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  • I'm bad, actually. Under a lot of pressure from school, home and other things that are bugging me. >_< Hopefully it'll clear up soon. Otherwise i'm going to snap. [noparse]D:<[/noparse]
    Whoosh crash, HaruHaru!

    Let meh see. It has been 8 Months since we last spoke. How have things been on your end Sir.Haru?
    Oh Contrare HaruHaru! The ShoutBox is still there! But you need certain requirements to be able to see it!
    I think they are...

    At least 20 Posts.
    Over 10-16 Rep points ( I may be wrong..)

    I think that's all...i'm not sure though..I hope you get to see it soon!
    Sorry Everyone. I have NOT had that much spare time to use the Interwebs lately. Now could someone please tell me, what happened to the Shout box?
    Haru!? where did you go!?
    Have you abandoned me as well!?:kawaii:
    Who's going to plot the downfall of humanity with me now?!:cry:
    Hmm, that satellite may be an idea #grabs notepad#
    anyways, a mini party would be great! Or...we could use the earths core, to power a super lazer, to destroy Pluto!(yay fireworks!)..
    but...alike you, my funds are low as well...
    Hello HaruHaru! We may have a slight problem....
    The darn "hero" people turned up and destroyed my Void maker...and the party...and then they took the food!!D:
    so...the party's off! Maybe we could still have a party, without destroying all existence for the grand finale!....maybe...
    So anyways..How are you lately?
    Hooray! I guess we're all set...exept for the food and the guests...but we'll work on that later! Anyways, we should ask Steph, HH and Kaz who they want to invite,so we can have lots of people at our party! but...hmm...we have to approve them first.
    I also have a few guests who might be interested...i'll run those names by you later!
    so, i guess we're almost ready...but...
    What about the venue and decorations!!??

    I may be able to take care of the venue, But what about decorations?! :kawaii:
    Hmm, those are some good choices! How bout Sprite and Dr. Pepper as well?
    well...as for food...we may have a problem...since it's all gonna be destroyed by the void...we'll have to stock up! maybe we could steal, I mean..."borrow" a food factory! and maybe some animals! Anyways...Yes Kazumi can come! maybe we could invite Hylian hobbit and Stephanie!...Then they can invite more people!...we'll discus more names in PM's!
    Anyways, Bye!
    Hmm, well...uhh...hmm.....
    We'll make a list!
    But...at the party....only the people we are going to save from the Void will be invited!...also...what food will we have?!...no food=no party! D:
    Ah! Hello there Haru! Same to you! ~me hands haru a bagel~ You should come to my personal planet Nocturne sometime! We could have a party!
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