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  • It's possible that your computer views colors differently. Not extremely likely, but definitely possible.
    It's just that we got a few people mentioning your profile and how the text was rather hard to read. Figured I should drop you a message before giving you any sort of official warning.
    When editing your user profile, there should be some areas that say 4E1010. That's the color that you are currently using for your text. On all instances of 4E1010, replace it with 711F1F.

    There should be no fields when editng your profile that say 4E1010. Replace all of them with 711F1F to make your profile text more readable.
    It's possible, just difficult. Not everyone's crazy about the feature, but instead of removing it entirely we've chosen to just regulate a bit more strictly. And thanks for caring enough to respond. I have a feeling some of the other people I talked to aren't going to change it unless we try a bit harder. =/
    Hey, we recently added some new rules concerning user profiles. The text here isn't distinguishable enough from the dark backgrounds you're using, so if you could change one or the other to make things easier to read, we would greatly appreciate it ^^. Please try to take care of this as soon as possible. Thanks!
    Nope! Let my profile teach you not to do offensive 2-fingered hand signs!
    well, even if so (which I have heard, but only from a few annoying skeptics) there is such a massive user interface that it would be crazy to just be randomly picked out of the thousands and be forced to --->PAY A FINE<--- anyways, wouldn't the sites that have web based emulators or downloadable ones have been shut down by now? Nintendo8 is even still up...
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