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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia


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for the record

I may post a lot

but at least it's not big walls

I much prefer small, spheal-sized chunks
man but sometimes it gotta be like
alpha spheal you know

1. ExLight of Londor
2. Minish Link of Londor
3. Funnygurl the legend of Forossa
4. Ragnarokio of Astora
5. Seanzie of Mirrah (town)
6. Isett of Catarina
7. Fext of Thorolund
8. CynicalSquid of Astora
9. Killjoy of Forossa (town)
10. DawningWinds of Astora
11. Kreal of Carim (town)
12. King of Catarina
13. Eli, Psycho of Mirrah

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Current perceived town players: Ex, Cin Min, Numbers, Rag, Fext

Eh: CSquid, DW*

Current perceived scum players: Eli, Funnygurl**

* Regarding DW, I originally slotted him as scum from D1 when compared with Seanzie; however, given his post today I am actually on the verge of town reading him as I don't see it coming from a scum mindset. After all, I haven't encountered too many savage players, and DW doesn't seem like one.

** Funnygurl's slot was actually nonexistent until the beginning of D2. My scum reading of Funnygurl comes from just the few posts she's managed -- in particular:

The overall tone is what I would expect from someone else, and this is exceedingly light. That said, three things:

First, despite replacing in right away and reading a few beginning pages knowing full well what was ahead -- you don't forget that kind of task that is ahead. Coming from a town mindset I'd expect upfront honesty, and that's not what I see coming up first and foremost. Excuses first followed by what I would expect from a town mindset (the intent to not invest so heavily in the previous pages when there is a lot to do anyway going forward).

Second, I believe the term is low hanging fruit wrt to Ex. Especially wrt to Ex given yesterday's debacle. Why dig in more elsewhere when you can point to something that is easy and, then, not go further?

Third, NAI yet leaning scum. Does not compute. Do not pass go and collect. The thought from Funnygurl here is dancing around the issue at hand -- reading Fext (wrt to the topic). You can't declare it to be NAI and, in the same breath, get a scum lean from it as it is no longer something that is NAI. Completely undermined herself here which speaks to a different intent in the mindset -- keeping an option open while not coming out hard against Fext so as to draw unnecessary attention from Fext perhaps (or others that are town reading him). With Fext being offered as a topic of conversation today, taking a stance one way or another isn't as safe (important) as being in the middle.

It is for this reason that Funnygurl receives a hard scum label from me and, also,

Vote: Funnygurl

That should be clear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Eli will require more digging on my part since I've already had issue finding what I was looking for initially when I spoke of him.

I suppose the best place to start will be the beginning wrt to Eli:

First and foremost, I actually didn't pay much attention to Eli throughout D1. My focus was with Seanzie and DW. Because of my view that one or the other was scum, and then attempting to force Seanzie away from Numbers, I ended up focusing there up until the final moments of D1 due to the CFD on KillJoy.

That said, and if I find it I'll be sure to quote it, someone had mentioned, in passing and probably as a question towards Eli, about how Eli had, initially, been "defensive" of me (maybe not defensive, but more on the side of not looking at me badly) and then seeing a switch to me being scum. That was something I, too, had noted since I was well aware that Eli voted me for some reason that was not noteworthy. I was more interested, given that I was aware of Eli's vote, if Eli would come along and actually push their perspective and had commented as much somewhere. Ultimately, given that it was brought up -- by Fext or Ex I believe -- I said my piece on it and left it at that since, again, focus was elsewhere. Eli, for his part, eventually switched his vote up.

That's the basic groundwork regarding my scum view of Eli. Now

This is where Eli had commented in a positive manner, if you will, towards me. Or, rather, in a way that focused on DW though, given the context of his vote/unvote anyway, I can't help but relate it to me anyway.

Here is where Eli continues, not long after no less, to connect DW and I by way of accusing us of theatering. Now I won't lie. In isolation I can see that coming from a town player who is out there doing their own thinking. But

Notably no response to DW's post yet. That's been a few good amount of posts past too no less.

Ah HA! I found it!

It was regarding DW's vote on me due to disliking a post I had, and Eli commented that -- well,

My own post in response to Fext (later on)

No wonder it was so hard for me to find without the perspective of Fext lending to it.

Note: Fext - Eli/Ex probably ~(s/s)

Boy, this will be hilarious if this turns out to be the case with the current stuff going on with you.

3h 10m before EoD and Eli only checked in the one time under the impression day was over only to find out it wasn't. Interesting.

~1.5h and Eli gets back to us:

Though it was at the suggestion of Fext for him to vote a wagon.

D1 VC (not ending VC -- probably 30m before EoD)

That was, essentially, the ending VC (the one after this was the same as far as I can tell).

And there is Eli. Mentioning Ex no less.

So, Eli did go for Ex and had little to no in depth analysis/perspectives (more on the no side).

Ok here is where I am at with all this stuff I am compiling for myself.

