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GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

Sep 27, 2021
i feel like rag does this regardless of alignment though, but your meta read is more valuable than mine. imo rag's fine atm
I'd almost say I think Rag is town because she is more straightforward than I saw in Pendio's game - there she pulled a lot of slick moves, here she feels like she's just playing her own game
Sep 27, 2021
the "almost" is because last time she completely and totally snowed me and tbh I'm scared of it happening again
Dec 13, 2019
Hey Funnygurl:

I'm probably going to hit 13 to 14 hours of work today FYI. And I'm still contributing as best I can.

That said, there's something to be said about me going for lhf (you) when you replaced in and then -- what? Because if I wanted excuses for lack of contribution or no contribution at all, I'd look at Eli (I can't say KillJoy because I already looked at him and he died -- but at least he was literally gone as opposed to what you and Eli are doing).

@ Ex

The reason I zeroed in on Funny and Eli has to do with the approach I am sure I am seeing happening.

Wrt to Eli and your question about connections with Numbers, I mainly went for Eli because of the lack of content being generated from someone who is here, but isn't doing as much as others. Whether this is because Eli can't find the right tempo to jump in, as scum, and generate content is the question that should be asked. Numbers has started pinging me, but I *could* be wrong about him. If I am wrong about him, I'd much rather the lynch be on Eli as opposed to JD as JD's insight, as town, is valuable.

Plus there is something to be said about so.eone who constantly posts content t vs someone who doesn't, wouldn't you agree?
Apr 30, 2019
Also, just because Kreaal kept up with it despite what I pointed out and now you're doing it Fext,

my focus isn't strictly on KillJoy because "activity". While activity is an aspect when compared to others (again: Seanzie, Cin Min, Ex), I'm also focused on the fact that KillJoy has neglected to act on the content present and, instead, has chosen to disengage completely rather than actively contribute, no matter how small given the time allotted, to a vote thereby allowing him to skate to the next day with no commitment to anything be it a player's lynch or otherwise.

That's worth elimming for.

it woulda looked better if u just said u wanted to vote kd due to inactivity m8. we do that on ffr and it's fine

i'm not sure how i feel about minish really wanting ex to live there. it doesn't feel good. idk what her reads are though so it might make sense
Apr 30, 2019
I'm probably going to hit 13 to 14 hours of work today FYI. And I'm still contributing as best I can.

That said, there's something to be said about me going for lhf (you) when you replaced in and then -- what? Because if I wanted excuses for lack of contribution or no contribution at all, I'd look at Eli (I can't say KillJoy because I already looked at him and he died -- but at least he was literally gone as opposed to what you and Eli are doing).

our work flow must be hella different bc i couldn't post at all during work despite having a desk job

i'm much more of an lhf than eli c'mon man you see my posts? you see this ****. do u know how many mafs would wanna take advantage of this good ol' no-grammar-abbreviate-everything-one-sentence-per-post ****?


but i am strong
I've seen scum ex kill his teammate using the factional kill and then out himself the following day because he was unhappy that his teammate was trying to bus him. I think ex's self-destruction was a result of legitimate frustration that ex felt as a result of being the target of a wagon he felt was unjustified, particularly given how much effort he'd been putting into the game despite his life making it difficult. I don't think that's AI, as scum ex could feel that way just as easily as town ex could. Ex seemed to calm down towards the very end of the day but didn't remove his self-vote, which strikes me as scummy. While i can imagine that town ex might feel enough stubbornness to not remove the vote, i imagine scum ex would feel hesitant to remove it because it would make him look performative or would otherwise draw heat. I was anticipating ex survival voting the minute before the day ended if necessary. It didn't come to that, and so he had no reason to survival vote.
Okay so I have not seen Ex do that. Self-destructing is still something I generally associate with much more with town Ex than scum Ex; even knowing he definitely has the capacity to self-destruct in an absurd manner as scum (how is using the factional kill on your own teammate even allowed?), my experiences with him make me inclined to think he's more prone to do so as town.

If i recall correctly KoD started it and pushed it quite hard. Kreaal may have also been a strong advocate but I would put KoD asthe principle source of the wagon. I think most people joined the wagon ostensibly because they preferred it over lynching minish, ex, or seanzie though, depending on the individual timing
Alright so I misremembered, but given Kreaal's status as a major advocate and my standing townread on KoD, this doesn't affect my inclination to feel like it was mostly town running the CFD, with any scum on the wagon most likely being people who joined after it start to sorta get some steam.

She's only been a part of the game for like 12 hours or something. I wouldn't expect content from her given how little time has passed since she replaced in.
Yeah, but I don't appreciate her openly acknowledging that she subbed into a game with no intention of ever reading the thread. Regardless of her alignment it makes it very hard for anyone to get an accurate read on her for a while, which is unhelpful to town.

First, despite replacing in right away and reading a few beginning pages knowing full well what was ahead -- you don't forget that kind of task that is ahead. Coming from a town mindset I'd expect upfront honesty, and that's not what I see coming up first and foremost. Excuses first followed by what I would expect from a town mindset (the intent to not invest so heavily in the previous pages when there is a lot to do anyway going forward).

Second, I believe the term is low hanging fruit wrt to Ex. Especially wrt to Ex given yesterday's debacle. Why dig in more elsewhere when you can point to something that is easy and, then, not go further?

Third, NAI yet leaning scum. Does not compute. Do not pass go and collect. The thought from Funnygurl here is dancing around the issue at hand -- reading Fext (wrt to the topic). You can't declare it to be NAI and, in the same breath, get a scum lean from it as it is no longer something that is NAI. Completely undermined herself here which speaks to a different intent in the mindset -- keeping an option open while not coming out hard against Fext so as to draw unnecessary attention from Fext perhaps (or others that are town reading him). With Fext being offered as a topic of conversation today, taking a stance one way or another isn't as safe (important) as being in the middle.
I agree with what others said about the first point being not great. While I don't think a ton of people would forget about a game they just subbed into, its not impossible and can't be proven one way or another.
The second point is somewhat hypocritical. But still somewhat fair, she immediately jumped after the person she'd been told to scumread (I think? I'd have to recheck Rag's post) with no consideration to try and do anything to form her own thoughts on the subject, not even based on ExLight's posts from today that she probably had read.
I can't figure out what "do not pass go and collect" means at the moment, so if that sentence was of importance to your point potentially disregard my agreement. But yeah. I do think that undermining your point in the same sentence you make it is not the best look, this is probably the best of the three points about Funnygurl.

again, don't see him as a savage player to lie using irl
Just because you don't think I'd lie about it doesn't make me not scum? What kibda sense does that make? "DW must be town because they have issues irl." Uh no. This is something I could easily tell the truth about regardless of alignment.

also his Seanzie/DW TvS read evaporated into nothingness and I can't for the life of me find a reason why
It sounds like it vanished due to a D1 reread + my first D2 post making him less inclined to read me as scum? I would appreciate if he explained for himself why he abandoned this belief come Day 2 rather than pushing me after Seanzie flipped.

Between KoD and Eli who it kinda looks like its gonna be between I'd uh rather see Eli die I guess? I stand by thinking KoD's town and I still have a null read on Eli so...
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