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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

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Dark Souls Mafia

Character Creation:
1. ExLight of Londor
2. Minish Link of Londor
3. TL the legend of Forossa
4. Ragnarokio of Astora
5. Seanzie of Mirrah
6. Isett of Catarina
7. Fext of Thorolund
8. CynicalSquid of Astora
9. Killjoy of Forossa
10. DawningWinds of Astora
11. Kreal of Carim
12. King of Catarina
13. Eli, Psycho of Mirrah

WARNING: The following text is all headcanon and should not be treated as official Dark Souls story.

  1. Mafia Rolecop
  2. Mafia Roleblocker
  3. Mafia Goon
  4. Town Hider
  5. Vanilla Town
  6. Vanilla Town
  7. Vanilla Town
  8. Vanilla Town
  9. Vanilla Town
  10. Vanilla Town
  11. Vanilla Town
  12. Vanilla Town
  13. Vanilla Town
Day Phases will be 48 hours in length. Night Phases will be 24 hours in length. Phases will change at 9 PM Central Time but can be changed according to popular demand. Day 1 will be 72 hours in length.

What is a Hider?
For the Purposes of this game, a Hider is a player who, each night, must choose a player to Hide behind. While Hidden, they cannot be nightkilled. However, if the player they are Hiding behind is Mafia, or is killed by the Mafia, the Hider will die.

Who can the Mafia target with their night actions?
Each night, the Rolecop and Roleblocker may target a player to respectively learn their role or block any action they may take. If the Roleblocker targets the Hider, the Hider's action will fail. Neither the Roleblocker nor the Hider will be informed of this.

What should I do if I have a question about mechanics?
Do not ask questions in the game thread. If you want to know how something works, message the host privately and wait for a response, either privately or publicly. Do not reference host communication in the thread.

Quetalli looked at the runes scratched onto the crag around her. They were soapstone markings, labyrinthine, interwoven signs far beyond the complexity of normal summoning signs. Whether it would even work in the first place was of no certainty, in fact. She absentmindedly traced a finger along the length of her Izalith staff, the wooden length familiar and comforting. With it, Quetalli would channel the Flame of Izalith to ignite the soapstone; indeed, partly why she wasn't sure the summoning would work. She had never seen Izalith nor its Chaos Soul with her own eyes, of course, but she knew its history, its importance in the Dawn of the Age of Fire. What remains of that lost world, I wonder?

Well, soon enough, Quetalli would find out.


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