Eli, after looking at it, does strike me as likely to be scum. The low activity and focus on Ex near the end certainly pushes me towards that conclusion. Back up above in the section I had for DW's post towards Eli, Eli never responded to it. In case I lost anyone in my thoughts, it's about Eli viewing both DW and I as theatering with one another. DW made a point to comment on that and address it in terms of how he viewed me as well as commenting that he didn't view me as scum/scumread me but was keeping the vote on me nonetheless as a placeholder and, iirc, for some pressure. Eli, notably, never responded to this which, to me, speaks to a scum mindset.

The switch of Eli's vote to Ex wasn't even necessary, unless there was an attempt to remove Ex due to how much emotion he was showing which *may* clear him (honestly it does in spades for me). Thus the lhf vote from Eli on Ex as that removes Ex and keeps KillJoy on the table for later pending content.

Anyway, I have to review those I'm town reading as I could be misreading one provided the last scum isn't CSquid.

DW actually came out of D1 looking decent to me after going through all those posts to compile this. But after today's post, as I mentioned earlier, I don't really need much convincing to look at DW positively.

Fext is an option. Mostly because I find it odd that he was willing to go for Cin Min though that may due to the arguments between Cin Min and Seanzie. I know a lot of that focused on Cin Min's own perspectives which, at a glance and further glance and then just reading just because, seemed decent to me.

Cin Min would be an absolute paranoid pick for me due to the argreements; however, at this point I'm probably obliged to protect Cin Min if only because losing Cin Min diminishes my own standing to combat any nonsense I see coming from pushback later on as the game progresses. We'll see how that develops.

If I had to rank them (my town reads):

Cin Min

That looks about right to reflect my feelings on them. For reference, Fext would be my main pick out of my town to be the last scum player if I'm wrong about CSquid (through elimination). Cin Min is ranked at her spot simply because of the paranoid view, otherwise she's pretty solid town to me as a basis for understanding how I am coming to this.

DW earns his spot due to how he ended D1 to me after reading through it, and, mostly, from D2's post which helps place him (again, don't see him as a savage player to lie using irl -- I mean imagine if I used my own issues hahahahaha, how scandalous).

Rag is solidly town because Rag is playing like town Rag. Actively posting, engaged in solving, definitely the hallmarks of a town aligned Rag. Strictly a meta read, but it is based on years of plays with minor fluxes (which are very far and few between).

Ex earns his spot because he's not playing in a way that is deflecting and acting like he doesn't know. That, and after yesterday's vote, he can't be mafia. Despite what Rag mentioned about Ex shooting me, there is a lot of missing context which helps lend to the idea of why Ex opted to shoot his own teammate in the first place. Not the least of which was being pushed to that by me actively trying to bus him (because it was a good move on my part). But yeah, like DW, Ex isn't so savage that he'd utilize that kind of lie to act.

He is savage enough to shoot his teammate though. And that's why he burned to death in the last game. Or suffered in my dimensional zone when I had power. Because he deserves it. I told you, Ex, we're bound from now till the end of time.

Numbers is my waifu.

On a more serious note, this is the most I can contribute for the next two-ish days barring checking in for a couple of spam posts based on what quick things I can read, but definitely nothing on this scale. Alas, life.

And with that, I am done with my committment to wallsmithing.
Why did I read all this and why do I agree with a lot of it. Also please don't be bound with me from now till the end of time, that's a lotta time.

I only disagree a bit on the fact funnygurl seems to have a higher priority than Eli for you. While the few posts she made added literally nothing to the discussion other than throw random shade and meme, I do think Eli's were a lot more opportunistic and ill intended.

Not sure if I'd put DW that high either. In any case I just wish them to get better soon, I don't think they're the kind of people that would lie about this as scum purely to get pressure off them and I'd feel really bad going after them while they're unwell though.


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sell me on Eli being opportunistic
maybe in more detail after my nap I'm exhausted but my case on him was that he was clearly lurking or caught up with the thread but still provided little to no inputs on some discussions, never gave the self meta I asked for, and as soon he saw my wagon growing just slapped the CHEAPEST excuse to put his vote on me


Jan 19, 2018
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Why would they look bad if I flip scum? They should look bad if I flip town, because aren't these the players I said we should take a look at today?
Considering I'm, as town, asking to give them a look in this very phase, I'd expect my reasoning to be seen with less skepticism after a green flip.

because they're all people who, in my eyes, acted unusually firmly in trying to stop you from being lynched. KoD started and pushed a wagon on an inactive player very hard with little clear motive. Minish used capital letters. Fext sheeped KoD with a weak reason despite having been voting for you not long before.

And then I gave up on self-pres and increased the gap between me and him by two votes. Had killjoy self-presd himself it would've been a coin flip even with seanzie's last second vote. And if anything I could've been hammered by a few people changing votes.

That is true.

Your whole theory kinda orbits this idea that I had control over the votes as scum somehow, which makes no sense unless I had both my scumpartners on me ready to jump off or something of sorts, because by myself it's pretty clear I had no control whatsoever on what was going to me, which would be moronic as scum in a setup that bussing is highly damaging for scum.
I think it's kinda obvious I just went like "this stress isn't worth it for a vanilla" and kinda threw myself in the bonfire.

