Lost Woods
I never gave this much thought because, I have always believed that in each game (almost all of them) its a different Link. I mean there can't be one sole man in the entire world called "Link." If we think about it a types of 'series' kinda thing; I never worry too much for a character's appearance seeing as how they always seem to change lightly. As for Link, he's always had minor changes, whether it was because of graphics or mere character change. Either way, I don't worry too much about it because they keep his concept just about the same.
I would say the same thing applies to his age, in each game, I believe it to be different which is why I don't worry about it too much. He's young, that's all that matters to me, really. Heehee.


Apr 19, 2009
Hmmmm. I think with regards to Link's age. I'd put him in MC to be the youngest for sure. I'll say 8-10. Then in LoZ and AoL. The booklet for the NES Classics LoZ describes Link as a 'young boy.' I'd therefore but him as 12-14, and if the booklet of AoL says Link is 16, Link is 16.

In OoT, Link is 12 (going by in WW when Link is given his hero's tunic as that is when the Hero of time wore it.) In MM Link is 13 (I'd say he was a year older.) OoT as an adult, Link is 19 (12 + 7 = 19.) Also in TP, Miyamoto says that this is the oldest Link we have seen (I think) and personally I'd put him at 19-21, There's no doubt he appears to be a fully grown man, and they refer to him in-game as a man, he therefore must be 18 or over.

With regards to his hair colour. Someone above said that he was supposed to have brown hait I think in ALttP. Well, maybe he was supposed to, but he didn't. Link has pink hair. I trust the game over concept art any day. Maybe he was supposed to have brown hair, but he doesnt have brown hair, he has pink hair. Also, it changes in every game, I'd say that the main contributing factor to Links changing hair colour, is the area in which he lives. As in, how much sun he gets to bleach his hair, as Shadsie said.


Sage of Tales
I was going by what a friend told me on the "blond in classic" thing. Maybe she was thinking of something else?

I've seen some fanart of ALTTP Link with pink hair that's quite fun - usually, said arts make fun of that. "Strawberry blond" is a kind of brown...reddish brown, dark blond, so maybe that's what the programmers were going for. Man, now I want to paint a pink-haired Link. Again. I have before.

I agree with people saying not to worry about his hair color and age so much. Link isn't just one person. Link is an archetype.
Oct 26, 2008
I really don't believe that Link has a true age or Hair colour, There are several different Links so therefore there is sure to be variation from one to the other.

Link's hair colour does vary between different Brown's and Blonde's. Like OoT Link has Blonde hair while TP Link has a dirty Blonde colour. In earlier games Link had Brown hair but this has changed over time.

I think that Link doesn't have a true exact year of age (e.g. 18), Just a set section of age's. This varies from his youngest either being somewhere from 10-12 (can't remember which) up to the oldest age of being 17-18 years of age.

I don't think Nintendo really ever planned giving Link a true age or Hair colour.


The one with pickles
Jul 1, 2009
I think that In WW link is either 10, 11, or 12.
OoT, I Think he is either 10 or 11 as a Kid, and 17 or 18 as an adult.
In TP, I think he is between 15 and 20.

I think his original hair color is brown because sometimes when you have pure brown hair when you are very young, as you age your hair becomes more dirty blondish.


c o u r a g e ;
Jul 20, 2009
Lost Woods
Well, if we think about it this way: we can always go with the art for the original game, the first Link made. I think that would be the closest thing one could ever come to seeing Link's 'true' hair and eye color.


Link's age

in oot link was age 10 then grab the sword at 18 cause I can tell
. In t.p link around about 19.
In skyward sword link is now 20 cause miyamoto said in nintendo mag thus time link more older


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
Well, we don't know what age SS Link is supposed to be yet. All we do know is that he will be the oldest we've seen. My guess is somewhere in the 18-20 range.
OoT is confirmed to be 10 and 17.
TWW, I do not care what people say about the identicle age, but he is 12.
In PH is 12 - 13.
In ST he is 12.
In TP he is 15 - 16.
In LoZ, AoL, ALttP, LA, FS, and FSA, I do not know.
In MM he is 11 - 12.
In OoA and OoS he is 8 - 11.
In MC he is probably 14.
The only thing in my list confirmed is OoT and TWW.


Jan 27, 2010
South Central United States
It depends on the game you're playing.

Phantom Hourglass- 12 and Blond
Twilight Princess- 17 Dirty Blond
Spirit Tracks- 12 and Blond
The Wind Waker- 12 and Blond
Link's Awakening- 14-17 I'd say, and Blond
A Link to The Past- 10-12 and Pink
Ocarina of Time- Child: 12
Adult: 19
Both are sort of dirty blond.

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