I think its obvious you were very stressed and self-voted as a result. I think you could feasibly experience that stress regardless of your role and so I don't think its evidence that you're vanilla. You removing your self-vote as town would have been a matter of principle and so I don't think it matters whether or not it would have had an impact. You removing your self-vote as scum would have been a matter of preservation.

And why would I leave to change votes last second? That would only attract negative attention towards me during the next day

This is why you would have waited to the last second to change votes; in the hopes that it wouldn't be necessary and you could end the day self-voting without dying.

and you know how I'm proud of never having been mislynched outside D1 (except on that other game you hosted, but it was my very decision because I was ultra negative utility and had to die). I'd rather just die D1 than risk getting lynched any other days, and I've done that in many games at this point, it shouldn't be a surprise, lol.

I didn't know this about you. While I think its true that you frequently lose control of your emotions and do things that could sabotage your team I didn't think it would be something you were comfortable with as a matter of policy. I don't think its good sportsmanship to kill yourself day 1 on purpose unless you think you'll be helping your team by doing so.
Dec 13, 2019
Break time:

Regarding Numbers and Cin Min -

I'm extremely less paranoid a out Cin Min given the content of her post post KoD Wall. It's evident that she a tally read through it due to my content on Eli which isn't limited to what Numbers summed it as. As for Numbers, that's the rub of it. His break down of my post wrt to Eli comes across as extremely narrow. Nevermind Eli's timing throughout D1 in contributing or what to actually contribute on. Nevermind the opportunistic vote on Ex. Focus only on what is defensible given a few sound bites as opposed to all the words.

What's more interesting, too, I that Numbers never interacted with Eli at all, yet his response to my post is definitely in the style of a defense. Just not as hard as I would defend someone (like my waifu).

And on that note, since Cin Min mentioned it and JD talked about how he won't shy away from tearing into my cases, let's talk about my perception of JD overall. I will defend my waifu to the gates of hell if need be; however, my devotion can very much bite me in the ass when JD comes at me with a knife for my back. This was evident to me on multiple occasions, but more so on Wintreath where JD actively tore into me despite my defense of him. It certainly was odd to me.

I didn't see that now throughout D1. I still don't see it in the same vein as direct opposition like what I saw over on Wintreath. Yet, JD's defense of Eli wrt to my post does come off as odd to me. The entirety of my post was broken I to a shade of what it was through Numbers' eyes while ignoring other things about Eli. And despite this, JD sees fit to still say KoD not scum -- yet at least.

Now between Fext and Numbers, Fext has at least mentioned and talked towards Eli during D1. So I can't see a scum team that has both Numbers and Fext.

Anyway, Ex, you missed a similar comment from me over in Wintreath for Boneville. You and I are bound by Fate.

That said, I've switched my vote over to Eli already strictly because of JD's post. To me, it looks like a hard defense via breaking down and minimizing my perspective through my post.

As for Funnygurl, I subscribe to a simple philosophy that scum will play safe. It will miss power wolves though. A la Monster. This is why constant iteration of PoVs on ppl is required to fine tune my outlook on people I'm trying to read.

It will always be hard to read those who lurk or barely participate which is why it is better to hit there early least you get into a situation where, surprise, LyLo had a lurker and you're forced into dealing with it.

Finally, in that same vein, yeah Fext. Burying three villagers eh? I certainly pushed to see KillJoy buried, and my response to you was aimed at what you said -- whether or not I'd be willing to go over if I was wrong. Like, that's not the same thing as accepting responsibility for it. At no point did I wake say that I wasn't responsible for KillJoy lynch. On the contrary my posts greatly indicate that. What I do contest is why I should accept going over just because I was wrong.

You were wrong and backed me. Even more wrong than me because you actively had an outlook that KillJoy may be town which is greatly at odds with my own PoV. So therein lies scummy behavior from you being a hypocrite. Own up to your own mistake in choosing to go with me despite your perspective, and then own up to trying to lay blame for you being wrong at my feet.

Perhaps you should hold yourself responsible and go over yourself, eh?

More to come later after work if I get back k before deadline.

Suffixe to say, despite Ex's look, I do thin Eli is a good choice for today. He's not a high post count person, sure, but he's definitely still around and, whether you believe it inte tonal or not, isn't putting out content to address current evens (D1 that is given lacking responding to DW) or actively progressing reads like everyone else.

From there, Eli's flip can help draw connections to other players - mainly Numbers for me.

Because, you know, instead of generally telling the bulk of us that KillJoy was the wrong CFD, you could have tore into MY push for KillJoy as opposed to not (a stark contrast to my reasoning with Eli).
Sep 27, 2021
yeah I mean I'm not currently cool with Ex and KoD leading a lynch on Eli, who has been suspecting Ex and KoD
Apr 30, 2019
can we please talk about the hypocrisy of kod saying I'm tryna pick on the low hanging fruit ex when I, the replacement with approx. half of a real post, is the lowest hanging fruit of them all

ok next set

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